Written by Waytoomuchfun

Oct. 13, 2016

I had been married for about eight years when I met Jackie at the church I was attending in Edmonton. At the time, I was forty-two, and thought she was about sixteen, but it turned out that she was, in fact, twenty-two, and was attending university. How perspective changes as you get older! She was about 5'2" tall, slim, long, brunette hair, big eyes, and a smile that would light up the room. Through various functions, we got to know each other a bit, and since she was sassy and had a similar sense of humour to mine, we got along famously. Just the right kind of famously enough, as it would be revealed in the fullness of time.

Over the following months, we would bump into each other regularly, and it became a very comfortable friendship. She got hired by the church for the summer. One day, I went in to do some work, and nobody was around. I stopped by the office, and she was there, alone, wearing a cute little sundress. She got up and gave me a big hug. We talked for a bit, then I sat down. She got up again from her chair, and came and sat on my lap. I knew I probably should have stopped it, but I didn't object. Honestly, I wanted to have her as much more than a friend. I think she wanted the same, because after a bit, I felt my left thigh getting a bit wet from her. I didn't mention it because I didn't want to embarrass her, but I knew she was somewhat aroused. We hugged, but nothing more happened that day.

Over the next few months, we started spending a bit more time together. Things began to get a bit more physical during the late fall. I went over to her place to fix something, and after I was done, we ended up talking on the couch. We began kissing, and then she started to unbuckle my belt. I asked what she was doing. She said, "I want to see it." I reminded her that once this happened, our whole relationship could change. She kept going, looking me in the eye as she undid the top button and unzipped my jeans. She reached in to my underwear, but by that time, I was hard as a rock, so I had to go in as well to free myself. I sprung to attention. Her eyes got wide as she wrapped her hand around my cock, and she said, "Oo, big!" I laughed a bit, but then she began stroking me. After a couple of minutes, I started reaching for her boobs, but she said she just wanted to play with me at the moment. Who was I to argue? It was the start of a beautiful thing!

Nothing more happened that night, but the succeeding days saw more and more clothing come off every time we got together. She would give me a blow job, and we would get each other off with masturbation. Around Christmas time, we were half naked, with me sucking on her boobs with her down to her panties, and me mostly out of my jeans with my cock as hard as a rock. She tried to get me into her, but I resisted, because she was young, I was married, and we didn't have any protection. What sane guy in their right mind turns down an immediate session of sex with a beautiful, willing girl? Yeah, me. Be responsible and all that. Mostly, it was because I felt guilty.

It went on like this for a couple of months. One day, I dropped over to see her. She asked me if I wanted to take a shower with her. Whole new level! Of course I said yes. As we got naked and into the shower, it was awesome with the water hitting our bodies, enhancing the moment. I turned her around with her back pressing on my front and began soaping up her body, taking my time making sure her tits were as clean as they could possibly be. She reached back and began soaping up my cock and balls, and I reciprocated by cleaning and massaging her pussy, both outside and inside. She got turned on beyond belief, pushed me down to the floor of the tub and tried mounting me right there. Now, if any of you have tried this, a tub is kind of hard, and with the shower directing a stream of water into your face, it's not the best situation to make love in. I told her we should relocate to the bed. We hopped out of the tub, dried off, and went across the hall into her room to the single bed. I told her we shouldn't do it, but my little guy was telling me otherwise, and so was she. We were both standing there, naked, and since our relationship had progressed to an intellectual and emotional intimacy, it occurred to me that it felt absolutely natural that we were both naked; we had been "naked" emotionally and intellectually for quite some time already that this was the next step.

I laid down on the bed with my hard pole up in the air. She hopped over me and tried to sink down on it. Didn't work. I helped her by massaging her clit some, which got her wetter, but still no dice. She went and got some kind of lube, and covered my cock with it. Then, she was determined. She straddled me, and I asked if she was sure. She said yes, she wanted to do this and see how it fit. She took me and placed the head at her opening, and began sinking down on it. It didn't take her long to get it all the way in, and I was surprised that she did it that fast. I asked her how she was, and she said, "It hurts." I told her it would, but just let things adjust, because this was the first time she'd had anyone, ever, in her. After a couple of minutes, she started moving up and down, and with the tightness, I had to stop her, because otherwise, I would have cum. Reluctantly, she got off of me, and that was that for the day.

The following week, she was going away. I dropped by to wish her a good weekend. She said, "Before I go, do you want to have sex?" Then she said, "But we can't; we don't have any condoms." I just looked at her and didn't say a word. She said, "No. Really? You have some?" I told her that it was inevitable that this would come up again, and I pulled out a pack. It took all of about 3 milliseconds for us to shed our clothes and hit the bed. We kissed and kissed, then I moved down to her left breast, sucking and nibbling on her nipple. That was all it took for her to have her first orgasm. Then I moved down between her legs and began licking her clitoris and fingering her. Nobody had ever done that to her, and she began thrashing on the bed, and had another orgasm. She said, "I want to do it now." I took a condom out of the pack, rolled it on, and got in position on top of her. I told her I would take it easy, and she was to let me know if there was any pain, and I would stop or go slower. I began pushing in, watching my cock disappear into her. That was almost too much, so I had to slow down and look away, or I would have cum before anything got started. She wrapped her legs around my back, and as I went in deeper, she started to move her hips to allow the best path to success. It was amazing, joining with her so totally in such an incredibly intimate time. I got all the way into her on her second time of having a cock in her, but really, her first official complete sexual experience of this calibre. We'd done petting, sucking, blow jobs, masturbated each other, but never this.

When I was in all the way, she asked to just wait so she could get used to me being in her. After a couple of minutes, she said she was ready. I began to stroke her shallowly, then I drove in deep, hitting the end of the tunnel. Her eyes flew open, she gasped, and then it was on. I stroked deep, shallow, sucking her tits, kissing her, and she went wild. She wrapped her legs around my back as we began an awesome, sweaty session. After a bit, I wanted her to have control, so without pulling out, I put my arm beneath her back and pulled her up as I leaned back. She was on top of me, and was able to control the pace. I've always liked that position, because it allows me to massage the woman's boobs, her clit, kiss her. I told her to go at her own pace, and I'd help her out. She moved up and down, and really got into it as I pinched and sucked her nipples and watched her boobs move up and down, which turned me on even more. It's a beautiful sight to behold! I could feel her tightening up on me, and then she started convulsing from her hips upward. Her eyes locked on to mine with laser focus, and her mouth flew open in a scream that never came. She threw her head from side to side, almost collapsed, regained her strength, grabbed my hand and guided it to her clit. I massaged her as she was getting more and more wild. Then, all of a sudden, she arched her back, long hair flailing all over the place, and I felt her contractions all around my cock. She looked me in the eye again, mouth open, and as she began to orgasm again, I couldn't hold back, and shot a huge load into her. She collapsed on me, and I was spent of all energy. That was the best sex I'd ever had, and it was with a virgin! It was the best sex she'd ever had, too, being the first official full-on time of wild fucking.

Needless to say, every time I went over to her place, which was more frequently after that, we would spend most of the time in bed, having sex in as many different positions as possible, and having the most fun of our lives that we could possibly have. Amazing sex, amazing closeness. After she graduated from university, she moved away. She found another guy and ended up marrying him, but not before she came back for one last round with me the following Christmas while my wife was away. Mind-blowing, cock-blowing, ball-draining sex. I miss her a lot, and would absolutely allow her back into my bed any time. I only see her in my dreams now, but hope that one day, I'll get a knock on my door...