Aug. 11, 2018

In my previous stories I've told you about how I got into having bi-sex (oral only of course) and wonderful erotic MFM 3 some adventures I've experienced. All of them were terrific, but there is one other experience I never thought I'd try that I wanted to share!

My girlfriend at the time loved to experience 3 somes with other men. She loved it when I'd invite a guy over for playtime. We would usually have a few drinks and then she would slip upstairs to have a quick bath. She loved to come down to the living room for a glass of wine and small talk. She would wear sexy lingerie, sit in the armchair across from us, pantiless and open her legs enough that we could see her gorgeous pussy. She could see the erections growing and with a nod I would suggest to our guest that he was welcome to taste her offerings if he liked. That would start an erotic evening of licking, sucking and fucking that would produce several wonderful orgasms. Her favourite thing was to suck our friends cock, with me kissing her and helping. Often, in the sixty nine position with our friend, she would guide his cock into my mouth, taking turns arousing him while he licked her pussy. And when she would blow me, she would invite our guest to lick my cock as well. After the 3some was over and he had left is when we would have the most mind-blowing sex, making love until the sun came up.

At the time, my girlfriend and I lived apart in different cities for work. We only saw each other every other month or so and often had "phone sex" when apart. It was during one of those calls that she told me how much she loved watching me suck our most recent partners cock. Although that was something we did together in the heat of passion, we hadn't really talked about it. I was a bit surprised. But our conversation certainly created a raging hard-on along with an erotic fantasy that had me masturbating and coming before the call was over.

Interestingly, about two days later, the guy we had last played with called me to tell me how much he loved the 3some and hoped we would get together again. I suggested to him that we too had enjoyed it very much, but that my girlfriend wouldn't be back for a while. With that he suggested we could get together for a beer and perhaps discuss an adventure for when she returned. As we were talking I was thinking about the call with my girlfriend and told him was welcome to drop by.

He took me up on the offer and showed up early evening. We had a couple of beers and talked about the 3some. He said that he had never before seen a woman who wanted the guys to suck each other but thought it was so erotic that she loved it that much. And, although touching a guy in an MFM 3some was inevitable, he had never thought he would enjoy sucking a cock. I could see that the discussion was arousing my friend, and I was certainly aroused by the memories. And...although we were dancing around it, I was also pretty sure that he wanted to suck another cock....and equally sure I did too.

Although I had not been 1:1 with a guy, I said "are you trying to tell me you want to suck my cock? "Yes", he said and with that the adventure began. There was no kissing or hugging. Actually we just both dropped our drawers to reveal to very stiff cocks. He reached out to touch me and as I sat down on the couch he kneeled and his lips surrounded my cock head. Slowly he took me in his mouth...so hot and wet. I was just about to come when I stopped him. I had him stand up and I did the same to him. It didn't take long for him to come. And with that he dropped back to his knees to finish me off.

Both of us were somewhat shy and went to wash up. We had another beer and talked a bit about the experience. I have never been interested in anal sex, nor did I ever want to kiss a guy. He said was the same. In our next call I told my girlfriend what had happened and...to my surprise she admitted that she had suggested to him that he call me. She didn't want me to be lonely. We did have another 3some with him later that year, more erotic than the last, but I've never forgotten the adventure.