Nov. 2, 2016

For the longest time after my divorce I felt like I had nothing and I needed no one to complete me. I was walking a road where I did not care about anything. One night when I was out with a bunch of my friends from work at a strip club, I was approached by one of the girls. Me being the dog that I was at the time, I thought “hey I might be getting lucky’. She looked hot. Long dark hair, slender body and ass that would not quit. She brought me over to a table where were two other people. One male and a beautiful voluptuous woman. She sat me down next to the woman and said to me that they wanted to meet me. Now I am a very private person, so my guard goes up a bit. The woman (Mary) takes me hand and slowly puts it down between her legs. No panties! I think to myself OK, this is going to be interesting. Mary explains to me that she had been watching me for a while and that she want to share me with her husband.

Now I have a lot going through my mind right now. One, I am a walking hormone. Two, I am a soldier. So all I think about is drinking, fighting and fucking. And thirdly is this going to be for his benefit or hers. Am I going to end up with dick in my ass and a pussy in my face or vice versa? I say fuck it, lets go and see where this takes me.

We leave the club; I don’t even tell my friends that I am leaving. We head to the parking lot where there is a nice Mercedes. I get in the back behind the driven, Mary climbs in with me. She tells me that this is for her and her alone. The husband may watch, or join in, if he chooses. We start making out in the car as her husband starts driving away. We drove for quite a bit, even though I did not keep track of where we were going because I was too busy with Mary. For an older woman, she was insatiable. A lot of heavy fore play during the drive. Me sucking on her tits. Finger banging the crap out of her pussy. Plus Mary loved giving me a blow job, during the drive.

We arrived at their place, outside the city. A very nice house, near the lake. Once we got inside I was offered a drink, which I declined because I said I had already drank too much tonight and if I was going to perform in a decent manner, I would rather be sober. We preceded down stairs where there was a king size bed. Some soft music turned on and I started my little dance. I have always liked to dance. I have even been compared to a stripper because of the way I move my hips and that I move to the rhythm of the music. Mary came up behind me, started grinding into my ass. I turned around and began removing my clothes and hers while kissing her. First my shirt, her top and her bra. She had beautiful breasts. I began suckling them, moving my hands all over her body. I removed her skirt and started to caress her ass. (Now people you have to realize that I am not the most gentle of men.) Mary had to explain to me the finest of how to touch a woman. I told her then, “Be my teacher and I will be your eager student. “ I look over at the bed and her husband is laying there naked and saying nothing. He only has a smile on his face and his dick in his hand. I smirk, because then Mary dropped to her knees and pulls down my pants, exposing my dick that she so wanted.

She started rubbing, caressing and stroking my cock with her hands and lips. She engulfs my penis as much as she can take. This woman knows how to give a blow job. She teaches me how some women want to gag on a dick, some want to slowly control men to a peak and bring them back down. She then did something that took me totally off guard; she stuck a finger up my ass and began to stimulate my prostate. It was odd at first, but I began to enjoy it. A truly different feeling, especially when I blew my load down her throat. It was an intense feeling. She was also very surprised due to the fact that did not go soft at all. That my hard on stayed erect and even seemed bigger to her. At this point all I want is to eat pussy because I love it so much. I pick her up and place her down on the bed, and slowly go down on her. She tells me where to touch her, how I should apply my fingers and tongue. Her husband then crawls up beside her and feeds her his dick. Now he is no small man when it comes to penis size. When I first saw him on the bed I thought he had an average penis. But when he was fully hard I had to guess it was at least eight inches long, not very girth, which I had him, beat, but long. Now I am fully engrossed in devouring this woman. She starts talking dirty to me, telling what to do. My fingers are not small, so she explains to me the technique of manipulating her pussy. The moans and heavy breathing of all involved is intensifying. She then explodes. Gushing all over my hand. I am in heaven; my ego hit the roof, my first squirter. I now want to pound my dick in and out of her for all that I am worth. I crawl up over her, rubbing my dick along her lips. Sliding it up and down slowly at first. Then I put it in bit by bit, enjoying every inch that I am giving her. She tells me to go slow and easy. Build my tempo up and then fuck the living crap out of her as we progress. Her husband is still feeding her his cock and massaging her tits all through my education. Not saying a word. I begin to fuck harder and harder. You can hear my pelvis slapping into her. Her moans increasing as I pound harder and harder. Now I am getting ready to cum, but my teacher tells me to hold back, slow down a bit. She senses what is going on. “Take your dick out and start slapping it on my clit.” “Then put it back in.’ As a good student, I obey. I do this for quite a while. I am surprised by how effective this is on holding off my orgasm and how long I am lasting in stamina. I decide to change positions and I roll her over doggy style. I go back to slamming her from behind, but with long hard strokes. Building up the tempo again, feeling my orgasm Cumming on; she tells me to stick my dick in her ass. Now I have never at this time thought about fucking anyone in the ass. But I did as I was told. It was awkward at first, especially when you do not know what you are doing. Between the juices on my dick and what slid down her ass crack from the previous position, my dick just slid right in. I then proceeded slowly at first as I was instructed, to allow her ass to adjust to my dick. Her husband then went over to a night table and pulled out what looked like a bullet. He gave it a twist and put it under Mary on her clit and all I could hear was a little buzzing noise. Ah vibrator, my brain clicked in. I continue my excursion in Mary’s ass until I could take no more. I started to cum and cum. Then Mary started convulsing and moaning, don’t stop, don’t stop. I kept up my fucking for as long as I could until I was spent. I pulled out and looked down at the mess that I made, but also at the great big wet spot that Mary had made. I had to go in for a taste of that sweet nectar and proceeded to lap up all that I could. I began probing her with my thumb, which I found out; hit her right on the G spot. Within minutes she was Cumming again, with higher intensity. We had to take a break, we were spent. I was in heaven because of this wonderful learning experience and I think Mary had a wonderful time teaching me. Throughout the night I was taught many a lesson by this amazing woman. Her patience with me. Her ability to show me the breathtaking things available through swinging. The next morning while I was taking a shower, she hopped in with me, where I fucked the living crap out of her standing up. (That one was for me.) We had breakfast and for the first time her husband spoke, stating to Mary that; we should have him back sometime. He is not demanding, he follows instruction quite well and he has manners. I told them I would like that a lot, that I had enjoyed myself very much. That I appreciated the opportunity to experience this side of life. Call me whenever you like. If I am in town or if my schedule is free I would let them know.

For the next three years we met once in a while. They introduced me to other couples and new experiences and I have never looked back since. These people opened my eyes to a new way of life. How to enjoy the company of others and the rules that go along with the life style. I have since moved on and witnessed many different events. I am glad that I met them and how they opened my eyes to explore all that was around me in different ways.

For the ladies that read this, as was explained to me by Mary. A man has 11 digits and a tongue. He should know how to use them properly. It takes a patient woman to teach a man, and man that listens intently with all his senses. Even if he has a really large dick, he might not know how to use it. I live by those words. I listen to all my lovers. Their wants and needs. I learned how a sensual massage is breathtaking when done correctly, even without the sex.

I hope you enjoyed a little about my past. Writing these stories explains a small part of who I have become.