Jul. 9, 2016

About 15 years ago, I left an unhappy marriage. It was no longer good for either of us. About a year later, I met an interesting woman. It was lust at first sight. But the feelings and the situation were new to us both. About the 2nd or 3rd time we met, we were sitting sipping a glass of excellent wine. There was a moment of silence and she said, “I want to make love to you. How do we do this?”

I didn’t know what to say. It took a minute or so for me to suggest, “How about we go really slow and just explore to see where it takes us. If one of us is uncomfortable, just stand up and leave the sofa. One the other hand, let’s just follow our instincts." She agreed.

For awhile, there was small talk, some kissing and hugging. Suddenly her hand went from my knee to my crotch. That seemed to be a green light, so I said, “You seem ready to go a little further." Then I stood her up in front of me and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, from top to bottom, finally slipping it off her shoulders to the floor. I reached out fondled her breasts through the material of her bra. I wrapped my hands around her back and slid my hands to her hips. I stuck my thumbs into the waistband of her pants and slowly circled toward the front. A button and a zipper. I lowered the zipper on her pants. Seeing no objection, I slipped my hands around her waist and gently tugged down her slacks, over her hips and butt, past her thighs and knees, down to her ankles.

She grinned at me and I wasn’t sure if she would bolt or encourage me further. Then she bent forward to step out of her pants and presented an excellent view of her cleavage over the top of her bra. I contemplated the suggestion of her breasts for a few moments. She stood there in front of me in her bra and panties, somewhat shy but apparently willing to continue. I could just make out her hardening nipples and the outline of her pussy through the material of her underwear. I was getting excited. I wondered, "What’s next?", as I’m sure she did as well, but I suspect we both knew what that might be.

I reached forward, pulled her toward me, kissed her belly and chest and caressed her breasts through the bra. My hands worked their way to her back. Following the bra straps. I found the clasps and undid them, one by one. My hands moved up to her shoulders, my fingers slipped under the shoulder straps of her bra and I drop them downward. The bra followed, exposing her full breasts and hard nipples. I caressed each breast with two hands. I contemplated her nakedness for some time, moving forward to kiss and suck those lovely breasts. They were soft and smooth, the nipples hard and slightly rubbery with desire. At this point, we are both a little more certain where this is going. And, our excitement was obvious.

My hands wandered down her rib cage to the top edges of her panties. I slipped a thumb under the elastic on each side and gently tugged them down. The top of her pubic hair appeared, then the full vulva. I peeled the panties down her thighs, past her knees until they dropped silently on the floor around her feet.

Any shyness or reserve seemed to have melted away. As she stepped out of her panties, her breasts fell forward slightly and I reached out to cup them. I slipped my hands around her back onto her buttocks and pulled her to me. As we kissed, open mouthed and hungry, my hands continued to explore her tits, and drop down to caress her ass, her thighs and her pussy. I inserted a finger just barely between the lips of her vagina. She was already wet. Then I moved her back and freely looked at her standing there completely naked before me. I caressed her everywhere. I asked her to open her legs and she complied. I took advantage; she let go of her last reserve seemed to enjoy my touching.

She was naked and excited. I was fully dressed and equally excited. “I guess it’s my turn,” she said and giggled. Methodically, she began to undress me – shirt, pants, socks, t-shirt and, as she removed my shorts, my penis saluted her in the most acceptable manner. She reached forward to stroke it. She grabbed my cock and started to jerk it, but I suddenly had other plans. I sat back in a chair and invited her to kneel in front of me. As her tits fell naturally into my open hands, I gently moved her head toward my cock. She took me into your mouth, tentatively at first, using her hand to pull back the foreskin, exposing the glans to her exploring tongue and mouth. The initial, tentative, oral sex, became more eager; finally there was full abandon. While she provided a most wonderful blowjob, I caressed her tits, back and buttocks. My cock was hard and thick.

I could feel myself close to orgasm, so I stopped her then. Now was not the time for me to cum. I got her to straighten up and I moved my cock across each breast, paying attention to the nipples. I moved my ass forward on the chair and, pulling her forward toward me, I invited her to sit on my lap. I felt my cock nudge her labia as she placed herself in my lap. With my hands on her hips, we moved her back and forth along my cock. Meanwhile, I was ensuring that her full tits and hard nipples got all the attention they deserved. As she moved her pussy up to the tip of my cock, her nipples were close to my mouth. I took them in my hands, putting the nipples in my mouth and sucked hungrily on each one. Then the head of my cock slipped inside her. Did she put it there by desire or did it just slip in by accident? No matter.

As she moved back, my cock entered her more deeply, sliding over her clit, her lips moistening it with her pussy juice. As my cock moved toward her cervix, I could feel the tightness of that “virginal” cunt (as she referred to it, being so long since she had had sex) as it got used to my girth and to being penetrated after all this time. Yes, it had been a while for us both, but her vagina lubricated the passage and its ribbed, rubbery, slick walls drove my cock wild. I let her ride me like that for a while, watching her eyes, her face, her breasts and looking down to see my cock move in and out of her.

I think I knew if we continued this way that I would come inside her. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I pulled out. I was close to orgasm now so I masturbated to finish and we watched my cum spill onto her hairy pussy. Tentatively, she ran a finger through my juice. Man, what I turn-on. She moved her finger to her mouth. I tasted good, she said.

And so she thought we were done. Not necessarily, I thought. She hadn’t really had her orgasm. So I took her hand and led her to the bedroom. I lay her on the bed on her back with her legs apart. I inserted one finger in her pussy, another finger on her clit and stroked until she began to react. I couldn’t resist sucking her and licking her as well until she came properly, as a mature woman should. After she begged me to stop, a long moment of afterplay.

A shower calmed us down and as we dressed we wondered what marvelous sexual interlude we might have the next time we meet.