Jun. 28, 2016

I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words of encouragement and as there were so many kind words that perhaps I’d explain how I came to be like I am, or at least in this case, enjoying the art of blow jobs so much! I don't proclaim to be a great writer, as many of you have written some wonderful works that have turned me on to no end! (Gosh PixieAngel makes me wish even I could take a shower with her. Nice work Pixie!)

This story is really about my ‘first time’. Not with sex, but with a sexual act with someone other than myself. It is the story of how my first time was with an older guy, more than twice my age (I was 18 which is legal in these parts). It ins't as 'revealing' as other stories I could tell, but it is the real deal of how I was introduced, by accident, into the world of sex.

So here goes... My very first time...


Being a country girl I had to leave home to attend a Sydney University. This also meant that I had to find a place to stay, and without really knowing too much, I looked up adverts in the City Paper to find a place to stay, at least until I found something better.

Cutting a long boring story short, I selected a place not too far from the University and where the owner was a single middle age guy. Don't get me wrong, I was not looking for single guys or anything, and truth be told he wasn’t great looking, at least no Brad Pitt if you know what I mean, but he had a kindness to him, and he seemed to anticipate all my questions and needs before I raised them. I felt that he could be trusted and that I would be safe renting a room and sharing the house with him.

A little about him, let’s call him Ollie, he had lost his wife a few years earlier, but he looked after himself still and he kept the house clean and tidy and like I said he was kind, thoughtful and helpful if I asked for any sort of help. Being a good looking teenage girl probably helped, especially when I was wet from a shower, towel wrapped around me and I walked around the house as If no one else was there.

On one particular weekend I had informed Ollie that I would be out for the entire morning, however my plans fell through due to heavy rain and I ended up returning home much, much earlier than planned. As I entered the house I could hear Ollie had the TV on. I thought nothing of it as this was quite normal for a rainy weekend for Ollie. I went to the kitchen and got myself a little snack, and then I decided that I would join Ollie in watching TV.

AS I started to enter the lounge room I suddenly realized that it wasn’t so much TV that Ollie was watching, but porn! A very good looking lady was giving a not so hot looking guy a blow job I could tell that both the receiver and giver were enjoying themselves. Surely no woman would do THAT if it were not enjoyable!

But things took a turn for the worse, as mere moments later I realized that Ollie had his cock in his hand and was masturbating while watching the porn. I didn’t know what to do. I was like a deer in the Headlights. Ollie had not noticed me as of yet, due to the time frames involved (seconds) and the orientation of the lounge to the TV and door. What do I do? Leave quietly or stand and watch the porn and Ollie.

WHAT was I thinking??! I couldn’t believe an option in my mind was to stay and watch what was unfolding,. My mouth started to water and as a result I licked my lips. I felt myself warming up, my heart beat faster and I was plain and simply turned on. I was getting wet just thinking about it all, and possibly a whole 5 seconds had passed.

It became too late as Ollie must have heard me, and then to my horror he saw me. I was not sure who was more embarrassed, Ollie or Me.

‘Oh Shit, sorry’ said Ollie, ‘I didn’t realize you were home or else I’d not be …’

I interrupted Ollie as the intruder here was me. This was his home, not mine. I was supposed to be out with friends and Ollie was obviously only doing this because he was under the impression that I would not be around to witness this.

‘No, no, it is me that should apologies.’ I replied. Mind you, Ollies cock was still hard and it was still out and my mouth was still watering and I continued to lick my lips. Ollie must have observed me staring at his cock by now.

But what happened next, what I said, it was like I was watching a dream, as to this day I still ca not believe I said it.

‘Do you mind if I join you?’ Ollie was in a vulnerable position and for some reason I wanted to join him and to feel that same vulnerability. If I didn't join Ollie, I'd have gone to my room and masturbated.

‘Sorry, do you mean you want to watch the porn with me?’ Ollie asked to clarify, moving to hide his cock.

‘No, well, Yes. I mean, can I join you watching porn and masturbating?’

What the hell was I saying?! I was just too turned on to care if this was right or wrong at this point. Looking back on this moment, I am so glad I chose to speak out, as it changed the way I responded to many different incidents from then on.

‘Err’ said Ollie, he was obviously surprised and taken aback. ‘Sure, there is room on the couch, or on the other seat if you like.’

Ollie was at one end of the couch, so I figured I’d sit at the other end of the couch. I wanted to see him and I wanted him to see me. I didn't hesitate. I just didn't give myself the option. I just did it. I took off my top and bras, took off my skirt and dropped my knickers, there I sat legs parted so hopefully Ollie could see my shaved pussy. Oh it glistened alright, as I was a horny, wet teenager.

The porn continued to play, I continued to get aroused and Ollie, well, poor Ollie he seemed to be super aroused now. I massaged one breast with one hand and my pussy with the other, doing my best to let Ollie see whatever he liked.

It just felt so nice, letting someone watch me and me watching them. I know Ollie was at least double my age but it really didn’t matter. His kindness made me want to share this experience with him, and throughout it all, I felt safe.

Finally, Ollie came.

I had not cum yet and boy was I aroused yet my eyes were mesmerized at the color of Ollie's cum. It was not a huge amount of white cum, but it was enough. I asked Ollie if I could have a closer inspection of his cum, and so he passed what was on his hand to me, I swapped it off of his hand and smelt it. It was as if instinct took over and I licked it off of my hand. Oh it did taste nice and I let Ollie know that.

We actually had a very non sexual pleasant afternoon after that. We talked and laughed and I asked Ollie if he could let me know next time he was going to be watching porn that I'd love to join him. My mind was already thinking about how I could try more of his cum, it tasted that nice.

Thank you for listening.