Mar. 30, 2018

As I move beyond the buzzed-in door it’s immediately apparent that this bathhouse is unlike most. The lounge is well-lit and inviting. And it smells much cleaner, much less spermy than other bathhouses I’ve visited (although, to be fair, that spermy odour CAN be intoxicating),

But its true charm reveals itself once I go upstairs to wind through the maze as I look for my room. The men. Oh, the men. Older men…the kind I love so dearly. They’re walking through the maze in various degrees of undress and arousal. They’re checking me out. I feel honoured as they look at me with interest and curiosity. But also with kindness, lacking the predatory, stalking stances of younger men in other venues.

It IS dark in the maze and I, as usual, have trouble fitting my key in the lock (hopefully not a harbinger of things to come). A lovely older man, with a bit of a tummy and drooping tits with luscious nipples asks if he can help. I say yes. He opens the door. I thank him and grope his bum to say thanks. He smiles and disappears around the corner.

I’m very excited at this point. In my room I disrobe, attach my cockring, put my stuff away, and enter the maze again. As is my signature, I jauntily drape my towel around my shoulders strutting, full-monty and pointing skywards. The men here are soooo friendly. As we pass each other we touch bodies almost imperceptibly. A few give a friendly tug to my enclosed ballsack. I return the favour. We’re happy Bonobos, greeting each other warmly and sensuously.

Many rooms have open doors with many men, almost all seniors like me, arranging themselves in enticing ways. Men who want to be penetrated pose on their stomachs. Some spread wide. Others pose on their backs. Some droopy cocks, some semi-rigid and some hard and ready for use.

I know that the playroom, upstairs, is well laid out for all kinds of debauchery, so I head up there. A man follows me. He can see right up my bum. This just emboldens and enhardens me.

I wander through the playroom. Many men. Many kinds of cocks. Ramps and nooks and different levels. It really is well-thought out. Now I know why hamsters love their play houses. I finally choose to sit in a little area where we can see through a window to the showers. There’s a lone man there. Early fifties. Close-cropped head. Quiet. I shuffle in beside him, spread my legs, start pulling my hardness and he joins in immediately. In fact, he’s on his knees immediately and going to town. I’m so excited about being there and so excited to feel a hot, warm, talented mouth on me that I feel that I’m going to cum too soon.

“Stop, oooh, stop” I tell him, “I don’t want to cum yet.”

“Sorry, sir” he softly demures.

“Sir?” I ask. “Yes, sir. Sorry sir” he repeated.

Oh my. I’m not really a Dom, but I enjoy his subservient attitude. I allow him to go back to my cock. I’m rubbing his head, his shoulders, his nipples. My hands slip to his waste. Wait. What? There’s material down there. But it’s soft and lacey. “What’s that?!” I command. “My garter sir” he barely whispers. “And I have nylons, too, sir.”

“Stand up” I command, “Let me see.” He stands. His cock is facing me. It’s beautiful. Gorgeous, actually. Curves up, big, contoured head, and as hard as the marble was used to carve David. “I’m going to suck this cock of yours” I command, without waiting for consent. Mmmm, it felt so good in my mouth. He made little cooing noises and he wriggled his garter-clad bum.

But I knew he preferred the giving position. So I ordered him back down on his knees. He, again, immediately went down on my hard, ringed cock.

By now I was ready to, and wanted to, cum. “I’m going to cum soon” I commanded. “Yes, sir, in my mouth or face, please.” “Are you masturbating your own cock?” I asked. “Yes, sir, may I sir?”

I answered in the affirmative. Not being a very good Dom and all.

At this point I noticed we had company. I think they must be the Cum Dogs of the bathhouse. When they sense a spurt is about to happen, they arrive. One was a tall, 70ish man. A business man. But without his Brooks Brothers suit, he was just another horny cumdump. The other man was younger and Asian. He DID have that hungry look in his eyes.

Subby sucked me while older man rubbed my balls and Asian guy tweaked my nips. Their eyes, however, were on the prize. As I started to make those familiar grunts, both older guy and Asian guy put their heads closer to my cock. I squirt my first spurt into Subby’s mouth, but remove it to finish painting his face. My two other compadres get in there, thrusting tongues to get their fair share of juice. Everybody moaning. Everybody happy. And then, I’m spent. It’s over. And we all leave. We float away voicelessly. Nary a nod or a handshake, Looking for our next conquest.