Written by XploringCoupleNB

May 30, 2017

Two Provinces & One State – in one day…

It was a road trip to just get away for the weekend. The intensity was building in what was becoming an unquenchable lust for each other. Oh, we had already been fucking each other for a while, but each encounter only made us hungrier for the next. As we made our way toward the border crossing the lust overtook us and the blow job she had given me while driving up the highway led to a stop at the tourist info center. It was vacant but still open, so the chance of getting caught or interrupted on the bright sunny afternoon was low. A sharp, cool breeze tingled as I spread a blanket, kept on hand in the trunk just for such a encounter, and she proceeded to mouth fuck my cock again. The heat of her hungry mouth compared to the cold air was exhilarating and the wetness she left on my throbbing shaft each time she drew back cooled quickly in the wind. I could only stand so much of that until she straddled me to take my cock. I drove my hard on into her tight wetness and she gasped with pleasure at the contrast of the cold hardness which had been in the wind and the heat inside her beautiful pussy.

We fucked there on the blanket with the traffic driving by for a while and then headed up toward the building. The rough barn board exterior was just painful enough as I took her against the building, fucking upright. Then the sturdy railing came into play as she put one foot up and swiveled her ass in hungry fashion, while encouraging me to fuck her deep and hard. After she came on my shaft again, I finally released my hot cum, instantly making her shudder with pleasure…..

After we licked each other clean and shared a deep, passionate kiss to mingle our juices, we continued on our way as we had plans. Across the border without incident, we continued up the highway, stopping for lunch at a mid-sized US border town. While watching each other across the table the uncontrolled lust was in the air. “I need your cock, meet me in the bathroom in 3 minutes” she softly said across the table while stroking my leg with her toe, and she started down the aisle. I looked at her ass for a moment and then, trying to be discreet in this family eatery, I looked away. Moments later, I went to the washroom and stepped in, only to find it empty. Puzzled and still blushing at the people that noticed my growing hard on as I walked down the aisle, I waited and tried to figure out what I missed. Returning to the table, I found her, as baffled as I was. There were two different sets of washrooms, one front of the place and one at the back! Stupid Jackass I was, I went to the wrong one. We could hardly contain our laughter at the gaff. As soon as we finished the meal, it was a stroll through the mall and then back to the truck. Well the need that was unfulfilled took over and we parked in behind a big store and proceeded to fuck like teenagers on prom night in the truck. We came together in a heap in the rear seat and slowly got cleaned up and dressed again. The tinted windows offer a little privacy but not much at mid afternoon.

We carried on toward our destination where we had a hotel waiting. No sooner then we checked in and we were fucking again. The deep, slow patient fuck of two people who had spent most of the day already playing and touching while they travelled. My cock spilled another load which always makes her quiver, as she feels each jet of jism flood her. Starving, we headed down to a local Chinese restaurant which was empty except for a table of guys at the back on a snowmobile trip.

We somehow got through a late supper, teasing each other with our feet under the table. Finally we couldn’t handle any more and she headed into the washroom, and I followed moments later to prevent the mishap of lunch. Since there were only men at the other table were pretty safe in the ladies room and promptly I fucked her up against the gleaming tile wall. I could feel the hunger of her pussy as I stroked in and out, her pussy contracting around the swollen cock as if to suck every drop of cum from me. That was a 15 minute quickie, which earned us a very curious glance from the waitress when she came back with the change from our payment.

It was then as we returned to the room that the idea came to us. We had already fucked in two countries today, but we were a short drive from a different province and it was still before midnight. “two provinces and one State is a personal best for me” was all the encouragement we needed to be over the bridge and into the next province. My cock was throbbing to fuck again as we were taking the drive for sole purpose of fucking and that was a huge turn-on. We found a quiet corner not too far into the new province and proceed to fuck each other silly. I lost track of her orgasms before I finally coughed up the last bit of semen left in my well drained balls. We laughed in a heap as we realized it was still before midnight so we had set our new record.