Jul. 7, 2018

We both had a day off work, the kids were still at school, so we decided to go for a bit of a hike. Didn’t have the most time, so we didn’t end up going too far away… went on a short loop, near a creek, great mountain views. Did it quickly on a fairly hot day.

At the end we were sitting down by the creek, our feet in the water, just taking it easy before we headed home. There were two other guys sitting a little way off from us not far at all, and some more people a ways off, further up the creek, could see them but they weren’t close, still there were people around.

Amanda then tells me that she is hot and going for a bit of a swim… I assume that means a paddle in her clothes, maybe underwear. Nope, she strips completely naked and heads into the water. Water was cold, she looks fantastic with hard nipples. I can’t believe she did it. The two guys, sitting about 20 feet from me are also clearly surprised, and very happy.

Whole swim only lasted about 5 minutes… I end up talking to the two guys a bit, felt pretty hot to watch them checking out my sexy wife. I think things could have definitely gone somewhere, but we had to head home in a hurry. Was still a pretty exciting time.