Feb. 10, 2019

I have wanted to write this story for awhile just takes time and patience . Writing a story on an I phone is not easy.

This happened a few years back but I will be the first to admit was the best blow job I have ever had. To top it all it was given to me for free and by a middle aged guy in the back of a porn shop in a video booth in good old Bloemfontein. So to whoever that stranger was and I don’t know there name. I do hope you read these stories and maybe you recognize the story however unlikely that maybe.

Well basically this is what happened. I was shopping in Bloemfontein as lived in a small town not to far away and on these shopping trips Iregularly stopped in at adult world Bloemfontein to buy sex toys and videos for those long winter nights to come. On these visits and with time to kill I would often catch a movie in the adult theatre. It’s a bit seedy and needs some attention, but then most of these places are like that. They show heterosexual and gay movies in different areas and also have a few private viewing booths as well .

On this particular day I had a few hours free and with time to kill I decided to watch a movie. First in the heterosexual section but of course it was only men and then in the gay section there were more men. No woman at all and I wonder if there ever was a woman in there they should let me know what they think of these places.

In the hetero section I was propositioned by a youngish guy, but I declined his invite and after watching a rather boring porn fuck I decided to explore the gay movies. There was a far more intense and erotic show and so I stayed to watch together with a few other guys. After sometime I was getting quite turned on as I watched these guys fucking and fisting each other and so I decided to have a wank while sitting in the back row. Taking out my hard cock and trying to stroke it without drawing attention to myself. Well that was a failure.

I had plenty of attention and soon the gay movie was in the background and my cock was the focus of all the attention. I suppose I could say I know what a stripper feels like. Well everyone kept there distance but nobody watched the movie except me that is.

Slowly my audiences came in closer as I continued to give them a show. And I do have lots to show and a very hot cock even if I must say so. My pictures don’t lie if you really want to see it. In any event I was stroking my cock and having a great time with my audience of four. So to give everyone a better show I stood up and allowed my jeans to fall to the ground and masturbated for these guys. Who very appreciated and complimented my cock and asked if they could help.

I respectfully declined and said “ enjoy the show” but after awhile an older male joined the group and he kind of took charge. Telling the other patrons to back of and give me some space. I was very grateful for this intrusion as the guys were all fondling there own cocks by this time and at least one was wanking as well. Although he had a rather small cock.

Well after the elder guy had intervened I decided it was time for a private show so zipping up my jeans I told the guys thanks, but the show is over I must still go shopping. There was a few calls for more and offers to suck me off but I had done what I wanted and so it was time for the second part of my fantasy a private show. I thanked the elder guy and quietly suggested if he wanted to see more we should go somewhere more private and he readily agreed.

Going into one of the private booths I activated a movie and waited to see if he would come and find me. Watching a very graphic scene on the tv of two guys getting fucked and blown while tied up I was more than aroused and so I took of all my clothes and was stroking my cock when he knocked on the cubicle door. I just said enter but carried on watching the movie and playing with my cock and ignored him. As the movie scene got hotter and the groans and sounds of sex filled the cubicle I spread my legs and gave him a full view of my ass and cock . Lifting my legs across the arm rests to show it all to him. While I remained glued to the tv screen. Finally I felt his hands take my cock and he pushed my hands away to get full access to my cock. I allowed him to take charge and just lay back to watch the sex on the tv and the sounds of fucking. As he stroked my cock I was surprised at how gentle he was being as I normally just jerk off and want it over with. He was taking his time and playing with the head and my balls while rubbing a thumb against my exposed asshole. This was really turning me on and I just opened wider to give him whatever he wanted.

After awhile I felt his hot mouth and wet lips take my cock into his mouth and then he did something so unexpected he proceeded to deep throat my cock and then take it out and then go down again right to my balls. Each time he withdrew the spit would cover my cock and he would then lick it clean before repeating this. I was so turned on by this stage I started to thrust my hips and push my cock deeper into his mouth maybe he would gag but he never missed a beat and kept up the rythum. All the while his fingers were probing and exploring my ass and just like a slut I am asking for more. His fingers probing my tight ass as he spread me for his tongue and he sucked me solidly for at least ten minutes and I was so ready to cum, but I could not warn him as he continued to suck me wanting me to cum and he was not going to spill a drop. So I gave it to him. A. very satisfying explosion which starts in my balls and then a head rush with poppers and I emptied my cum into his mouth and he took it all.

After a few minutes and when he finished licking up all my cum and my cock he thanked me. Fuck I could not believe it as he thanked me for allowing him to suck my cock. Saying thank you and you have a beautiful cock . And then he said goodbye and left. It was a surreal moment and when I finally dressed and left the shop I was rather embarrassed and had no idea who had been watching or who had been sucking me. The shop was quite full of browsers looking at porn titles and boxes of porn movies. I had no idea if he was one of these or not .

I quietly bought a dvd and left the shop thinking when I could come back. An embarrassed but satisfied customer.

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