Nov. 23, 2016

When the door bell rang all my senses went into overdrive sending a rush of panic coupled with disbelief and sexual tension through my body at the thought of who was sure to be on the other side of that door. I looked down at myself instinctively wondering if I was presentable. My jeans were already unbuttoned with the weight of the belt hanging undone threatening to pull them down lower than I would have liked when opening the front door. The clean white tank top I was wearing was hugging my chest tightly. It then hit me that if she had after all driven over in the middle of the night, how presentable I was opening the door would be unimportant.

The shadow on my unlit porch looked to be her, a lump of excitement catching in my throat as I reached to unlock and open the door. It was her, Clara, still not believing she was there I smiled and she stepped inside past me giving me an intense look that indicated she was sensing the same combination of sexual rush, sensual overdrive, and panic at the sin she was about to commit.

I say "sin she was about to commit" because she was married and 13 years older than I, in her 40s.

We had met by chance at a local salsa club she and I frequented. Had seen each other there on and off over the span of probably more than a year, never once speaking, never once dancing together, never once even acknowledging each other, lusting for one another from afar in secret. Until one night on the last song of the night we ended up passionately entangled on the dance floor moving so incredibly well together that it made a sudden connection which would have incredible repercussions in the coming months.

We had been chatting on Facebook on and off and tonight the conversation had taken a turn from friendly to more intense with subtle innuendos. Her husband was out of town, it was cold outside, I had joked about a cold bed without him, she had joked about finding a way to warm it up, I had jokingly given her my address.... conversation went quiet... my doorbell rang.

She now stood at 2am in my hallway holding with her hands wrapped tightly around her a long fur lined black coat, a bit of snow clinging to it, with only a pair of black boots visible. I was still shocked and though there could be no doubt why she was here I hesitated. She dropped her hands and the coat parted, the pair of tight grey sweatpants and thin ragged grey t-shirt peaking from underneath immediately telling me she had probably jumped straight out of that cold bed into her car to come over.

I guess I had hesitated too long because she was the one who in an intense motion threw herself into me, into my arms, our lips met, passion surging and we kissed, all the frustration and sexual tension that had built up between the two of us exploding. Our lips tasting each other parting, our tongues dancing into each other's mouths. Our hands passionately exploring each other's bodies, grabbing and fondling at each other as if this was a dream and at any moment we could wake up and it would be over.

I had felt her body pressed to mine on many occasions on the dance floor and had to fight the urge to touch her in a sexual way no matter how many opportunities had presented themselves. Not now, not anymore, restrain was gone and my hands slipped under her coat and made their way one up and one down the familiar curves of her waist. One hand reaching her nice firm ass, grabbing at it, firmly holding it tight in my palm wishing those sweatpants were not there, pulling her into me to grind her against the ever hardening bulge in my briefs. My other hand found one of her large round gorgeous breasts wishing to feel the soft heavy flesh, instead feeling a thicker bra underneath the t-shirt. My touch seemed to bring a moan to her lips and a surge of passion in her kissing, her body starting to tremble slightly. In my mind I was hoping she was not suddenly having second thoughts because I wanted to ravage her right there in my hallway.

Breathing heavily she did break away, stepping back, smiling even though she was slightly shaking, no trace of panic in her gaze or her demeanor anymore however. She could not step back far, half a step, before she hit the wall. I stepped forward with purpose this time, reaching out with one hand I slipped it to the back of her neck and, firmly but gently grabbing a handful of hair, I got ready to pull her sweet wet mouth and poutty lips back to mine. My other hand wasting no time this time slid between her slightly parted legs, cupping my palm right across her pussy and grinding the soft sweatpants material against it as I rubbed it. A load moan escaped her lips just as I pressed them to mine, and she kissed me even more passionately than before, wanting every bit of my tongue and gently moaning with each motion of my hand and fingers between her legs.

The heat coming from between her legs was incredible, and I was almost certain her panties must be soaking wet. Our lips still passionately locked I decided to check, fingers finding the edge of her sweatpants, sliding inside, down off to one side at first slowly moving down her soft hot skin making more and more contact, sliding lower and lower, palm down to her belly moving ever deeper inside her sweatpants towards her waiting pussy. She began to breath more heavy now clearly enjoying and anticipating the moment my fingers would reach. No panties, no obstructions, nothing got in the way, fingertips finding the edge of her mound, slipping lower finding soft swollen hot pussy lips, sliding lower and lower and lower, finding a smooth bare hot and absolutely dripping wet pussy. God it felt so good on my fingers rubbing it, sliding my fingers between the slit spreading the lips, feeling the hard clit, feeling the wet hole dripping hole and opening begging for me to slip inside.

Clara moaned almost uncontrollably, now shaking it seemed against my wall, eyes wide open, breaking away from my lips yet holding tight her arms gripping my shoulders very tight, almost as if tense yet clearly enjoying me playing with her wet pussy.

"Ohhh god I have not been touched like that in a long time... don't stop!" she begged me.

Not to disappoint I found the wet tight hole with my middle finger and pushed inside her. Sliding it in as deep as I could, feeling her absolutely dripping wet and moving her pelvis forward for me to reach better. A loud and very deep moan escaping her lips.

"Oh fuck me yes... god yes ... fuck me. I'm so ready for you.... please fuck me. I think I'm going to cum so fast... I want you inside of me..." she started to almost beg.

I wasted no time seeing how ready she was for my dick. I was rock hard already in my pants and would love nothing more than to slip it out and bury my dick deep inside her. Getting a little rougher I spun her around and pressed her to the wall pulling her sweatpants down over her very nice ass just low enough down her legs for them to be out of the way. She spread her legs and stuck her hot ass out from the wall pressing her face to it instead, raising her bare dripping pussy up for me to see. My thick rock hard dick was out of my pants and in my hand in mere moments and holding on to the base of the shaft I guided the precum soaked head towards her waiting tight hole.

I found it, and pushed in just a little, letting her feel the pressure. Clara's pussy was so wet and so open however that my cock had no trouble quickly sliding deep inside of her. One long thrust and I was buried down to the base of the shaft inside of her. Her wet hole tightened around my shaft, gripped it scalding hot, and with a loud hard moan she took me in pushing herself into me.

"Ohhh my god you are going to make me explode all over your cock... fuck me!"

I grab on to her hips and started to thrust my dick into her, faster and faster, harder and harder, fucking her like she was continuously begging me to do. She was taking me in whole, every inch, deep, moaning and screaming how much she wanted to explode. I fucked her hard, so fucking hard, not caring and wildly pumping and thrusting my dick into her wet pussy. I felt it drip out, was dripping down my cock and for sure it was dripping down her legs.

She reached back at some point and grabbed on to both of her ass cheeks, spreading them to the side, making me go even deeper inside of her. Clearly liking it because she moaned louder and louder. I could not resist and wetting my finger tips I placed them on her asshole just gently teasing it.

That must have hit a nerve because the next thing I knew, after a few more hard thrust from my dick in her, she started to shake, to moan and scream.

"Oh god yes... fuck I'm going to cummmm.. ahhhh!

And she did, her pussy gripping my cock so hard her hands grabbing back at me, her ass cheeks clenching tight and closed with her whole body shaking. I grabbed a hold of her and pulled her to my chest impaling her on my cock driving it up and hard into her to extend every moment of her orgasm I could.

"Cum in me... I want you to cum inside of me" she begged.

I was barely holding it back anyways and with a few more hard thrust I too exploded, cumming hard and shooting what felt like load after load after load deep inside of her dripping wet pussy. I do not know if it was her pussy gushing form her orgasm or my cum from mine or a combination of both but it was clearly dripping out of her down around my shaft onto my balls and down her legs making a mess in my hallway.

mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm she spent the night there and we fucked in every corner of my house. She was insatiable, as if she had not been fucked in ages and she was going to take full advantage of my hard cock.