Apr. 6, 2017

One of my 3some friends with my secretary/girlfriend, said to me one day, "I love to have sex with your wife, she has such a nice bum" , I did not say much, on compliments like this, except, hey, if you are able to seduce her and she is willing, I have no problem, in fact we are going for drink tonight, close to our house, drop by, let see result from your gentle aggressive seduction style -

Well he showed up, we had drink or so and he started to talk to her, ignoring me, which was right think to do, I am not

the one to be seduced. He talked about garden, cooking and so, no religion and no politics, and then how his business trip

went in Africa and tours where they visited local naked tribes, whereby one could see man naked, women as well, and how he was amassed to see, tall guys and how big cocks some of them have.

That discussion went for a duration of few more drinks. Meanwhile, she started teasing him about him being jealous, regarding cock size. More he admitted, yes I am jealous, more she teased him.

I told her not to push her luck, reduce or stop tease, once he get hard on, it will be difficult to stop him from getting into your paints. She with a smile said, we re just joking.

Than he ask her to dance, - live band was playing.

They went dancing and dancing and dancing, did not get back for a long time. I believe 5 or more sets. Dance floor was packed with people, I could not see them in darkness.

When back, he went directly to wc while she said WOW. on that note, she started to tell me what happen;

She said wow, he almost fucked me in the middle of the dance floor, maybe he did, not sure what actually happen!!! We started dancing, First dance was ok, than on the second he was pulling me toward him, but not much. I did not resist, it was

still OK, I figure let him, let see how far will he really go. He slowly started to breed on my ears with accidental kiss

here and there. I slowly started to distance myself, but he was holding me tight only upper body got at some what safe

distance. Than, while dancing, I felt his cock through his paints rubbing on my leg , at that point, feeling his cock grow, I simply, more or less surrendered. I did not feel I should defend myself, once I felt his cock. To make situation worst and more horny, while dancing, his cock started to grow bigger and bigger and he positioned himself, for me to feel his cock between my legs. Once I felt his stiff cock between my legs, on my pussy, I was done, he was kissing me, I let him, he was touching me - had his hands all over my tits and body, I simply let him do what ever, I was in haven. At one point he moved my hand toward his cock, I did not object, I started to squeeze his cock and I don't remember any more, music stopped for a break, here I am, otherwise I would have still be on dance floor.

Than I ask, well, how did end - I do not know, I know my paints are wet between legs, and I know my pussy is wet. Looks like both of you had fun and did cum, should I bring him home, we can continue to fuck him. She said no. Than I said, it is just not fair, now I am horny. On that note, she said I am going home, (which was 5 min walk). Lets do this I suggested; I will bring him home and if you are sleeping in bed naked, that will be sign - join me.

She left, my friend arrived from wc clean, on my question how was it, he said, I was very surprised, she is hell of a

dancer. Since we new each other well, I said - come on, dancing for so long, must have been more to it. All he said, we

where very lucky, it was dark on the floor, I had my cock out between her legs and she was playing with him...

On that note I asked him, would you like to go at my home, and see if she is willing to continue. I told him, no hard feelings if she is not naked, that means - no fucking.

We went home, she was naked (not a surprise), two of us went for shower and we got fucked all night long (by her), he left around 6 am, for work.

As far as she is concerned, it is always the same, once she is sexually satisfied, next day, just like nothing happen.

Than next time.... one would think, she will learn not to tease to much......but.....