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"like a scene from porn but real"
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Published 3 months ago
Last week I met up with a couple for the second time. I met them online and we met at a hotel. The second time was much better than the first. Here is what happened : I texted to say I was at the hotel. Jessica was in her car having a smoke and asked me to walk her in. I went to the car. She looked hot as usual. I think about 5'5" and about 110 lbs if I had to guess. She is late 20s and so is her boyfriend James. We went up to the room where James was waiting. I had a quick spray off in the shower and then right to action this time. They apologized for not having anything to drink and I said no problem. I gave Jessica a hug and kissed her neck while I felt her hot body. Not wasting any time she told me to get comfortable on the bed and took her clothes off. This time I wanted to explore her body so I kissed down her back and to her ass. I think she was sucking James while I was kissing her hot little butt. We soon switched positions and I was laying down while she played with my cock. James went behind her and was licking her while she started to suck me. This went on for a little while but I wanted to take my time and enjoy her body some more so I had her upright on her knees and I kissed her small perky breasts and down her body to her pussy. She seemed to enjoy riding my face while I licked her clit and occasionally put my tongue inside her. I even licked her ass for a little bit while she kissed James. The whole seen was really hot. I think she came from all the attention and she got back on top of me and told me to assume the position. I knew what was coming. Because we did DVP the last time so I put my legs together while she got on top. I slid into her hot pussy and James got behind her. I could feel his cock go inside her on top of mine and I kept fucking her from below while James was fucking here from behind. James said he needed a break and went to the other bed. Jessica got off of me and started sucking her juices off my cock. I love it when a girl tastes herself. Very nice touch. She then mouthed me in reverse cowgirl. It was so hot watching my cock go inside her and touching her hot little ass. She then leaned back and James came back over and sucked her clit while I kept fucking her. It was just like a porno with DVP and fucklicking. I had to hold back so I didn’t cum James then got out a hitachi wand and rubbed her clit and my balls with it while I fucked her. I almost forgot but Jessica also used the wand on my cock before while she sucked me. The sensation was pretty hot. I almost forgot the hottest part also, when we were in DVP I asked Jessica if she liked two cocks inside her and she said yes I love it, do you like sharing my pussy? This is perhaps the hottest thing I have ever heard. She is so hot when she talks dirty it is almost surreal. It’s probably a good thing she didn’t talk dirty more or I wouldn’t have been able to hang on. After the fucklicking and the hitachi I said I wanted to fuck Jessica from behind. She happily bent over and started sucking James. I spread her cheeks and tongued her pussy and ass from behind for a few minutes before I slid my throbbing cock inside her. I fucked her pretty hard and she took it like a champ. Our bodies were slapping and she was kissing and sucking James while I fucked her. This went on for a bit until I grabbed her hips and pulled myself into her while I erupted. We were all out of breath and I had a quick spray off in the shower. When I came out Jessica was sucking James again on the bed. She got up and I gave her a nice hug and kissed her back again. We said our goodbyes and I left. Hoping to see them again very soon.

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