Sep. 17, 2019

Shelly and I finished our gin and tonics and left the bar. The others had gone already. We had started drinking early so we were all feeling well oiled.

Shelly was the boss of the Human Resources department. She hadn’t worked for the company for long; maybe 6 months. She was a tall slim redhead who enjoyed a drink and smoked more than she should. She had long legs, large breasts, green eyes and a fine nose. She was married, a bit cheeky and a little flirty after a drink. On the day I first met her in the office she was wearing a long skirt, but my eye was drawn to a disturbance in the material that is caused by only one thing; Lace tops stockings. From that day I always looked for signs of lace. Always discreet because she was the HR boss and I didn’t want to get fired.

We left the bar convincing ourselves to go to another bar for one last drink that we didn’t need. We walked down one of those narrow and dimly lit alleys that cut through East London. Shelly kept stopping and plucking at her knees. “How embarrassing, I’m so sorry, I’ve got holdups on and one keeps slipping down” she said. Emboldened by gin I said “oh, no problem at all, I adore stockings so it is nice to know that some women still wear them for work” Shelly dragged on her cigarette and said “I wear them all the time, it is my naughty secret”. My heart was pounding as I replied “I know you do, my naughty secret is that I always notice when you’re wearing them”. Shelly laughed, then looked at me with a lascivious grin and chuckled again as we walked on.

We reached the bar and sank another couple of drinks before paying the bill and heading back to the alley towards the train station where we would share a train ride home, as I was a few stops further on than her. We walked a few meters and she had to stop again to fix her slipping stocking. I can’t explain why but this was such an exciting action to witness as a bystander. A few meters more and Shelly said “fuck, I’m so sorry, I’m slipping again”. Now more than emboldened, in fact just plain drunk, I said “ let me help you”. She had her back to me when I knelt down and wrapped both hands around her stockinged leg just above the knee and drew my hands firmly but gently and oh so slowly higher and higher up her thigh. As the stocking tightened I slid my index fingers in the tops and circled the elastic inside. I could feel her soft warm skin above the stocking and as I pressed the stocking top against it I heard her let out a long heavy breath. My hands move up a fraction higher until the top of my thumb felt the lace of her underwear. The heat between her legs set my whole body on fire and I gently rubbed her underwear with my thumbs until I felt her warm honey oozing through the lace on to my hands. I stood up and Shelly watched as I licked her taste off of my thumbs and within seconds she was licking that same sweet honey off of my tongue. Our tongues tumbled and knotted as I pushed her back into a doorway where we my lips fell to her neck as her head dropped back letting me lick, suck and kiss every inch of her white neck, ears and tracing my tongue down her blouse where I eased out one of her huge creamy breasts. I sucked greedily on her small pink nipple as my hand worked it’s way into her soaking wet lacy black underwear. Her pussy lips opened hungrily for my fingers. First one finger, then two as she pushed her hips forward to meet my touch. She reached down and opened my pants, releasing my throbbing cock and immediately started to wank me in long firm strokes. I had two fingers deeps inside her and could feel her clit pushed into my palm. I pulled out my dripping wet fingers and rubbed them over her mouth, before sucking and licking her painted lips clean, as though they were her pussy lips. Her fingers were slick with my precum which she returned the favour by basting my lips. We kissed deeply, mouths mixing juices, before sucking each other’s lips clean.

“Let’s get a train, you’re coming back to my place” I said...

It was the last train out of London and on a Wednesday night it wasn’t crowded. We played with each other for the whole journey. The more people got off the more we played. By the time we reached my stop my trousers were sporting a wet patch and Shelly’s soaking underwear was in my pocket. We reached my front door already smelling heavily of sex. I opened the door and we fell inside. To the left of the door was my large leather couch. As we tumbled inside I turned Shelly round and bent her straight over the couch, lifted her skirt and buried my face into her burning hot, sweet sticky delicious pussy. She was a natural redhead and her pink lips yawned open for my tongue. I licked and sucked and plucked her pussy lips with my lips until her sweet nectar started to ooze down her glistening thighs. I stood up, dropping my trouser and positioned the swollen head of my cock between her sopping lips and and eased inside of her. Shelly gasped and as I put both hands on her ass cheeks she pushed back to meet my thrust until I was as deep inside as I could get. Shelly moaned with the pleasure of a woman in a stale marriage who was letting herself go for pure unadulterated pleasure. My balls we hard and tight as I sank deep inside her, watching myself pump in and out as her thick cream oozed over my cock. I pulled out before we came and we started up stairs. As I followed that ass and stockinged legs up the stairs I grabbed Shelly’s arm and turned her, sitting her down. I pushed her back and kissed her deeply as I again entered her wet hole. We fucked on the stairs until Shelly was about to cum. Pulling out of her I dragged her up and to the bedroom. Pushing Shelly onto the bed and opening her legs I again opened my mouth and took her pussy in, creating a suction while my tongue lapped at her clit. Turning, I guided my cock into her mouth. She greedily sucked her cream from my cock as I fucked her mouth. We devoured each other. I wanted to cum, but not yet. Pulling out of Shelly’s mouth I pulled down her troublesome stockings and sat across her chest. I guided the tip of my cock between her lips and gently rocked. As I fucked her mouth I tied her wrists with a stocking each and then lashed them to the bed head. “What are you doing” she asked, “I’ve never done this before”. “Then enjoy” I said as I moved back, lifting her legs together to reveal that sweet pink cunt and its feathering of red hair. Bending her knees a little I thrust into Shelly’s tight hole and fucked her hard. “Oh yes, yes, harder you bastard, fucking harder, yes, fuck me” she shouted. I watched her wrists going red and her fingers goin white as she wrapped them around the metal bed head. I pulled her legs wide open and climbed onto Shelly and fucked her harder than I’ve ever fucked anyone. Her beautiful milky white tits bounced high and I clamped my mouth on a pink hard nipple as I thrust into her. “Yes, yes, yes, I’m going to cum, I’m cuming now” she shouted and let out a primal animal growl and roar with her green eyes open so wide I thought they might pop out of her head. I felt her pussy tighten and then pulse around my cock as I jammed myself as deep inside her body as I could. My balls tightened and I felt my own cum about to explode. I clenched and held back until I had taken Shelly through her own delicious orgasm. I pounded faster and Shelly bucked up and down and I roared as my balls exploded, pouring jet after jet of hot cum into Shelly’s throbbing pussy. To my surprise Shelly came again, ignited by the feeling of hot cum spurting deep into her body. We collapsed in a sweaty mass, hearts racing and both our cum oozing from Shelly’s delicious pussy.

In a couple of hours she got a taxi home. She told me that she told her husband that she got drunk, missed the last train so went to a club with colleagues. When I woke up the next morning I found a souvenir. Shelly had left her stockings on the bedroom floor. I wonder if hubby noticed.

There was never a repeat of the encounter, just some casual flirting and the odd coffee together. I still played guess if she was wearing stockings but now she always confirmed it if she was. Now that is what Human Resources should be about.

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