Nov. 1, 2019

Well this is another one of my hot encounter while waiting for my now hubby to make up his mind

Two of my girlfriends and neighbors decided to go out at a local bar on a Saturday night ,while at work another male freind had asked me if I had any plans for the weekend,I said yes that two freinds and I are going to a bar Saturday night,I'll call him Mr K,,, he's been trying to go out with me for awhile now but I always shrugged him off,I was fucking Mr M but not committed I would venture to his house when I got horny lol,which was often enough

So Mr K asked which bar ,I told him ,just happened to be near his house lol,he then said I'll have to go and buy you a drink or two ,I said ok and left it at that ,

So my freinds and I got ready sipping on some wine and once 9 rolled around we got in my car and headed out ,got to the bar , grabbed a table and ordered drinks,we would get up and dance now and then ,about an hour after Mr K came in while we were dancing,I watched him stroll to the bar order himself a drink and sent a round to our table,

Song ended and we made our way back to our table Mr k wasn't long coming over pulled up a chair beside me of course lol,I thanked him for the drink ,we all chatted and Mr K ordered another ,then asked me to dance ,whick I readily agreed,I love dancing ,we danced a few faster ones before returning to the table ,

I'm feeling pretty good now and then a slow one came up,he wasn't long asking me ,so I said yes and we proceeded to the dance floor,a little crowded , and we squeezed up tight ,he would casually rub his crotch up against me I could feel his buldge and I naturally rubbed back his hand on my lower back just touching my ass ,felt really good and I was getting wet and horny mmmmmm felt sooooo good ,he then pulled back slightly and gave me a kiss which I did not object to ,hot slow passionate,touge filled kiss ,now my pussy was really wet and his buldge got bigger , turning me on even more

After the song ended ,our lips parted we both gasped a little,and smiled ,I then looked at his nicely buldging crotch ,fuck it looked good,I was so horny now I could have unbuttoned his pants and sucked on it,but had to restain myself

We went back and sat down but this time his hand rested on my bare leg ,,,,,,,I was wearing a pretty short dress low cut top ,which I caught him looking at now and then lol

With his nice warm hand resting on my leg I slide my hand over to his leg and causally slide it up to his crotch ,I wanted to feel that buldge and gently massaged it mmmmmmmm fuck I wanted that out in the open,his hand slowly worked it's way up my leg pushing my dress up until he touched my pussy and very wet panties,my eyes closed briefly it felt so good ,his cock swoll a little bit more ,two of my fingers started rubbing his cock head through his jeans ,then I could feel wetness,I looked at him and smiled ,leaned in to his ear and mmmmmmmmmm was all I said ,he then slipped a finger beside my panties and right into my very leaking pussy,it was all could do to keep quiet from moaning,shit it fucking felt great

Mr K then asked if we wanted to go back to his place for a drink,it was now close to closing time ,I eagerly said sure my freinds a little hesitant but I wanted to get fuck now, especially by this big cock ,

We finished our drinks and headed to my car I quickly volunteered one of my freinds to drive and got into the back seat with Mr K,we immediately locked into a hot tongue filled kiss ,his hand was quickly under my skirt,and mine on his crotch ,he had my panties to the side and slide two fingers into my very very very wet pussy,I couldn't help it and let out a moan ,and then gasped when he slide them right up nice and slow ,I was fumbling with his jeans button trying to get it undone,but it was do hard while he was kissing me and sliding his two fingers in and out ,so being such a gentleman he unbuttoned them for me ,mmmmmmmmmm escaped my lips again I hurridly unzipped his jeans ?,his cock was big and hard his underwear wet very wet , finally got that big leaking cock out our lips parted and I looked at his cock and went down on it ,fuck I had to I love sucking on a nice big hard cock ,I stroked it up just as my mouth decended on it ,he pumped up a nice shot of precum mmmmmmm as I licked it up ,then slide my mouth and tongue up and down a couple of times before I slide my mouth over it ,my tongue swirling all around his shaft and cock head , sliding my hand up coaxing up more cock juice,mmmmmmm he was really horny ,he had one hand down my top caressing my tits while he moaned as I worked over his big cock

Next thing I know car was stopped we were at Mr K's house ,,,,oh well I sat up smiling his cock fully exposed,he tried stuffing it back in his pants but couldn't, everyone got out and poor Mr K was having a problem ,we waited at his door ,he finally got out back towards us and stuffed his cock back in lol,my freinds noticed his very stretched out ? Jean's and smiled looking at me ,I just shrugged my shoulders and chuckled

Mr K unlocked his door we went in and sat at his dining room table while Mr K went to his kitchen to get drinks ,I decided to follow him in and grabbed him ,and started kissing him while I caressed his buldge ,he pulled me in sliding his hand up my skirt I moaned out loud as soon as he touched my soaking wet pussy,then we heard my freinds shouting we want those drinks today ???,our lips parted and I went back to the table sighing , Mr K wasn't long behind and sat tight to me his hand immediately up my skirt fingering my pussy and my hand reached for his crotch and to my surprise his ? jeans were already unbuttoned,I looked at him and mmmmmmmmmm I said he just smiled and then started rubbing my very swollen clit ,oh fuck I was quickly reaching an orgasm I was sooooo cranked up now ,making it very hard to get his leaking hard cock out ,fuck he had a nice cock ,I knew it was going to be awesome getting fucked by it ???,

My freinds finished their drinks and said they were heading out and asked if I was cummmming,lol,I was on the very brink of cummmmmming though,,I said no I'm good Mr K will drive me home later ,which he quickly said yes for sure ,

As soon as they were out the door I turned toward Mr K and started kissing him spreading my legs as his fingers worked there magic ,a couple of minutes later I blurted out I'm cummmmmming fuck yes I'm cummmmmming moaning and groaning, gasping for air ,I flooded his chair and floor I was sooooooo horny and once I cum once it's so easy to make me cum again,

After about ,I'm not sure ,5 minutes of one orgasm after another I subsided trying to catch my breath ,I had his cock in my hand still squeezing it so hard just hanging on while I kept cummmmmming,

I regained my composer and looked at his cock juice had leaked out down his shaft and all over my hand ,mmmmmmmmmm escaped my mouth and I pushed my chair back got on my knees and licked up all that tasty precum before sliding his cock in my mouth ,my tongue twirling all around it , stroking it up and down laping up and juice I coaxed out ,mmmmmmmmmm tasted great

Wasn't long he couldn't take it anymore and told me he has to fuck me ,oh fuck yes fuck me I need to feel your cock in me as I got up he bent me over the table I spread my legs ,he grabbed me with one hand on the hip and his other hand had hold of his cock and placed it at my pussies entrance running it up and down I was moaning so loud reaching around trying to pull him in ,fuck me ,please fuck me I need your cock , finally he started to slide it in slowly,I started gasping with sheer pleasure,it felt so big ,swollon cock head stretching my pussy , once he had it all the way in he paused squashing his balls tight to my ass

He grabbed me by the hips and started fucking me slow at first but wasn't long he was banging my swollen horny pussy ,nice and fast ,he was well endowed and soon I was telling him I'm cummmmmming I'm cummmmmming fuck me fuck me,and I came and came ,in the middle of me cummmmmming I felt his cock head swell even bigger he let out a loud moan and told me he is cummmming and he filled me with cum I mean filled me he kept pumping and pumping,squirt after squirt,it started running down my leg but he kept fucking me

It was do hot his cock finally started to shrink he pushed it all the way in and held it there leaned over and started kissing my shoulders and neck caressing my tits mmmmmm felt great ,

He pulled out allowing me to stand up and turn around and we kissed ,nice tongue filled kiss ,when our lips finally parted I got down and engulfed his cock licking and slurping up all that tasty juice mmmmmmmmmm I kept moaning,sucking and licking his balls when I was satisfied I had his cock all cleaned up I stood up and said smoke break and laughed,he replied fuck yes as he walked into the kitchen,his nice cock swinging,mmmmmmmm I said he handed me a red wine and a cigarette and escorted me to his bedroom,we got comfortable sipping our drinks and smoke ,and we chatted away my hand always when free fondling his cock waiting for it to get chubby for round two but enjoying our conversation and drinks ??