Nov. 4, 2019

As Mr K and I sat in his bed chatting,me fondling his soft cock and him rubbing my leg , occasionally he would lean in for a kiss hands roaming all over my body caressing my tits and softly sucking on my very big hard nipples making me moan and gasp,his hand would slide down and gently rub my very swollen clit,and very swollen pussy lips ,they get nice and puffy when I'm horny and I'm horny ?

Mr K asked if he could top off my wine ,which I told him sure ,he slid out of bed my eyes naturally fixated on his very nice cock ,I had to tell him ,nice cock ,he looked at me and smiled ,and replied thank you,I then said come here with that and he moved to the side of the bed ,I slid over and grabbed it and proceeded to suck and lick it ,making my way down to his balls, sucking on each one then sliding my tongue and lips up the underside of his now semi hard cock ,mmmmmmmmmm kept escaping my mouth ,fuck I loved it ,my hand working sliding up and down with my tongue and mouth, Mr K was moaning telling me how fucking good it felt and praising me for my talents , I just told him how nice his was and how good it felt in my mouth and pussy,which it absolutely did .

After a couple of minutes and I was satisfied sucking on his now semi,hard cock I released it ,he let out a little gasp and said fuck you're good and turned and walked out glasses in hand cock swinging mmmmmmmm I said nice cock ,I thought to myself won't be long now before he's going to fuck me again

He walked back with his nice chubby,semi hard cock swinging,my pussy was very wet from sucking on it minutes ago,handed me my glass and set his down before sliding in beside me ,he leaned in and planted a tongue filled slow passionate kiss , making me moan so loud his hand ,was caressing my tits then moved down to my horny wet little pussy full of cum ,he slid down and started sucking on my clit and swollon pussy lips really making me moan ,I so wanted to suck on his cock again,but fuck it felt sooooooooo fucking good ,then a felt a finger slide in ,oh fuck I said,he started working it slowly in and out while sucking and licking my pussy,then two fingers I felt working there magic ,fuck he knew what he was doing,his fingers slightly curved up ,fuck he was hitting my sweet spot ,I just kept gasping and moaning , telling him how good it felt and I was going to cum ,I opened my eyes looking to put my glass down on his end table,and begged him to bring his cock up do I could suck on it gasping as I asked him,he moved to the side of me on his knees,I quickly reached for it ,it was much bigger now mmmmmm I said and wiggled around so I could get my head and mouth underneath his leaking cock ,I could see his cock head glistening with tasty precum,mmmmmmmmmm look at that juice I said ,and started sucking and licking his very fat big cock coaxing out more cum ,but I was soon on the brink of an awesome orgasm and all I could do is squeeze his cock hard and tell him I'm going to cum ,I'm going to cum ,and then I'm cummmmmming fuck yes I'm cummmmmming gasping and moaning and squeezing his cock hanging on tight to it ,I started squirting shot after shot ,holy fuck this felt good ,I couldn't stop his fingers and mouth and tongue drove me over the edge ,I didn't think I was going to stop ,

Finally my orgasms subsided,one kept flowing into another ?,I quickly went back to his cock ,mmm ,mmmm, mmmm,I started slurping and sucking and licking,I wanted to taste his cock juice , coaxing out precum,he was nice and big now ,I blurted out fuck me ,you have to fuck me ,I want to feel your cock in me ,he slowly positioned himself between my spread legs ,my eyes fixed on that very big hard cock , gasping, telling him to stick it in ,fuck yes fuck me ,but he was in no hurry making me beg a little,I took my eyes off his cock and looked up at him ,he was smiling,cock in hand ,I oh fuck me ,and placed his cock head at my pussies entrance and moved it up and down my slit rubbing my really swollon clit ,I sat up a bit trying to grab his ass and pull him in ,but he kept teasing my horny pussy,all I could do is beg him to stick it in ,he then allowed his nicely swollon cock head to slide in and out slowly mmmmmmm I gasped how it stretched my wet horny pussy,then a little at a time he would let more and more of his hard cock slip in all the while making me gasp and moan out loud,he worked it in and out nice and slow until finally I felt his whole cock deep inside me and he held it there his arms fully extended over top of me looking down smiling,I smiled back telling him how good his cock felt and I needed to get fucked he lowered himself and started kissing me me ,then he started pumping me nice and steady,holy fuck I couldn't take it anymore and told him I'm cummmmmming again,fuck me ,fuck yes fuck me ,I flooded his cock ,he just kept his steady pace ,how good it felt ,I grabbed his ass cheeks pulling on them ,my ass bucking up to get his awesome cock in me as deep as it could possibly get ,I reached underneath and started caressing his balls ,they felt good in my little hand ,he started moaning,it must have felt good but they weren't ready to blow another load into me just yet ,but they felt great caressing them while he fucked me ,

After a little while he said ,I want to fuck you doggy,fuck yes I blurted ,but I didn't want his cock out of my pussy!!!!,but he pulled out and stood at the side of the bed guiding me over ,but I sat on the bed first between his legs ,cock perfect hieght, sticking straight up all covered in juice ,mmmmmmmmmm escaped my mouth as I cupped his balls and went to work once again licking and sucking ???? his very hard cock,while he ran his fingers through my hair ,,after I was satisfied cleaning his cock off I placed myself on the edge of the bed on my knees ass in the air waiting for his cock to spread my pussy lips once again and it wasn't long he had me gasping as he eased his cock into me until his balls squished tight to me and started fucking me slow and steady making that awesome sound ,he had one foot on the floor and one on the bed beside my knee,had me by the hips and was fucking me nicely, his cock would come close to cummmmmming out but he would leave the tip at my pussies entrance and slid it back in to the hilt ,balls slapping my clit mmmmmmmm fuck I told him it felt sooooooooo good,I could feel another orgasm building and building fast ,and I let him know that I get verbal , can't help it I was lost in pure exctasy,it really felt sooooo good,and I started to cummmmmm again and kept telling him I'm cummmmmming fuck yes I'm cummmmmming,he replied by telling oh fuck yes cum all over my cock Andrea and started to fuck me harder ,next thing I knew I could feel his cock head swelling,holy fuck it felt so good ,I proceeded to tell him ,fuck me ,fuck me ,blow your load of cummm in me ,fill me up with cum ,he soon let out a very loud moan ,fuck yes he blurted out and I could feel his cum squirting in me ,I reached behind finding his swollon hard balls and started caressing them,big and hard and full of juice that I wanted inside me ,every last drop ,he just kept pumping shot after shot holy shit just as much as the first time ,it felt so good ,it was running down my legs

Mmmmmmm after a nice long fucking he pulled my ass tight to him and held it there catching his breath,I kept wiggling my ass up against him hi cock slowly started to subside ,he pulled out and stood there still breathing a little heavy ,I swung around, sitting once again at the side of the bed ,mmmmmmmm his cock covered in juice , hanging low this time lol,I grabbed hold of it and my hungry mouth decended on it licking and slurping,I could take it all in my mouth now , Mr K twitching as I cleaned his cock off , tasted so good I was moaning all the while , sucking on one juice covered but then the other ,

Once his cock was all cleaned up I sat up ,my hand still playing with it ,he bent down and gave me a nice hot kiss ,after which he slid into bed beside me ,we finished our drinks and then slid down and neseled in ,we were both beat ,and I was satisfied for the moment lol,he definitely was an awesome fuck ,loved every pump ,he didn't drive me home that night and I didn't want to home just yet .,,,,,by Andrea, breakfast next ????!!!