Written by lifes__journey

Sep. 17, 2017

She responded to a listing that I posted on a local meet-up site. Usually the people that respond to these ads are not what I am looking for. A few times though it works out. This was one of those times.

After some cursory discussion and some investigation, I discover that she is an attractive woman with both intelligence and a creative spark. Finding a partner that holds these qualities can be difficult but in my experience so rewarding.

We made plans to meet the next day at a local coffee shop to have a chat and ascertain physical appeal. I arrive early and text her as to her preference in beverages. I grab a seat for us at a smaller table that is situated inconspicuously. When she walks in I notice her right away. She is slightly younger than me and has a beautiful smile and petite frame. I wonder how she will feel in my arms. She is dressed well in heels and a blue blouse that hangs open vertically across her chest. I feel a stir in my body, the beginning of a need.

She expresses herself well and we have an engaging conversation. She is a capable woman that has coped well with the blows that life likes to offer. Under the surface though I feel her wondering, a curiosity of what is to come.

We take our time feeling each other out intellectually. Where were you born? What do you like to do in your free time? The conversation goes well and we ably manage the dance of evaluation and investigation. We decide that we would like to continue and leave the future open to possibility and anticipation. We wrap up our meeting as I clean up our cups and debris. She walks ahead of me out the door offering me a view of her shape, she looks just as appealing from the back as she did from the front.

We head out to our respective vehicles and realize that we unknowingly parked right next to each other. As we turn to say our final good-bye I pull her in for a final inquiry. Her lips are warm and full and oh so soft. I feel her tongue brush my lip and I take the invitation as an opportunity to offer my own gentle exploration. We stand off to the side of traffic outside the busy business corridor embraced in a scene that few adults dare to express anymore. It is the pure enjoyment and exhilaration of a delicious wet kiss, fueling the thoughts of what is to come.