Written by lifes__journey

Sep. 24, 2017

"Are you sure you want this?" This is how I start every encounter now. That and a signed agreement outlining what I am and am not allowed to do.

"Yes please", she answered.

She contacted me through FET after hearing that I was a "Predator", that I did bad things to supposed "good girls". She explained that she was studying psychology and wanted the opportunity to see if all she heard was true. She alerted me that she had friends that knew about me and our meeting and that if I tried anything now or in the future that they would be contacted. She also asked for permission to record our conversations and communications.

In our first few encounters we met at local coffee houses. Her sitting across from me our space separated by drinking mugs and her recorder. Initially she asked all the questions and I gave all the answers. Her investigation was very methodical and precise. In the practice however I was able to glean little rewards of information from her. She is young at 21 and a half years of age, studying psychology and clinical forensics. Attractive as she is intelligent, she had long brunette hair and presented herself very professionally in pencil skirts and silk pants with pretty blouses and sheer tops. Athletically she professed to yoga and running and she had a lean frame that was augmented with curvaceous genes.

Initially I wasn't sure if she was only academically interested or if she was also partially vetting. After our third meeting though she set all that straight. "I want to see you again on Tuesday, what would you like me to wear?", she asked. I felt an electric current course up my spine as my left hand tightened and air in spaces of my knuckle were constricted and popped and cracked. I enjoy a woman in fine clothes as much as I do out of them. I asked her to forgo the usual professional attire and be presentable in a simple black skirt, heels that are comfortable to wear and and to choose a top that accentuated her lean arms and full breasts.

I requested that our Tuesday meeting be outside. It was a lovely late summer day and the air was fresh from the few days of rain we enjoyed over the weekend. We walked along the trail, her heels clicking softly on the blacktop. We found a bench and sat and she asked if I was pleased by her appearance. I assured her that I was and that I appreciated her effort and extra consideration. She confessed that getting dressed for me was extremely erotic and satisfying and that before she could fully dress herself she played with her pussy on her bed. She asked if hearing that made me want her more. I told her that while it enticed me, how badly I wanted her has not waned or changed from deeply and completely.

"What now? she asked as we sat on the park bench enjoying the cool breeze and warm morning air. "Well, now I get to ask the questions" I responded.

"First question... Are you sure you want this?"