Mar. 17, 2014

First of all, let me state that I am an old guy - 55 years old to be exact. Erotic experiences don't come my way all that often, so when an opportunity does present itself, I want to be ready to take advantage of it.

Last sprint in late May I was taking a walk in a large park in Simcoe. Its the one that has all the Christmas lights in winter. A nice place to walk in the springtime. Not many people around at all as it was about 10:30 in the morning but the weather was really nice.

As I near a walking bridge to crosses the river, I looked up and there was a woman standing on it looking down at the flowing water. This bridge is only about four feet wide and she was on the far side leaning over a bit to look down. I was on the grass five or six feet lower than the bridge and the lady was wearing a fairly short skirt.

From my vantage point, and from her bending a bit, I was able to see her well form ass and the bottom of her white panties. I stopped and leaned against a tree to further enjoy the view presented to me. As I observed her, I guessed her age to be around 30 or so and a nice full figure . . she was about 5'6" - 150 lbs - great legs and a really nice full ass.

I could only stay there for so long before someone might think I was a pervert or something, so I slowly made my way up to the bridge and began crossing it. This bridge is only about 20 feet in length. As I came up to the lady, I spoke to her . .

'See anything interesting ?' she turned and replied.

'Just enjoying the weather, do you see anything that pricked your interest?'

With that, a smile crossed her face. While not wanting to be too bold, but also not wanting to pass on an opportunity,

I might as well go for it . . have her get pissed at me and then I'd leave . . .

'To be honest with you, I was standing back there admiring your . . assets.'

She again smiled. A good sign for sure.

'Do you live far from here?' she asked.

'Just one street over, would you like to come over for a drink . .or whatever ?'

'Hmmm . . whatever might be interesting . . . '

We started walking across the park to my place. We talked as we walked . . I might as well see how far she will go.

'I love that short skirt you are wearing.'

'What do you like about it?'

'I love the way it rides up when you were bend over and showed off your panties.'

'So, you like seeing my panties then?'

'I'm more interested in seeing what's under them. You have a great looking ass and I want to pull your panties down to get at it."

'Oh my . . you are bold . . '

We soon arrived at my house and went inside. As soon as we were, I took her in my arms and kissed her. My hands were all over her ass and then her big tits. She was standing and I got on my knees and reached under her skirt and placed my hands under her panties on her bare ass . .