Written by Anonymous

Nov. 16, 2018

My wife & I were in an open relationship & I loved sharing her she was a stunningly beautiful lady. I was so proud of her & loved watching the attention she drew whenever we went out. She had long dark curly hair, an hour glass figure with the most perfect tits & beautiful large nipples. Whenever we went out I'd ask her to go bra less I loved watching the boys get excited staring at her tits & she also loved the attention. We lived in a small town & liked our privacy so we liked going to the city to meet others I wasn't much for swinging but I loved watching Sue swing. We would go to bars & Sue would make eye contact with someone she was interested in we would have a few drinks before going back to our room. I would always explain to them that Sue & I were swingers looking for sex they were always more than willing to enjoy my wife for the night. We decided to spend 3 days in Toronto we got a nice room & got ready to go man hunting, I watched Sue get ready she had a beautiful silk top very sexy & a little revealing I knew that would snag some men. Before we left I asked Sue how she felt about interracial swinging we had never tried that, she said she always wanted to try a bbc I was thrilled as was she. We decided to have a few drinks at the hotel bar before going bar hopping we sat at the bar & Sue surveyed the room she gave me a nudge & told me to look behind me there was a table with a group of 5 young black men I whispered in her ear holy fuck. Sue kept looking over at them & giving sexy little smiles I noticed the guys nudging each other you could see they were quite excited. I told Sue there was an open table beside them & that we should go say hello. Before we could put our drinks down the boys asked us if we wanted to join them before I could say a word Sue said yes & the boys pulled up a chair & sat her between themselves I sat across from her & nodded my approval. Everyone got introduced & we were getting along great Sue was being herself a real flirt & the boys were flirting back you couldn't help but notice Sue's large nipples poking through her top I know the boys noticed I watched as they playfully rubbed into Sue's breasts whenever they could. Everyone took turns buying rounds until we were drunk it was close to closing time & Sue had to use the washroom when she left the boys said WoW what a sexy lady we all agreed. I told them we were swingers & asked them if they wanted to join us back at our room they cheered & all I heard was fuck ya! I told them she might not want to gang bang one of them said this will put her in the mood & put something in her drink. Sue returned we got one more round before heading to our room when Sue stood up she stumbled a bit she was drunk & stoned 2 of the boys held her up & helped her walk to the elevator & then to our room. We had a nice room there was a couch & a chair & a king sized bed. The boys put Sue on the couch she was laughing & still flirting 2 of the boys sat beside her the other 3 sat on the bed & the chair. I went in the other room to get beers for everyone when I returned Sue was kissing one guy while the other was unbuttoning her top I put the beers on the table & watched. The two guys on the bed moved to the couch to get in on the action I watched as her top came off & I heard a Wow! sweet. It didn't take long for the boys to move her to the bed I watched as they unzipped her pants & yanked them off I sat in the chair & moved it close to the bed I wanted a good view of my wife's first black gang bang. One of the boys was ready to go he had taken his clothes off when he turned to get on the bed I saw his cock & gasped I didn't ask him how big it was I'm guessing a foot long & so thick WoW! I know they say black guys have big dicks but holy fuck that was huge. He got on top of Sue & spread her legs it took a min or two to enter her but it finally slipped in. By now all the boys were naked I was totally stunned they all had horse cocks Sue was in for one rough night. I watched as the first guy fucked Sue hard I heard her moan & grunt with every thrust I was waiting for her to cry out to stop but she didn't & the boys kept taking turns. I watched Sue ride them while the boys played & sucked her tits & nipples than one of them put his big cock in her mouth they were all saying suck it even I told Sue to suck it I was so turned on. I asked the guys to do my wife doggy style they were more than willing I watched as Sue sucked & was taken from behind I wanted these guys to check out my wife's sexy ass I knew it would lead to anal sex but anal is my ultimate turn on & I wanted to watch her get ass fucked by those horse cocks. They fucked her doggy style for quite awhile than one guy said I want that ass he dragged Sue to the end of the bed I watched as he worked his dick around her ass but finally it went in as he started stroking it in I heard Sue say it's to big but he kept going til he blew. One by one they took a turn it was early morning before the boys finally had enough they thanked me for sharing my wife with them than each of them gave Sue a slap on the ass & a thank you as they laughed & left the room. I asked Sue if she enjoyed it she said what I remember I enjoyed all I know is I've never felt that horny it was almost like I was drugged. I smiled & told her love is a drug & you loved it,I said I watched & you were enjoying it I said I hope we can do that again she said you can count on it. For the next two nights the boys returned & filled my wife with joy & cock it turned out the boys were all male strippers hence the reason they're so well hung lucky for Sue she got her first of many BBC's