Written by Hotwife Jane

Jun. 18, 2015

I know exactly when I became a hotwife. It was almost 20 years ago when I turned 40 and happened at the massive birthday party my husband gave me at our very large multi-storey house. Between people we know in our two businesses, our extended families, and other friends, there were almost 200 people there that night. It was held in our extensive garden, with music for dancing in our huge lounge, and a bar set up on the center counter in our large size kitchen. Upstairs were one of the eight bedrooms in which I was about to have my first extramarital experience.

My husband constantly told me I had the body of a fit 30-year old, and rightly so with all the running and weight training I did. I was proud of my slim, trim, tight body with still firm 36D breasts topped by long, stiff nipples when aroused. For several years he had been suggesting I have other men with him watching and participating, but I had always put him off. But this evening, after too many drinks and the persistent attentions of my neighbor and good friend Bea's much younger guest, I suddenly was ready to take the plunge. I Bea's younger man lead me to a an upstairs guest bedroom where we locked the door and embraced in a passionate hug. I let him roam my mouth with his talented tongue. I love deep, wet kisses and, as is usual when kissing hubby, the feelings of arousal they engendered went straight to my groin.

I felt his hands move over the thin material of my dress to my breasts where they roughly caressed and kneaded them. His fingers then concentrated on my nipples, rolling them between his fingers until they became hard and elongated. By now, I was humping my hips into his groin with some urgency and could feel a bulge there. He could tell I was horny for sex as he unzipped my dress and pushed it over my hips, down my legs, and off. I kicked it away, then stood there completely naked, having taken off my bra, tights, and knickers before letting him lead me upstairs. He quickly shed his clothing and, as he stood up, I admired his cock which was as long and thick as my hubby's somewhat large endowment and smiled at the thought it would soon be sliding up me.

I was so horny my pussy was already swollen and wet with arousal, and he hadn't even touched me there yet. He quickly kissed me as he inserted a hand into my groin and slid his fingers along my slit, discovering for himself how wet and ready I was. I moaned as his fingers caressed me, then concentrated on my swollen clit, gently flicking it, then rubbing it hard. I came with a shout as I humped his hand, surprised how quickly I came.

Without pausing, he shoved several fingers into my entrance and plundered my pussy, rubbing its walls looking for my 'G-spot". When his fingers glided over it, my hips gave a lurch and I cried out, "That's it!" He concentrated his fingers there, rubbing and sliding. It took just a little while for another climax to hit me and I cried out, "Oh, my God, fuck me! I need you to fuck me now!" He quickly pushed me onto the bed and I moved to the center, got on my back and opened my legs, then fingered my pussy I was so hot with the thought of fucking another man.

He immediately climbed between my wide open legs, lowered himself as he inserted his rock hard cock, and pushed in all the way with a single hard thrust. I grunted as he seated his cock fully up me, then wrapped my arms and legs about his body and urged him to fuck me hard and deep. He immediately complied with long, hard thrusts as he said, "You really don't waste time. Doesn't your husband fuck you enough?" Between moans of pleasure, I replied, "He fucks me just great, but this is your lucky night. See if you can do it better. Fuck me hard!"

His thrusting got a lot faster and rougher, and we rapidly climbed the peak amidst my moans and groans of pleasure. Within a minute or so, I moaned, "I'm gonna come! Fuck me harder," He immediately pounded his cock into me without mercy. A few seconds of that and I went over the edge, my pussy convulsing in climax as I violently shoved my hips into him and shouted, "I'm coming. I'm coming! Don't stop. Fuck me harder!" I held him in a death grip with my arms and legs as he pummeled me through a long and intense orgasm. He was gentleman enough to continue stroking his cock in as I slowly recovered from my heights of passion. When finally finished, I lowered my legs from around his waist, pulled his head to my lips and deeply kissed him with gratitude for a fabulous fuck. We hugged and kissed for awhile, then he said with a grin, "My turn", and rolled me onto my stomach.

He pulled my hips up as he knelt behind me and pushed my legs apart as I steadied myself on my hands and knees. He inserted the head of his cock and pushed in with a single stroke until he was firmly ensconced in my swollen and wet pussy. He grabbed my hips with both hands and started to pound into me. It felt good - very good - so good I rammed my hips back into him in time with his forward thrusts to make sure he was penetrating me to the maximum. I was still so horny I wanted him to literally violate me with his cock. We quickly established a rising rhythm of hard pounding that was pushing me rapidly toward another climax. I gasped as I said to him, "I gonna come quickly. I'm already close. Fuck me hard and come in me. I want to feel your cum in me!"

He pounded me so hard it felt like he was going to shove his cock completely through me. It was so wonderful I was moaning incoherently with passion. Each stroke of his cock stretched my pussy a bit and sent strong tingles throughout my body. I was at the edge of the chasm and I soon plunged over into an intensely strong climax. My bum hammered back into him as the waves of orgasm rolled over me and I shouted, "Oh, my God! I'm coming! I'm coming! Don't stop! Fuck me forever! Don't you dare stop!" He pounded even harder into me as his own climax rapidly approached, then he was grunting as he spurted deep in me. I could feel his hot, sticky cum hitting my cervix. He gave me several spurts, loudly grunting each time. We worked through our mutual orgasms together.

When finally finished, I collapsed onto the bed on my back and he did the same. We lay there awhile regaining our composure. I had never felt so wrung out after a fuck and could hardly move. He reluctantly got up from the bed saying, "We need to get dressed and downstairs before we're missed." He rapidly got dressed, but I remained on the bed leaning on my elbow and facing him. He looked quizzically at me and asked, "Aren't you coming?" I smiled and replied, "I've already come two times." He retorted, "You know what I mean!" "Yeah", I grinned, "I'm staying here. Do me a favor. I know you came with my neighbor Bea. Please ask her to point out my hubby, then you tell him privately where I am and that I need to see him." He agreed and, as we kissed goodbye, he said, "That was fabulous and I'd like us to do it again soon." I nodded agreement as I replied, "Maybe that can be arranged."

I remained there naked on the bed - no clean up or any other preparation. A few minutes later, there was a soft knock on the door as it opened part way and hubby's head appeared around the edge. He looked a bit startled when he saw me, then came in and locked the door. He approached the bed and stopped at the foot of it, staring at me with lust on his face as I rolled onto my back, raised my knees, and spread my legs for him. He saw the cum smeared all over my groin and a clump still oozing out of my pussy. He grinned as I then slowly and seductively rolled my hips up at him, sliding two fingers in and out of my pussy as I said, "Do you need more of an invitation? If so, I don't what else I can do to get you to fuck me!" He shed his clothing in record time, got between my legs and shoved his rock hard cock up me with enough force to bang my head against the headboard. He fucked me hard and deep, just the way he knows I like it, finishing with a violent pounding that brought both of us to intense mutual climaxes with me shouting out mine and him bellowing out his.

When finished, he said to me, "You were fucked earlier, weren't you?" I nodded, then added, "You've been trying to get me to do that for years and a young, handsome guy caught my fancy as he pursued me for over an hour, so I let him. Are you angry?" He looked at me with a combination of lust and love as he replied, "No, I'm not, but I wish I could have watched him fucking you, then had you afterward." I hugged and kissed him, and said, "We'll work all that out tomorrow, but for now, I want you to fuck my brains out the rest of the night!" "What about our guests?', he asked. and I replied, "They'll figure it out when we don't get back downstairs."

He smiled as he got between my legs again and didn't leave me alone until morning. We fucked in all our favorite positions and I lost count of the number of times he was in me before we got up mid-morning. The sex was fabulous and when I told him that in the morning, he said the image he had of another man being in me and making me come kept him hard all night.

Laying in bed the next morning, it didn't take long for us to agree on having threesomes and foursomes, and under certain conditions, me having affairs when on travel for my company. And we've been doing that for almost 20 years now, but more about that later.

I found out from Bea the next morning that she and my birthday lover stayed until everyone else left, then locked up the house for us. She told those who asked where we were that we were celebrating privately upstairs, then winked knowingly. Bea suspected her guest and I had fucked and, when she asked him, he just took her to the door of the guest bedroom he and I had used and Bea listened to the sounds of hubby and I fucking. While she listened, her guest fingered her to a come, but we were too involved with each other to hear her cries of completion. They then went to a bedroom further down the hallway and fucked for an hour or so before going back to hers for the rest of the night.

When Bea and I talked the next morning, I suggested hubby and I have a foursome with her and my birthday lover, but that's a story for next time.