Written by Catherine

Apr. 15, 2016

I have reached the age of 47 having had sex with only one man. I met my husband at university, we married at graduation, and I soon became pregnant. He was as inexperienced with sex as I and we basically learned together. He never has been sexually adventurous and I took my lead from him. We soon established a pattern of having sex on a Friday or Saturday night and, in the early years, maybe the next morning if one of us was particularly horny.

We did it only missionary until much later in our marriage when we added me on top and 'doggy'; the latter position becoming my favorite because hubby is not that big and I need to easily reach my clit to stimulate it in order to come.

After 26 years of marriage, sex now happens only once a month or so. I've mentioned to my husband a few times about our declining frequency and things would improve, but only for a short while. I started to think maybe he had found someone else at work, but had no evidence of it.

I'd gone back to work a little over a year ago when our daughter went to university at about the same time hubby's job started to involve him in quite extensive travel, one or two weeks each month. A few months later, I started going out after work on Fridays with a group of women co-workers. Their favorite topic of talk is who is shagging whom at work and their own sex lives which, for the married ones, include adventures outside their marriages. From their stories, I soon realized there were a lot of more interesting lovers with bigger cocks than my hubby's thin 5 inches out there and married women didn't seem to have qualms about stepping outside their marriages to take advantage. I also heard about practices such as being tongued to a climax and having serial climaxes, neither of which I had experienced with my husband.

Becoming increasingly bored and lonely due to hubby's constant travel, I started to notice men as potential sex partners, wondering what they'd look like naked, how big their cocks were, and what it would be like to have sex with them. My 'dirty 30's' had arrived, albeit a decade late, and I sensed I had been missing out.

I'm told I'm attractive and younger looking than my age, being slim, medium height, with a somewhat curvy but well proportioned figure. I'm a natural redhead with a flat tummy and shapely legs. Altogether not bad for a woman my age, but I lacked sexual confidence and experience, plus I am by nature very reserved. I doubted if any of the men I began to notice would want me, especially the younger ones.

Thinking about sex when hubby was away seemed to dominate my thoughts, even at work, and I began to masturbate much more frequently. It got to the point I was doing it every night, and sometimes also in the morning. At first I did it with my fingers, then decided I needed something more, and bought a thick 8 inch dildo. The extra length, and especially the extra girth, really made a difference. I was bringing myself off in rapid succession several times each session and soon serial climaxes became the norm. I was even using my dildo in secret when hubby was home and we had sex.

About six months ago, I started going to a wine bar about 20 miles from home one or two evenings during the weeks when hubby was traveling, sitting by myself having a salad and a glass of wine. I would shyly check out the men there, then go home and masturbate to the thought of doing it with one of them.

One evening soon afterward about a week into a three week absence of hubby, I was at a small table sipping my glass of wine and waiting for my salad. There were some groups of people at the bar and all the tables were full. I noticed one man in particular, a light skinned black guy by himself at the bar, looking to be around 30. He was tall and well dressed with an athletic build. I liked what I could see and was a bit shocked to realize I was staring at his crotch wondering how big his cock was.

He noticed me looking his way and smiled. I nervously smiled back, then quickly looked away, hoping he hadn't noticed I'd been staring at his crotch. I could see him out of the corner of my eye pick up his plate and wine glass, then head toward me. In a pleasant voice he asked, “Do you mind if I join you? It's a bit crowded at the bar and all the other tables are full.” I found myself nodding and motioning him to be seated opposite as I momentarily lost my voice to nervousness.

He was pleasant company, a good conversationalist, and not at all pushy as some men are. After those first few minutes of awkwardness, I found myself relaxing and we chatted easily for quite a while, during which he bought me a second glass of wine. I found him attractive, liked his gentle voice, and noticed his dark eyes looking into mine with interest as we talked. When I was leaving, he walked me to my car. I thanked him for the glass of wine and the conversation, and he asked me if I would be there the next evening. I replied that I hadn't planned on it but, if he would be there, I might return for some more conversation. That pleased him and we said our goodbyes.

Later at home, I couldn't stop thinking about him. I closed up the house for the night, retired to the bedroom, and masturbated while imaging him fucking me with a cock the size of my dildo. I came so many times I lost count, and the next morning I was sore down there, but needed the release, so I did it again several times.

I met him at the wine bar the next evening for another very pleasant evening out. I was becoming enchanted with him, so much so that we met each evening the rest of the week. Each time, we had a light meal and a glass or two of wine, and talked easily for a couple of hours. Our walks afterward to my car progressed from a light kiss by me on his cheek, to a quick closed mouth kiss on the lips by him, to a somewhat lingering closed mouth kiss by both of us.

That last time our bodies pressed together with his arms around me as we kissed. I felt his hands caressing my back through my coat, and I became quite aroused. I moved my lips away from his and buried my face in the bend of his neck. We gently rocked in each other's arms, then whispered, "Walk with me to my car." I hesitated a few moments, then nodded 'yes'.

He led me to his car in the shadows at the back row and opened the passenger door for me. He got in the driver's side and we sat there looking at each other, then he reached out for me and we embraced and began kissing. It started out closed mouth, but that lasted for only a few seconds before I felt the tip of his tongue urge my lips to open. I parted them and his tongue gently darted inside, then withdrew. I inserted my tongue just inside his lips and our tongues met, then danced against each other. We soon were exploring each other's mouths, then began plundering with abandon.

I had never experienced such deep and erotic kisses before and I was soon caught up in them, not noticing at first his hands inside my coat gently massaging my breasts through my blouse. I became aware when he rolled my nipples between his fingers through the cloth and bolts of passion and arousal shot from my breasts to my belly, and then lower. I slowly scissored my legs open and closed as my arousal deepened. I pulled my head away, stared into his eyes, and said in a low voice, "I need to go now, before anything further happens."

He looked at me, then gently pulled by head into the bend of his neck and whispered, "I want to touch you where you want me to touch you - then you can go." The scissoring of my legs has moved my skirt up my thighs. When I didn't reply, he gently placed his fingers on the inside of my thigh about halfway up, and with the lightest touch, moved his hand slowly but steadily upward to his goal. As he did so, I hugged him with my face buried in the bend of his neck, and slowly kissed him there.

My legs opened wider as his hand progressed upward. I experienced a tremor and body jerk when his fingertips gently pushed into my groove and stroked through the thin cloth of my panties. As he pushed the material up and down my wetness, I moaned as my hips involuntarily flexed against his hand. As my arousal increased, I spread my legs wider and rolled my hips against his hand with urgency. He whispered for me to raise my hips. Without thinking, I raised up a bit, then felt my panties being pulled down. As he lowered them past my knees, I said 'no' in a low voice, but did nothing to stop him taking them off me.

He returned his fingers to my groove and ran them along it. I could feel wetness as he caressed me there. As he ran his fingers up and down, he stopped momentarily each time at the top to give my clit a circular rub. I responded each time by arching my groin up into his hand and moaned with pleasure. He soon inserted one finger, then a second, and rubbed them around inside me, then inserted a third finger and plundered my pussy with abandon. As my moans became louder and more urgent, he increased the speed of his fingers and I felt myself rising toward a climax, gasping as it rapidly approached.

He sensed when I got close and began ramming his fingers hard into me. That pushed me over the edge and I cried out with a long drawn out orgasm that continued for almost a minute with my hips jerking against his hand. He continued moving his fingers in me to prolong it as long as possible, removing them only when my upper body collapsed back against the seat. He returned to gently stroking my grove for as long as my legs remained open. After a few minutes, I closed my legs and pulled my skirt down.

We sat silently looking at each other for a few moments, then he said he wanted to take me to his flat the next night and make love to me in his bed. I should have been shaken, but was strangely calm at the prospect of being unfaithful. The thought occurred to me this had nothing to do with my marriage, that it would be strictly a physical thing to expand my sexual horizon beyond that which my husband was willing or able to provide. I let that sink in for a moment or two, then responded, "Why not now? We can go to your flat now. I'll follow you in my car." He looked a bit surprised, then nodded his agreement. I put my panties in my purse, went to my car, and followed him.

During the drive to his, I had second thoughts, guilty thoughts, about being unfaithful, but pushed them away by remembering the years of boring and unsatisfying sex. Here was my chance to experience what my girlfriends talked about as commonplace. My resolve returned as we pulled into his car park. Before I could get out, he was there opening my door. He pulled me into a full body hug and kissed me passionately as he rubbed my bum with his hands inside my coat. My juices started flowing again and any thoughts of going home without having him in me vanished.

We entered his flat and took off our coats in the very tidy lounge. I felt his cock pressing against me when he hugged me again before leading me into his bedroom with our hands entwined like we were on a date. Once there, he proceeded slowly as he sensed I needed him to take his time showing me the sex between a man and a woman I had been missing.

He kicked off his shoes and I followed suit, then he enfolded me in his arms and gazed longingly into my eyes for a few moments while combing his fingers through the hair. He gently pulled our faces together, lips meeting lips. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as he slowly slid the tip of his tongue along my lips before it took possession of my mouth, plundering it deeply. He certainly knew how to kiss a woman and make her lady parts tingle with anticipation and desire. My moans of pleasure soon overtook the soft sounds of our deep wet kisses as my passion hit a new high. I was so ready for him to take me.

Our bodies molded together, our hips pushing against each other. I could feel his erect cock through our clothing. We kissed a while longer, then he pulled away and longingly ran his eyes over my body. From the lustful smile on his face, I could tell he approved and very much wanted me, an average looking woman more than 15 years older. As I gazed back, he said in a low voice, "I want to spend the rest of the night giving you pleasure in many different way. Let me undress you."

I watched as he slowly unbuttoned my blouse, gently removed it. He quickly removed my bra and stared with lust at my well shaped breasts with the nipples already engorged and hard, but he resisted the urge to touch them. Instead, I felt him unclip my skirt at the back, lower the zipper, and push it over my hips and down my thighs, letting it fall the rest of the way to the floor. He held my hand as I stepped out of it kicked it away with my foot. I stood there naked, but was surprisingly unembarrassed as he stared longingly at my neatly trimmed hairy mound and the lips just below already swollen with desire peaking through the light colored hair surrounding them.

I watched as he undressed down to his boxers, the front of which was pushed out by his erection. I could tell it was big and ran my tongue lightly over my bottom lip as I stared at it and fantasized about how it would look when I finally saw it. I then stared at his well developed physique, imagining it lying on me as he took me with his manhood. He brought me out of my reverie when he asked, "Would you like to lower them for me?"

I nodded a 'yes', but hesitated for a few moments as I realized I was about to go beyond the point of no return, then knelt down. I gazed into the opening of his boxers and could see part of his cock inside. My heart began to hammer in my chest with the thought that my fantasies about a big black cock were about to be realized. I was so aroused I could feel the wetness in my groove suddenly increase.

I reached inside and attempted to pull it out through the opening, but it was too big. I quickly opened the snap and pushed them down to his upper thighs, releasing a hard cock bigger than I ever imagined. For a few moments, I stared at it just inches from my face and licked my lips with nervousness, then gently grasped it with one hand. It was thick and heavy, and ridged with veins. I was mesmerized by its texture and heft. I started to stroke it, gripping it with fingers that weren't long enough to fit fully around it. I brought my other hand up under his balls and slowly cupped them, ever so gently feeling them. My hands must have felt good since his cock was getting even bigger and harder as it grew to its full size. It looked about the same size of my dildo in girth and length.

I lowered my mouth and slowly engulfed the head with my lips. I could get only the head and the first inch or two inside my mouth. I gently sucked it, rubbing my tongue against its underside. He evidently liked what I was doing for he put his hands around the back of my head and urged my mouth further onto him as he gently thrust it into my mouth. Soon I was alternating between licking his cock like an ice cream cone and deeply sucking the head.

His cock began to thrust faster and I could tell he was approaching a climax, when he suddenly pulled it back and said, "Sorry, but I want to come inside you, not like this." Grasping my hands, he pulled me up, and leaned in and cupped my breasts. As he caressed my breasts with his hands, he sucked my nipples with his lips, moving his mouth from one nipple to the other, sucking and nipping them with his teeth. Bolts of arousal streaked from my breasts down through my abdomen straight to my pussy, and my hips undulated with impatience.

I said in a low voice laden with passion, "I need you inside me. Please get in me now!" Instead of pulling me onto the bed, he knelt down and grasped my bum cheeks, pulling my groin to his mouth, and with his tongue took one long slow lick up my slit. I shuddered and opened my legs to give him greater access. He licked up and down with a steady rhythm. My husband had never licked my pussy and I was anxious to experience what my girlfriends had described as probably the best ever preliminary to the main event!

As he licked me, I gripped the hair at the back of his head, pulling his mouth further into me. I moaned each time he ran his tongue up the length of my slit, ending the stroke by swirling his tongue around my clit. I groaned, "God, what have I been missing all these years! That feels divine! You can do that to me all day!"

He continued and steadily pushed me toward a climax. When he sensed I was close, he wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked it hard. My hips jerking uncontrollably and I wailed, "Oh, God! Oh, God! Don't stop! Oh, my God!!" My orgasm seemed to last forever. He continued tonguing me throughout to prolong it, slowing down only when my hip movements slowed.

When finally finished, I lowered my chest onto the top of his head for support, gripping his shoulders to prevent myself from collapsing to the floor. He supported me with his arms as he stood up and gently pulled me onto the bed and lay me on my back. He opened my legs with his hands, raised and pushed my knees outward, and knelt between them. I raised my head slightly and watched as he stared lustfully at my wide open groin covered by my sparse layer of pubic hair. He unconsciously licked his lips with lust, then noticed me seeing him lick his lips, and said, "You have an incredibly beautiful and sensuous body!"

He lowered his mouth his tongue licked my slit and swirled around my clit for a second session. My hips reflexively jerked upward and I couldn't help letting out a series of anticipatory moans. I settled in to enjoy this new experience again and my lover didn't disappoint. He devoured my slit and clit for what seemed like an eternity. My mind was so occupied with the wonderful sensations he was giving me, I didn't realize he was increasing the speed of his tonguing, and I started to moan as another climax sneaked up on me.

The climax hit without warning. As it rolled over me, I cried out, "Oh, God, I'm coming again!!!" I had never before felt such a deep and intense orgasm. As its peak hit, my grunts of pleasure turned into low screams as, this time, he sucked my clit hard during my entire climax, giving me an unbelievably intense experience. When my hips finally stopped jerking and I pushed his head away from sensory overload, he sat back and watched me slowly come down.

When finally finished, I felt totally wrung out as I lay limp and satiated. He grinning at me, as he said, "I guess you liked that." I weakly smiled back and replied, "You could say that. I can't believe how incredible that was. I can still feel tingling down there!" After a few moments, I continued "I can't believe in all these years my husband has never done that to me." As he smiled at my compliments to his skill as a lover, I said, "I want you inside me now", as I opened my legs wide in invitation. I already had a new confidence about sex and the realization pleased me.

He lowered himself between my legs and I felt his large cock push just inside my entrance. I expected pain from his size, but surprised to feel only mild discomfort. He saw my slight grimace and stopped to let me get used to his size. After a pause, he slowly slid his cock a few inches. My pussy, which was by this time sopping wet and sexually stimulated, distended to accommodate him. I soon nodded to him and he slid the rest of the way in and paused again. He wasn't too big lengthwise as his cock just barely reached my cervix, but he was larger in girth than my husband. I asked him to stay still while my pussy walls finished expanding to accommodate him.

He waited until my face told him I was comfortable with the feeling. Seeing his look of concern, I said, "You're stretching me, but it now feels good - in fact, very good. I can feel you throbbing inside me and it's wonderful!." As I said that, I thought how wonderful to feels to be stretched and filled with cock, and I was amazed how I could have gone all those years and not realized what I was missing.

He gave me a big grin and started to move inside me, establishing a steady rhythm. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and pulled him into me. He gradually speeded up and I began moaning in response. As he speeded up some more, I urged him on with my murmurings of encouragement and moans.

I soon felt my climax rising and, as I got close, my moans turned into gasps, and I pulled him tighter into me. I soon announced my impending climax with, "Oh, my God, I'm going to come! Do it harder! Do it faster!" As he went harder and faster, these utterances turned into, "Don't stop! I'm right there! Oh, don't stop!!!!", and I came with a series of short incoherent wails of intense pleasure, my hips jerked violently against him. My orgasm seemed to last forever.

When halfway through my long climax, I felt him pound violently into me, then felt a series of sharp hip jerks as he unloaded inside with several short, sharp thrusts of ejaculation. I felt his hot liquid flood me and could hear the loud squishing sound as he continued thrusting out his pleasure. He soon quieted down and I slowly came down from an intense orgasm. He collapsed on me and we lay there for awhile with his semi-erect cock soaking in my very wet pussy. I felt some of his cum ooze out around his cock and slowly run down my crack, but I didn't care. When this happened with my husband, I would quickly jump up to wipe off, but not this time. I was content to lie under him and enjoy the wet feel of him in me.

As we regained our composure, he rolled off and lay next to me on his back. I rolled into him and put my head on his shoulder, my arm across his chest, and moved my leg over his hip, snuggled my pussy into his thigh. He put an arm around my shoulders and we cuddled like that murmuring our pleasure and satisfaction like new lovers do.

We lay entwined like that for maybe half an hour when my passion started to rise and I slowly humped my slippery pussy against his thigh. He smiled, then asked me with a broad grin, "I think the lady wants it again." I replied in the affirmative by humping his thigh hard as I grinned back at him.

He rolled between my legs and fucked me three times in succession, keeping his hard cock in me between my orgasms. He came in me during the last one and his cock finally deflated. He rolled off and we slept in each other's arms for several hours before awakening with renewed passion. He had me several more times during the night, awakening me either with his fingers or cock up me. I welcomed it each time with my newly found uninhibited passion.

I awoke the next morning to the sensation of him fingering me. I pretended to be still asleep, slowly spreading my legs as he pushed three fingers into me and used his thumb to stimulate my clit. I kept up the pretence I was sleeping as long as I could, but when he went down on me to suck my clit, he soon had me writhing and begging to be fucked. He quickly entered me and made me come again.

We were together each night until my husband returned two weeks later. By that time, he taught me to be a more skilled lover and I was determined to teach my husband to pleasure me with his mouth. When I did so, he asked where I had learned the technique and I told him my girl friends had told me the details. He liked it and actually became fairly good at it. I also slowly taught him the pleasures of regular sex upon awakening in the morning and we started setting our alarm to go off at least a half hour earlier than before.

But he couldn't do anything about the size of his cock and even though I was experiencing more satisfying sex at home albeit without orgasms most of the time, I still needed my black lover's cock in me. So my extramarital relationship with him has continued to this day and I visit him when hubby is away on travel or on Saturdays when I'm supposed to be out shopping.