Sep. 9, 2017

This actually happened a couple of years ago.

We had experience with the odd bi guy on occasion.

I really wanted to make it a special experience this time though.

I was home alone and she was at work till 9pm.

I spent the better part of the day sexting with her while she was at work.I was housecleaning and setting up the surprise.lol

I was sending dirty pics of blindfolded women and toys.She was very intrigued and excited.We were both getting excited.We really like to watch porn and play also.


She got home about 9:30ish.She went and freshened up upstairs with a wine in hand.She came downstairs in a very short amount of time.lol.Fresh. and yummy.

I was waiting,watching bi porn 3somes.The volume up a little louder then usual.

I kissed her and hurriedly put the blindfold on her.I was kissing her and caressing her.

With her blindfolded and the volume louder then usual,it made it easier for my 2 surprise bi guys to come out of hiding in the laundry room.They were already completely undressed.They slowly crept up on either side of her with me still kissing and caressing.She was still not undressed.

With the guys on either side of her and her completely unaware,I took her hands and put them on each of there cocks simultaneously.

She actually gasped.So friggin hot.Honestly.

We 3 bi guys proceeded to strip her,even more kissing and caressing.As she played with them I was throwing a foam pad and blanket on the floor.The 3 of them were on the makeshift bed immediately.She was on her back being licked by the one guy,the other guy was knelt beside her head,feeding her his cock.Sooooo hottttt.

I was still dressed taking it all in.

I undressed and was quite hard.I walked over to the kneeling guy who was receiving head from her and put my cock in his hot mouth.Seemed fair.lol

We 3 guys took turns licking her,each of us licking her to orgasm.There was no shortage of bi guy play either,so much oral..Then they put on condoms and took turns f###ing her(while she was giving me head) till they were totally primed to blow.

I had a special request of them.I wanted them to come over her hot tits and they did.Really big yummy loads.They got dressed kissed her goodbi and were gone.I couldnt resist I had to massage the cum into her tits,lots of cum.

I think she felt like she owed me.lol

She lied me down and gave me head till I exploded in her mouth and she swallowed every drop.

She was sweaty and glowing.Think she enjoyed it.