Jul. 10, 2018

I was recently in Montreal on business, and I took the opportunity to find two fun couples online in hopes of a hot bi three way. The first I'll tell you about is a married couple (not married to each other) that are actually coworkers who registry fuck at work. They sent me several a pics of them having fun at work, her flashing him her pussy under the desk and even some creampies.

We emailed back and forth on what we'd like to do, and my goal was set to enjoy her freshly creamed pussy. He was very excited by this and had never had any male interaction before. On the day we planned to meet, They texted me as they pulled up to my hotel. My room overlooked the Main Street,l and when I saw this sexy woman In a Bright short dress get out of the car, I recognized her sexy body and that dress from previous pics. You can imagine my anticipation waiting for them to get to my room. Our time was limited, as this had to happen on their lunch breaks, and I couldn't wait.

When they came in, I offered some wine, which we all took as we were all a bit nervous. She sat down with her sexy legs crossed and dress riding up. It was obvious that he was the dominant one, as he began talking about her and what she likes, what he likes, etc. He asked her to hike up her dress and show the panties she was wearing, which were thin black lace. He said I could keep these as a souvenir.

She was still a bit nervous by the whole scenario, so he took the lead and undressed to his underwear. I did the same. so he undressed and offered his cock. It was very large probably over 9", which she happily began to suck. I joined her and we swapped it back and forth as I rubbed my hand over her ass and pussy through the thin fabric. She was such a sexy oral giver. Sucking him, sucking his balls, and even tonguing his ass. She was incredible to watch. I put my 7" cock against his and she eagerly sucked us both (blurry pic available). I wanted them to fuck as I wanted that creamy treat. He brought her to the bed, and she leaned over for him. Watching his huge cock bury itself to his balls was incredible, and her sexy ass looked so inviting. He asked me to get on the bed, and I knew what was coming. Her and I got in a 69, with my head at the bed edge. As her and I tongued each other, I felt his big cock slide into her pussy. My tongue ran across her pussy and his cock, as she rapidly bobbed her mouth up and down on my cock. I wasn't going to last long with this happening! He would let his cock slide out of her every so often and into my waiting mouth. Tasting her pussy on his cock was incredible.

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