Sep. 4, 2017

It's funny that so many "straight" couples post "no single males" but when they choose to explore an MFM 3some they don't find the asshole they were afraid of running into but rather, a kind loving guy who only adds to their sexual pleasure exponentially. This is a story about just such an adventure.

I was on swinging heaven, browsing as I usually do when such a couple sent me a message. "We're newbies" they said, but might be interested in exploring an MFM. "No guy on guy" they said...it's all about her. Although I'm bi-curious it doesn't really matter if a couple doesn't enjoy that aspect, I respect all swingers, so I continued the conversation. "We're only interested in foreplay to start though, no penetration and he just wants to watch" was the next message. Once again, it's the respect thing so I wrote back telling them that if I were to swing with them, it was all about them...so as a mature single male, I was content to follow their direction. They thought it over for a bit and then sent a message they would like to meet.

Well, the following Saturday we met in a restaurant. They had to check me out (and I them). Although we were all what I would consider "normal", there was a definite attractiveness to the couple. He seemed a bit shy, she was the more outgoing of the two - but neither pushy. They made me feel comfortable. We made small talk for a bit and they seemed to open up. They had fantasized about a third for some time and finally got the courage to try it. So, if I were willing, we could return to their house and have a drink.

I was certainly up for it so about a half hour later we were all in their living room with a glass of wine. She and I were on the couch, he on the chair opposite. "How should we start?" she asked. With that I leaned forward and gave her a deep kiss on the lips. "How's that" I asked. She smiled and said it was nice, then she checked him and he was smiling too. So the kissing continued. As I moved my hand between her legs I discovered that she had no panties under her skirt. She laughed because it was apparently the first time she had gone to a restaurant with no panties on. Looking over at him we could see the bulge in his pants.

I undid her blouse and began to suck on her lovely tits. Off came her top and bra...and then the skirt. She was now naked except for her nylons. With that I said "well, it isn't fair for you to be the only one" ad took off my clothes. Now there we were, she and I with no clothes on and hubby still dressed, but with a definite hard on. I whispered in her ear "let's go get him undressed too". She got up off the couch and went over to him. Slowly she unbuttoned his shirt and opened his pants. She was on her knees and pulled out his member, giving it a small suck as she pulled down his pants. He sat back down and she continued a teasing blow job. He motioned me to come over and play with her.

There we were, she playing with his cock and me licking her ass and pussy. Then he asked her if she wanted me to fuck her - quite a surprise as they hadn't wanted "penetration". "Ummm...yes" she mumbled. With that I put my cock to her pussy and pushed in. She moaned and continued to lick him telling me how she loved it. He said "Honey, do you want him to cum in your pussy"..."Yes, she moaned". And with that I fucked her harder and had a fantastic orgasm.

I leaned over to kiss her and went back to drink some wine. She climbed on top of her husband, guiding his cock in her cum-filled pussy. The screwed for only a couple of minutes and he said "break time, let's have a drink". It surprised me that he didn't continue until they orgasmed.

As we drank, he whispered in her ear for a few seconds and then she came over to me. She played with my cock and gave me a wonderful view of her luscious pussy. She leaned in for what I thought was a kiss, but instead began to whisper. "He wants us both to suck his cock, is that okay?". Well, it happens that my bi-curiosity is particularly keen on oral sex so I whispered back "do you want to start or shall I?" She smiled and we both went over to the chair and sat in front. I reached up and took his cock which became hard immediately. "Come on hon...you first" I said. She put her lips around the head and began to go down. As she did I began to kiss her and we took turns licking his cock. And he exploded!

I turned her over on the floor and began to eat her. I kept licking and sucking her clit until she screamed "no more". With that we went back to the wine. They were very open so I asked what happened with the rules. He said, I've always wanted another guy to come in her pussy and I've always wanted to be sucked by another guy. But we weren't sure we would until we met you. We were worried about an aggressive guy and are pleasantly surprised by you...so thank you.

He told me that he also wanted to suck a cock, but didn't think he had the courage right now. We laughed and said "next time"...hope it comes soon...