Written by SandB2016

Apr. 13, 2016

You come through the door and you smile at me. I recognize that smile and I know that tonight, we're going to fuck. I can feel myself getting wet just thinking about your hard cock inside of me.

You undress and there it is....your hot member, waiting to be sucked and licked. I can't help myself, it's so delicious! You lie on the bed and I take your cock in my mouth, paying attention to your moans and your movements. It's driving you crazy and I'm loving it!

It's so hard and slippery from my saliva. I stroke its length while licking all of the pre-cum. You're getting more and more excited. Now it's time to suck on your balls while still stroking your shaft. I insert a finger in your rectum and you moan even louder. You're ready to shoot your load but I won't let you yet.

I mount you and ride you hard and deep. It's my turn to moan. You reach down to rub my clit and make me cum all over your cock. We're both so wet!

You want to cum so badly, so I go back to taking you in my mouth. I make sure you go in deep, all the way back to my throat. I can taste us both. It's so hot!! I play with your balls, massaging and pulling them until you explode. You buck and cry out in ecstasy.

We take a break because soon, we'll be at it again. Cum for me baby....again and again!