Mar. 6, 2019

I have wanted to share a fantasy with you for sometime but never found the right opportunity so by posting this story makes it all the more possible

Many years ago I was a guest at an orgy in a hotel in sandton. It was organized by a couple for her benefit and was very well attended although not everyone was able to perform under the spotlight so I never did find out if she broke her record . I know that I fucked her and also managed to fuck the fluffer . Who by the way was a stunning woman tall sexy and very willing.

While this experience was not that satisfying for me at any rate it was not designed for me. She got fucked multiple times and the guys were more than keen to just fuck her cum and move over. There was no kissing and cuddling it was just about the numbers. However this sowed a seed for my own fantasy and it is this that is the subject of this story.

I have a fantasy s of being used and fucked by strangers in public for a long time but would like to make this a reality by visiting a local adult cinema and sex shop. This is how the fantasy starts.

I dress carefully for the event. Sexy stockings suspenders a black mini skirt that leaves little to the imagination and I hope will turn heads. I am not sure how I get there or even get inside but once there my alter ego takes over. Let me introduce her as Bianca

Bianca is a a 5.10 blonde shoulder length hair slim sexy figure small tits and a tight ass. Bianca is a slut and loves being fucked. She is also a full time bitch and does not suffer fools gladly. Bianca does not kiss and cuddle and likes men and woman in equal measure.

The place is quiet but there are patrons in the cinemas and the sexual undertone of adult movies in the background and human nature and desire heightened the atmosphere. The single guys have gathered in the hope of a fuck. The couples are currently just watchers but what will that be?

On my arrival I slowly cruise the place no harm in some advertising and I get the stares. Lust and desire is the best I get then a few guys approach and we chat about little but the script has been written.They ask if they can join and I agree provided it’s condomized. There is no issue after all aids is still rife. I suggest we move to a more private room and they take the lead. Thank god for that. I see the couple following well maybe they do more than watch .

The room is sparse a few chairs and a couch and tv mounted on the wall. I move to the center of the room and feel hands starting to touch me. A hand slips up my thigh and strokes above my stockings. Another finds it’s way inside my top too massage my nipples. I feel a hardening cock pressing against my back as the hands stroke and massage my body. I lie back and let them continue as one holds me from behind another explores my front. My skirt gets lifted exposing my crotchless panties and exposed ass. The hands get more personal and find there way between my legs . They stroke and tease my clit and pull on my nipples. I allow myself to be violated and I love it.

I am pushed onto my hands and knees and face a barrage of cocks . Each hard and some thick and very large as there to fuck me. I see the married couple has joined the room. He watches while his fingers find her pussy and she opens her legs so he can finger her and stroke her pussy. They play as they stare at my body with the array of cocks wanting attention. I go from one to the other and when they are hard I offer them my ass to fuck and abuse. Each takes there turn filling me up and fucking me till they cum. I loose count as I cum repeatedly

After a complete round robin and each one having cum at least once in my ass and on my ass I need to process and clean the mess. The lady helps with cleenex and she wipes up the spare cum while stroking her own pussy . She is clearly so turned on I see a path of her cum running down her leg. I offer to lick and clean her all up and she looks to her partner with pure desire. I go to my knees and remove her fingers from her cunt and my tongue finds her clit. Her Pussy is shaved and lips pout with moisture and desire. I suck and lick her Pussy as she opens her legs to give me free access. My hands reach behind her bum and pull her to my mouth. I suck her lips and push my fingers in her bum crack to hold her close. She grinds her pussy against my lips and I feel her shudder and cum as more juice floods my mouth.

The guys have been watching this display and are looking for more so I bend over the couch and offer them my ass. It’s not long before I am getting exactly what I want more cocks more fucking and an immense orgasm.

An afternoon to remember and while I never come close to her record I definitely hope to get fucked more than a few times and so leave very satisfied and wondering, but who would like to be there for a real and repeat performance.