Oct. 2, 2016

We had been intimate before. The first time had been fraught with uncertainty, while two other times had been awkward and a bit pedestrian; there had been a lot of missteps, some misread cues, too many too-polite “sorry’s” and “excuse-me’s”. We'd both been out of the game for some time.

This particular Friday night, from the moment I arrived at her place, she smiled and occasionally giggled much more than usual. I had noticed this new behaviour, but I didn’t know what to make of my new, flirty acquaintance. We’d finished supper, the dishes and table squared away. She poured another glass of wine – our third, I think. Then, out of the blue, she blurted, “You’re over-nighting, aren't you?”

“I’d love to,” I replied, remembering well our couple of earlier excursions into exploratory sex.

“May I propose a sexier, sluttier way of having sex with you? It takes a little more trust and involves a little more intimacy?” she quickly added. I wasn't about to refuse. "OK, you've got my attention. What do you have in mind?" I was a little too coy, I think.

She just laughed, took me by the hand, pulled me off the couch and led me to her bedroom. This time too, like the other times, there was sufficient mutual foreplay - getting naked, kissing with lips and tongue. But this time she was all over me. I hardly recognized her from before when she was mainly quiet, passive, even a bit submissive. While I was busy touching her breasts, rubbing her nipples between my lips and fingers, cupping her vulva, and gently applying pressure on her clitoris and labia, my partner busied herself with my cock and balls – hands, mouth, lips, tongue – I was as hard as I’d ever been. I managed to get her off me for a minute, long enough to kneel over and beside her. I spread her legs, then her pussy lips and dove onto her, licking her until I could see, feel and taste that she was moist and ready for what I hoped would follow. For a few minutes, she rode the wave of a building orgasm. Then, she positioned me so that I was kneeling over her, my face in her vulva, my tongue on her clit and labia, but my package just there above her face. I could taste and smell her, the taste and odor of sex, the taste and odor of desire! Then her lips on my cock, then her tongue. I felt her suck my penis into her mouth, her lips gliding up and down the glans, her mouth sucking hard.

She was absolutely wet, but we continued our foreplay, kissing, caressing, and me, stimulating her labia and clitoris and she, sucking my cock and jerking it. I think we were way past foreplay.

I was surprised by her next move. She extricated herself from our 69 embrace, moved away from me, got onto her hands and knees, raising her buttocks towards me. "Fuck me!" she challenged. I knew what to do.

I knelt behind her, put my hands on her hip and pulled her towards me. My cock rubbed against her labia. She wiggled a bit. The tip of my cock was already wet with her juices. She adjusted her butt to be level with my cock, resting her chest on the surface of the bed. I moved toward her, cock in hand, till I got it placed directly onto her pussy lips. I used it as a probe to gently part her lips. She had other ideas – perhaps the sluttier approach she had earlier mentioned. She dropped back a little, pushing back hard as I pushed forward. I felt myself enter her wet, tight pussy. I met her push with my own, penetrating her completely. My cock was deep inside of her, my hips smacking her butt as we moved back and forth. I could see myself sink into her pussy, moving in and out. The tip of my cock would appear slightly wedged between her lips, then disappear completely inside of her. What a sight to behold!

We started to move together. While she would move forward, I would move back till my cock just touched her lips. In and out, my cock seeking her cervix, her breasts gently flapping back and forth with our lovemaking. My hips and thighs slapping against her butt! Her juices dripping off her lips, my cock slippery with her cum, her vagina making sucking sounds as my cock filled her with every thrust. We were fucking like there was no tomorrow, going faster and faster, the slapping noises increasing, her moans filling the bedroom. I wasn’t too quiet myself. She reached down and fingered her clit. The juices flowed even more, dribbling from her pussy down my cock and even down her leg. The squishy noises continued as my hard cock rocked back and forth inside her pussy.

I reached for her breasts and pulled on them from behind. I got a good look at her anus, using some of the juices to run my finger across that sexy plain between her two openings. I asked about “bum play” and if she’d want a gentle finger tip circling around the mouth of that nether hole, or even slightly dipping inside it so as to rub against the rubbery lower bowel. “Hell, yeah!” she almost screamed. I helped myself to another of her openings. Finally, her whole body shuddered and she uttered – several times – “Oh fuck”.

I came inside of her almost immediately, perhaps just another couple of strokes in, squirting my cum into her pussy, the wetness increasing the fire for both of us. After I pulled out, I used a finger to extract the liquid. I rubbed the love juices all over her ass as she fell forward onto the bed, overcome by her orgasm and the intimacy of the position we used to make love, my cock partially back inside her, her ass perkily sticking up to me.

I then rolled her over onto her side, kissed her open-mouthed, caressed her breasts and vulva (now swollen and red with desire and satisfaction) and just took her all in. I caught some of our juices with my finger and dabbed them on her lips. She licked them clean. “Your turn,” she said. “What’s good for the goose…” I eagerly licked up our juices from her lips and vulva. She did indeed taste sexy.

We lay quiet for a bit. Then she asked, "Slutty enough?" "Oh yeah!"

We showered together then and cuddles dreaming thoughts of more to come another time - early the next morning, in fact.