Written by iannher

Jan. 6, 2017

Rose and I were together for five years and from our first date she fucked other guys with my blessing. I have two very fond memories of our experiences together. The first one was of watching her on her back with my friend's cock in her as she ground her pussy into him to meet his every thrust. I watched in amazement as they both came at the same time. They fucked almost every day for a month. I can remember thinking about how much more they may let go and enjoy themselves if I wasn't watching. I left them alone while they fucked and gave them privacy. It turned me on so much to hear nothing at all for a long while coming from the bedroom they were in. I knew this meant they were making out pretty heavy and saying whatever they wanted to each other. Eventually they became louder and louder until I could hear Rose in ecstasy always followed by him cumming. It was great because my friend had a vasectomy and they went bareback every time. When he would leave and Rose fuck me, I used to ask her who fucked her better, she always told me he did, and that sent me over the edge more times than not. I asked her if she would like to spend the night at his place, and she told me yes without hesitation. They only ever spent one night at his place. I can remember going down on her as soon as she got home in the morning, I came while I was going down on her well used pussy. It was soon after that that Rose started seeking other adventures with me and only fucked him a couple more times through the five years we were together.

I could tell you some pretty hot stuff that she done, but I am just sticking to the two best memories I have.

The other best memory that I have has to do with my best friend and her. Steve had been coming around the house and partying with us for a couple years. Rose and I agreed that she would not fuck him, as he was my best friend. I could feel the sexual tension between them as it grew and grew over time and they had also become friends. I started to think about how much she would enjoy fucking Steve. I brought his name up in bed a few times and every time, Rose got very wet and we would both cum after I asked her if she wants to fuck Steve and she answered yes. A couple nights later her, Steve and I were in our rec-room smoking a joint and having drinks. I hugged and kissed Rose and whispered the question in her ear, "do you wanna fuck him?" before she could answer, I took her top off her and as I left the basement I told them to have a good time. When I got to the top of the stairs, I turned the lights off and shut the door. I went to our living room and turned on some music loud enough to give them some added privacy. I surfed the net for a while, maybe an hour. I decided to watch some TV and when I turned off the stereo, I could not hear anything coming from downstairs. I turned the TV to a news channel and laid back on the couch imagining what Rose and Steve were doing at that very moment, the thought of them making love as opposed to just fucking, turned me on like nothing ever has. It wasn't until about three hours after I left the basement that I began to here them moaning and breathing. I listened to that for about 45 minutes, during that time it got progressively louder until I could hear Steve finally cum. Rose had already came a couple times. I turned the music back on and about five minutes later, Steve was saying a very uncomfortable bye after they both came upstairs. After he left, Rose asked me if I was okay. I smiled at her and assured her I was more than okay as I laid her back on the couch and tasted her used pussy. He had quite a load in her, and it tasted very good, not like some cum. I asked her how she liked it, she told me she couldn't believe it was finally happening, she was very very pleased. I asked her who fucks her better, me or him, she told me Steve was the best she ever had. That turned me on a great deal, the thought of it still does.

Rose and Steve would get together every day when I was at work for a few weeks. I knew about it and encouraged it.

Steve started wanting to go out with her, like to lunch or shopping. That was a rule of ours, only in the bedroom. After he suggested to her a few more outings, Rose and I agreed that she would stop sleeping with him.

One night soon after, Rose told me she was going out to get fucked by Marcus, this guy that I watched her with a few times in the past. The next day Rose was acting out of sorts, a little edgy. I asked her what was up, and she told me that she lied to me and she didn't see Marcus, instead, she went to see Steve. I got so hard when I heard that, I was thinking about how much she was enjoying Steve. I was ecstatic with the thought of them making love passionately and enjoying each other. It caused a breech of trust between us, and what she never knew was all she had to do was tell me that she was going to continue fucking Steve whether I liked it or not, after all it is what I wanted and what I encouraged to happen. She could have fucked him every day if she so desired, and she wasn't going to lose me. But it was the dishonesty that left me feeling betrayed. She only fucked him a couple more times during the rest of our relationship.

At the end of our relationship, which came about from a different area of our lives, she told me in an effort to hurt me that she "made love" to Steve, and that I would never have been able to handle watching them. I told her that I knew, and she would be surprised at what I could handle. It has been three years since we were together, and I still get turned on thinking about her and Steve. I hope they are still at it.