Written by Kathy Wrong

Jan. 1, 2016

You arrive st my place ..you walk i to my bedroom

You see me...laying there waiting.   Watching you...im soo horny...I watch you undress...

Mmm  Your body...your cock is firm....my body tingles....my pussy twitches at the site of you...wanting you...you crawl into bed beside me.    We kisss..  I look at you and tell you how much I missed you.  While my hand moves seductively up nd down ur body to your awaiting cock..I stroke it softly.  Caressing your balls....

I kiss you...moving down your body...your cock is so hard I need you inside me .. I straddle your hard cock l place it into my wet pussy I move nice and slow and down feeling you inside me it feels so good looking in your eyes watching my pussy and your cock

I lean over and I kiss you...as your cock is  sliding in and out of my wet pussy getting up and down faster and faster I lean back your hands on my nice perky breasts and you squeeze my breasts,your cock is so hard I move  faster and deeper feeling you deep inside me where I want you to be.

I feel my orgasm starting to peek I look down at you I tell you I'm going to cum all over your cock you tell me cum hard  cum hard all over my cock I want your cum dripping down my cock along my balls my girl

You feel my orgasm peaking..my pussy starts to  squeeze your cock  I'm moaning !!! it feels so good cumming all over your hard cock. I'm moaning your name over and over cumming all over your cock...you keep pumping ur cock in nd out my pussy squeezing ur cock as I rock back nd forth

I look in ur eyes nd tell u to cum....cum deep inside me...u turn me over nd slide ur cock into my pussy...u move slow at first.. Then u pound ur cock deep I side me faster deeper...I'm moaning u feel so good . .ohh I look back at you nd see your close.    Ohh I moan cum with me yes cum now...cum hard. ....as u slam ur cock in nd out ur hot cum seeps into my pussy deep inside as I explode into another orgasm. Cumming as you cum.  Ohhh yes...u nd I collapse into each others arms...my head on ur chest....my hand running over your body.....over ur nipples.....waiting wanting watching your body..ur cock.  To recover for second time around