Written by Anonymous

Aug. 21, 2019

Just before I left to be away for several months, I had put an invitation out for one last fling to keep my fires burning for the time I was going to be away. While I did not get a response from the group, Ellen made a special trip in to give me an evening that is etched into my memory as one of the most incredible intense sensual experiences I have had.

As usual she arrived with a glow on her face, a lascivious smile, a wanton gleam in her eyes and her voluptuous body clad in a sexy robe, all promising the temptations to come. Greeting each other with fond embrace, bodies sinuously entwining, finding niches to wrap ourselves together so the sexual energy began to flow between us. Hands fondling, exploring those secret places that we knew each other had. The caresses around curves and soft spots, gripping firm flesh and pressing so the heat of our two bodies melded, fusing to increase the embers of lust, fanning them to burst into the flames in our loins.

Our randy nature being aroused, we began to shed our clothes so there were no impediments to our fleshy desires. Naked we pressed our hot skin together as we cavorted to seek out each other’s intimate pleasure points. Our hands roaming over each other’s sensual buttons. Our mouths seeking to add to the enjoyment finding goosebumps and erect nipples as we slide our way towards the centre of carnal being.

We move from our standing swaying dance to climb onto the bed, spreading our limbs and torsos so that our delicious bits are fully exposed for each other. Supine on the bed, our hands are languidly stroking each other, seeking the swells and valleys of our sources of pleasures. As we explore our fleshy delights, we are having a ribald conversation about our desires and passions. We are both aroused by the verbal exchange of our naughty pasts as we speak of those experiences that have excited our libido in the past. As we talk, our minds are titillated as we reveal the depths of our depraved decadence that continues to fuel our lusts. Stories about our previous debauchery reveal the intensity of our ardor. It has been said that the mind is our biggest sexual organ, and we are expanding each other’s by sharing our ravenous appetites for lasciviousness. As we expose the salacious details of our proclivities our libidos are responding.

There is a ragged huskiness in our voices that belies the relish of hearing the others proclivities matched our own ravenous lusts. With each successive recounting or exchange of sexual predilection, there are twinges across our bodies. Eyes are sparkling with unbridled lust, our fingers and hands have not stopped wandering across the protuberances of our nipples and breasts. Our stories are punctuated by feverish kisses ignited by our prurient words and ribald tales of sensual excess.

My hand is cupping the hummock of her pussy, entwined in her moist folds growing ever more fluid as we talk. Her fingers are curled around my tumescence, that is throbbing and pulsing from the aphrodisiac of our wicked conversation. My cock is swollen beyond what I thought possible as she squeezes it with both her hand and her salacious words. What rapture we feel from the torrent of erotic sensual carnality lewd words pours forth from our mouths.

She rises up and bending over me, engulfs my rigid cock in her lubricious mouth, swallowing me to the root of my organ. Greedily she devours my rigidity and without pause, her finger is seeking to penetrate my fundament. Gasping from the intensity of her assault, my hips thrusting as I spread them to encourage her to fill my puckering hole. Her finger penetrates to my inner p-spot as she milks my prostate, curling the tip of her finger around it, thrusting deep into my being. My body is shuddering with the sensations of her finger fucking my nether hole. I am crying out with total abandonment encouraging her to fuck me and suck me as I am drawn into a whirlpool of lust, surrendering to her control of my mind and body. The trembling and shaking grows across my being as the momentum builds, deep in my ass orgasms are budding and then rushing to envelope my entire body as wave after wave of assgasms seize me. I am contorting in the pleasure that grips all of me as she ravages my ass and cock riding me as I buck and heave in the throes of my descent into my debauchery. My rod stays stiff and stuck in the back of her throat, held by the vacuum of her lips and mouth.

I reach to move her so her legs spread and she straddles my face. I want to add to her pleasure too. As she eases over my head, her legs spreading I am treated to the marvellous sight of her cunt as it unfurls its inner glory. From the parting of her pink pussy lips, her inner folds unveil the blushing carmine hues of her cunt petals and the hooded nub of her stiff clit peeking out in its crimson glory against the backdrop of the deep tunnel of scarlet leading to her inner sanctum. Every nook and cranny of her cunt is glowing, glistening with the dew drops of her arousal and desires. They are trickling from deep inside her, flowing down to become a sinuous stream of sweet nectar that I greedily consume my tongue seeking each of her dewdrops, savouring her delectable ambrosia.

We are now entwined in a classic soixante neuf, legs entangled around our sensual embrace. Our mouths devouring the other, my cock stick to the roof of her mouth as she inhales my stiffness, her cunt encircles my mouth as her thighs curl around me head to ride my face.

She stops briefly to breathlessly proclaim ´I like a finger in my bum too’ sending a wave of desires coursing through me. As I raise myself to comply with her wishes, I gaze on her rosebud that is puckering in anticipation of being invaded. It is scintillating with a sheen adding to the glow of its rosy core. Coating my finger with some of her abundant juices, I ease the tip of my finger to rim its edges, slowly gliding in as she opens her other treasure to me. It is twinkling as I descend to the depth of my finger. She flexes her muscles and I am captured as she seizes my digit in the heat of her ass.

Both of us are now devouring each other’s organs with our mouths as our asses grip the other’s fingers becoming engrossed in a voracious rhythm riveting our bodies in a primeval exquisite lust. The searing intensity of sensations from the vehement way we are sucking, licking and fucking each other is producing shrill keening cries from each of us as we are simultaneously eager to give intense pleasures to the other while surrendering to the overwhelming sensations we are sharing.

Her hard nub is face fucking me as she gushes more profusely with each stroke of my finger. I heave plunging my rod to the depths of her throat with each stroke she delivers to my inner sanctum. Our movements are synchronized as we can feel the steady fierce force that will consume us. I can see in the corner of my eyes, her toes curling as her calves and thighs tremble as our protracted sexual energies become more fervent. My body has become her puppet as her finger has spellbound me to her bidding.

The exquisite agony is a torture we are totally engrossed in. Our minds and bodies are fused in our descent into our carnal cravings. Our ardour is driving us ever closer to the chasm, its voracity gains and we both lose complete control as the release we crave plunges us into wanton surrender to our animalistic hungers.

Even in the throes of orgasmic delight, our bodies remain interlaced as we savour each other’s rapture. The surge of our climaxes gives way to an undulating swell that continues to pulsate through and across our bodies as the release ebbs, leaving us to sway in rapture.

As we slowly unfurl ourselves, moving languidly, savouring the remains of our carnality, until we are supine beside each other, bodies still connected in a more euphoric mood, imbued with the intoxicating afterglow. Our flesh still slightly quivering, the strong scent of our passions fills our nostrils as we inhale the bliss of contentment we are now enrobed in.

In that cocoon of sexual elation, we continue to talk about how it has released our salaciousness. Our bodies need the repose, but our minds continue their lasciviousness. Stories of our debauched past are combined with sharing our prurient desires to fulfill our wanton fantasies. We punctuate our words with tongues intertwining and hands once more meandering across each other. The flesh is recovering as our errant hands lead our minds astray to focus on the immediate sensations lavishing our desires. As our fingers stretch to encompass secret spots we have discovered, our mouths begin to nibble on those sumptuous bits that arouse our lusts.

She rises quickly above me to devour my rigid member, tongue slathering its circumference and cramming its length into her mouth. On my back spread wide to her ministrations, I feel her finger once more seeking to impale me. Nudging the tight entrance with exquisite slowness she assails my fundament until her digit is firmly buried in my ass and rooted against my p-spot. Delicately she milks it, pushing and teasing my inner pleasure nut. As she does, I encourage her with a torrent of lewd bawdy obscene language that incites us both. She is ravaging me drawing out every salacious feeling in my body. Sensing me hurtling towards climax, she stops thrusting into me, holding me captivate palpitating only the tip of her finger directly on my prostate so that my muscles are in spasms. As I oscillate on her finger, the tremors billowing inside me sweep me into a series of climaxes, each convoluting my entire body with increased fevour. I am swirling into each assgasm my acquiescence to its power complete, my entire being relinquished to my lust.

The gleam in her eyes reveals how wickedly she is enjoying my succumbing to her mastery and dexterity to generate such intensity in my body.

It is now her turn to be spread as I knee to worship at her alter of lust. She is ready to receive my supplications, as she opens her legs, and thighs to reveal her chancel of passion. Each time I see her burrow unfold its enchanting rapturous innermost glory, I am beholding by the delights it promises. I arrange myself, wrapping my arms around her thighs,so my hands can grip the external petals of her cunt and her hips are captured by my arms. Inhaling her sweet pungent perfume, I lower my mouth to her delicious morsels.

Tongue swirling around her clit, upwards and downwards, side to side, in circles enfolding her nub, teasingly soft flicks, strong slow strokes, the tip driven deeper into her folds, nibbling her inner lips, nipping her protruding bud, sucking her juices from the depths of her cunt, lips squeezing her clit locking it in a vacuum stretching it ever further out of its hood as my tongue whips its exposed firmness in a frenzy.

I am rewarded with her hips writhing bucking as she endeavours to open her folds even more, jamming her pussy into my mouth so I can consume every corner of its lusciousness. My hands furled around her buttocks gripping them so she can thrust and hurl her passion pit so we are glued together not losing a moment of delicious contact.

While my ears are wedged solidly by her quivering thighs that are holding me a willing hostage to her growing lust, they are nonetheless filled with the sounds of her passion as she extols the pleasures emanating from her core as her moans grow in intensity to match the rest of her immersion into her desires. She too has a penchant for lewd and bawdy words to spur on our proclivities. As she spews forth racy ribald wicked words, I can feel the energies in her coalescing as her limbs begin to shake, toes curl, feet arch, calves tighten, thighs quiver, hips shift in gyrations, her mound trembles, her tummy shivers, her breasts vibrate and her head oscillating from side to side and up and down. No words now only the deep guttural sounds of ragged breathing as the first wave of orgasm quakes through her.

My hands embrace her hips, clasping her to me so that in the throes of her passion I maintain the suction of my lips on her clit. As I sense her climax fading, I use my tongue to softly flicker her engorged nub, tormenting her exposed tender spots in a delicate torture that sends piercing bolts of sensations flashing through her triggering more orgasms. The sweet agony of pleasure fills her lust as the spasms radiate from her clit as she is submerged, consumed by the flood of sexual rapture.

I release her to gaze on her body flushed and gleaming in the luminous sheen that accompanies such exuberance, her eyes scintillating with a wicked vivacious.

We lie in luxuriant repose, regaining our composure, our copious appetites gratified our lusts quenched. I know that this evening’s indulgence will have to sustain me for the next few months so cherish each parting stroke. As we slowly rise, continuing our frottage as we find our garments strewn about in our haste to expose our flesh, now reluctantly recovering our torsos and hiding our still flushed skin.