Written by TheLumberJill's Hubby

Jul. 23, 2017

A year ago, I had great plans for our 20th anniversary. We were going to go to PEI with a young Kink couple. Every possible thing that could go wrong did go wrong. From the ferry to the island shutting down, to a miscommunication on living arrangements on the island. Ultimately, it fell apart. I was pretty down about it all. We don’t play often and for once my schedule and my wife’s matched.

So I sat at my computer. I decided that we were going to go camping anyways! Fuck it! Let's do something random! So I opened up FetLife and did a search for Kink events in Nova Scotia. All that was going on was a “Pool Party”. No description. No pictures of the hosts. Nothing. I sent a message to the organizers and got a message back. “In the Valley”. The valley was a 4 hour drive away.... long drive for something that could be horrible.

We discussed it for a bit and decided that if we brought our camping equipment and the party was a bust we could still fuck on the beach. Off we went! On route, we got instructions to the party from the anonymous hosts. We messaged friends to tell them what we were planning. They were quite concerned. 4 hours later we arrived.

We were greeted at the door by a young blonde woman. She explained that the party was in the back and we followed. We got to the back yard and were greeted by a couple. They stated they were Matt and Karen and that they were the hosts. Karen apologised for the whole secrecy thing; the party was short notice notice and they wanted some control over who knew their address. They introduced us to the young blonde. Her name was Jolene. She explained that the hosts were her friends and that she would be observing. She had never been to this kind of party and was nervous. Beth and I we were happy just to be around smiling people that smell nice. Seriously, we had no idea what we were going to find, and our imaginations were going in some dark places! After a few minutes two more people showed. They were both men - we couldn’t tell if they came together. Matt led us all into the living room. He had two dogs who were already having sex in the corner. He pushed them out of the room and shut the door.

I suddenly realised that I hadn’t told anyone of Beth’s latex allergy! I shouted, “Be right back! We brought our own condoms!” I leapt out of the house in a mad condom search. I wasn’t gone long, but it was long enough. When I opened the door everyone including my wife was naked. I threw off my clothes and kissed Karen. In hindsight I probably should have at least waited for a nod from Matt but I was pretty drunk with excitement. One of the gentlemen wasted no time and was already trying to put on one of the condoms I dropped in the middle of the floor.

Matt was sitting up on his couch, watching the action happily. Jolene was naked and had her head on his lap. No one dared approach her. You definitely got the vibe that he was guarding her. Trying to make sure she wasn’t nervous around so many new people.

Our wives, on the other hand, were a different story. Beth and Karen both laid on the floor together. They were being taken by the two men and myself. No matter what position we put those girls in, they managed to find a way to kiss each other. It was rather cute. After about an hour one of the fellas pulled out of Karen, ripped off the condom, and blew a hot load all over her back. Beth,being a good girl, knew you don’t waste cum; you eat it! She had a huge smile on her face. Wet cum dripped from her nose and chin. Did I mention she’s a sloppy eater? The spent guy mumbled something to Matt and then left.

The whole time Jolene was watching. She was idly playing with Matt’s monster dick. Seriously...his dick could have been the star of its own horror film! The remaining single guy I’m going to call him Woody because I don’t remember his name at all. Anyway, Woody got behind Karen and started to really plow into her. I could see it was exciting my sweetie. She was staring at me mouthing the word “please”.

I sat next to Matt on the couch and told my sweetie to start riding. She did it reverse cowgirl so everyone could see her using my cock. At events like this my wife sometimes likes to show everyone how much she enjoys my dick. She pounded her own pussy so hard you could hear my balls slap her. It all felt amazing and then something touched me. I could feel someone licking my balls. Beth started to squeal and slowed her pace. Matt was still smiling at the end of the couch but he was alone, Jolene was missing. Beth rode my cock until she came. Exhausted and fuzzy headed I pulled her off my dick by her hair . Matt was the host and really hadn’t been serviced yet. My sweetie started sucking him. Back then she still had a gag reflex so it was really tough. Matt snapped his fingers and Karen joined in on the oral action. While Woody was drawn to Jolene, he was still nervous of Matt. He decided to fuck Beth from behind while the girls worked over Matt's python.

I walked to Jolene and asked her if she wanted to have sex. She stated that she hadn’t done it in a long while. I pointed at Matt questioningly. The young woman explained that she had slept with Karen and hadn’t fucked Matt - or at least not yet. I gave her a deep kiss and told her that I would be on the floor. “You can do as much or as little as you want,” I told her. She started with kissing my chest and worked her way down. I touched her soft body and groped her firm breasts. My fingers found themselves working their way into her pussy. The woman smiled as she licked the pre-cum off my cock. Jolene with her bright blonde hair was like sunshine. The sun was sucking my dick! After a few moments she coughed from taking a bit too much in her mouth. She whispered, “I want it” in my ear. Miss Sunbeam slipped a condom in my hand. I put it on. She mounted me and slowly let me into her tight body.

My dick looked small compared to the monster cock on the couch but it is wide and stupidly hard. It’s more akin to a dildo than a dick. Not much give and it’s angled in a way that almost always scrapes the G-spot. It didn’t take long for Jolene and I to cum together. Her legs shook and she crumpled to the floor. I pulled her back on top. “We aren’t done until my dick is soft.” I whispered. I pulled her down this time - hard. Beth must have escaped the other men’s affections because she was now doing to Jolene the same as Jolene had done to us earlier. She nibbled all over our new friend until she cried out and collapsed. Beth cuddled into the happy and broken blonde.

Not much later we could hear Matt and Woody climaxing. Poor Karen had cum so much she couldn't talk right. Her beautiful brown hair was matted in cum. She was purring. Woody rested a bit, then grabbed his clothes and left.

Matt and Karen knew we had traveled a long way to see them so they had prepared a room for us. Jolene was already crawling into the host's bed. Everyone was satisfied and happy. It was the best anniversary of our marriage!

The next day Karen made breakfast and we got to know these wonderful people better. Karen and Matt were a Dominant/submissive couple the same as my wife and me. Jolene had been in a long term relationship that ended and wanted to explore her sexuality. We said our goodbyes after breakfast, fully expecting this adventure to be a one-off. Something fun but not repeatable. We thanked and kissed everyone and off we went.

Two weeks later I got a message on Fetlife. It was Jolene! She had taken the time to search for us. She asked what we were up to. I explained to her that Beth would soon be leaving for her job and I would be treating her to a hotel and some BDSM play. She asked when and where. I told her. I didn’t think much of it as we live pretty far from Jolene, who lived in the city (a 3 hour drive away).

The night of Beth’s departure,we heard a knock on the hotel room door. It was Jolene... nothing on but a trench coat. We did what anyone would do when approached by someone wearing nothing but a trench coat…. We invited her in and enjoyed her.

That was a year ago. We take turns visiting each other and like all Unicorns she has a way of magically appearing when we go to events or parties. That is the story of how we found our Unicorn and close friend Jolene.