Written by Lillian

Sep. 18, 2015

I am a tall, fit, and attractive woman in my early fifties with, I'm told, a pleasing figure and beautiful legs. Over the last few years I had become increasingly dissatisfied with the infrequent sex with my husband. We met in our early 20s and he swept me off my feet. He's still handsome and trim but, after 31 years of taking the same woman to bed, he has lost a lot of interest in having sex with me and we do it only once a month or so. It's still enjoyable and he gives me orgasms, but the passion has gone out of it as is probably common in long term marriages.

I have worked a long time for a company providing corporate motivational and training seminars. I travel on-site to the larger and more important seminars to oversee our staff providing the service. For years the men at these seminars have flirted and otherwise made their attentions known to me. While being flattered, I had never shown any interest until about a year ago, when the idea of a one-off fling away from home began to creep into my thoughts.

Soon after, I was supervising an important training seminar and all week long a particularly attractive man right around age 30 chatted and flirted with me at every opportunity. In addition to being handsome and fit, there was something very appealing about him, so I didn't shut him down like I did the others. As the closing luncheon began, he got me a drink and asked if we could go to the hotel dining room to have lunch and talk in a much quieter atmosphere. Since my on-site staff could handle any problems that might arise during this concluding event, I accepted his offer.

At lunch we had some very pleasant conversation mixed with a bit of flirting. As we were about to leave, he told me he had waited all week for the chance to get me on my own and away from the seminar, then nicely asked me to accompany him to his room. I was a bit surprised by his direct approach and asked, "Why me? I'm at least 20 years older than you and nothing special in the looks department?"

He leaned forward enclosing my hand within both of his and, said, "You are much more attractive than you think and there is something very special about you that I've felt every time I've seen you this week. Frankly, the first time I saw you took my breath away. Also, I have a feeling its time you have the attentions of a man other than your husband."

My mind was racing with conflicting emotions when he brought the palm of my hand to his mouth and kissed it, then whispered, "Will you come with me now?" My stomach churned with thoughts of infidelity versus dissatisfaction with the physical side of my marriage. Suddenly making a decision, I slowly nodded a 'yes'. He came around to help me out of my chair and led me to the lift.

Once inside his room, he pulled me into his arms, and said, "You are more beautiful than I ever imagined and I want you very much." I closed my eyes as his lips gently touched mine with the beginnings of a kiss. As I love deep French kissing, I opened my mouth to invite him in. He acknowledged the invitation by exploring my mouth with his tongue and we were soon plundering each other. After a few minutes, we broke apart, each of us breathing a bit heavily. The spark had been ignited and I looked at him with the beginnings of undisguised passion and longing.

We get rid of our jackets and shoes with him adding his tie to the pile of discards, then came together in a passionate hug. I wrapped my arms about his neck and we resumed kissing. I felt his hands stroke my back hungrily, then move down over my bum, kneading my cheeks and pulling me tightly into him where I could feel his erection through our clothing.

I realized there was a heat in my groin I had rarely felt in recent years. I was hot for him and decidedly past the point of no return. We quickly undressed down to our underwear. My eyes went to his muscular chest, then moved down to the rampant cock straining inside his boxers. Noticing me staring at his state of arousal, he lowered his boxers and stood there with his cock standing tall.

He moved closer and I slid my hand along his shaft, testing his length and girth, comparing it to my husband's somewhat smaller but certainly adequate dimensions. He moaned with pleasure as I gently wanked it, but not too enthusiastically since I didn't want him to come in my hand. I had a better use for such a hard cock!

While I caressed his manhood, he directed his attention to my breasts, gently massaged them through my bra while lightly pinching my nipples in the process. I felt arousal, heat, and wetness between my legs. He unclipped my bra and pushed it off, fully exposing my breasts. He wasted no time caressing them with his hands as he sucked my nipples into hardness. I moaned with pleasure.

He moved his hips forward and pushed his cock into the "V" at the top of my thighs. I parted my legs slightly allowing him easier access, and began rolling my groin against his slowly thrusting cock. After a few moments, he slid my knickers over my bum, down my legs, and off. I eagerly kicked them away. With that barrier gone, I felt his hand reach down and cup my womanhood, then run his fingertips along my slit, finding the lips hot, swollen, and wet.

He inserted one finger, then two, inside and began fingering me. When he heard my moans of pleasure and felt my groin push into his hand, he increased the speed of his fingers. I gripped his shoulders for support and felt myself begin to lose control my groin quiver with passion. I tilted my head back, tightened my grip on his shoulders, and moaned, "Don't stop - I'm almost there!" A few moments later, an exquisite climax hit me. Thrusting my groin hard against his hand, my hips jerked and twisted in delightful agony. I held onto his shoulders with a death grip as I rode out my orgasm, then slowly came down from a climax more intense than I had felt for a long time.

When I finally finished, he led me to the bed and I lay down on my back, raising and opening my legs wide. He moved between them and stared at the wanton display of my feminine charms, his undisguised lust giving me thrills of anticipation. He lowered his face and deeply inhaled my womanly odor, then, opening my slit with his thumbs, he devoured me with his tongue. My hips soon writhed against his mouth as I moaned out a rising passion.

He concentrated his tongue on the now hard and engorged nub at the top of my slit, flicking it back and forth, then sucking it. My hips trembled as my body raced to the another climax. I squeezed his head between my thighs and cried out, "Don't stop, I'm going to come!!" Within seconds, the intense climax hit me hard. I raised my hips off the bed as I cried out my orgasm. He continued licking to prolong my pleasure.

When finally finished, my legs fell back onto the bed, my knees splayed outward. He sat back and smiling broadly said, "I think you needed that." I grinned nodding in agreement and said, "I want to feel you inside me," as I reached my arms up to him. He slowly lowered himself over me.

I grasped his rampant cock and guided it to my entrance. He gave a little push and the head slipped in. He paused, then pushed in a bit more, then paused again as he watched my face for any sign of discomfort. He was stretching me since he was a bit wider and thicker than I was used to, but it felt good instead of painful.

I looked up and said, "I'm fine - give me the rest of it." He slowly slid all the way in, then paused again to let me get used to his size. After a few moments, he began stroking his hard cock in my swollen and wet cavern, soon establishing a steady rhythm.

I encircled his neck with my arms and wrapped my legs around his thighs, pulling him into my slowly undulating hips. I felt wonderfully filled and soon lost myself to his steady rhythm, pulling him close with my arms and legs in response to his thrusting. After a few minutes, he increased the pace and I felt my passion rising as an intense heat expanded upward through my body.

I was at that point where I knew with certainty I would come and said, "Fuck me. I need you to fuck me fast and hard!" He immediately began pounding into me as I gripped him tightly with my arms and legs. The nerve endings in my groin tingled with electricity and my whole body seethed with passion, seeking release. The electricity soon became almost unbearable as I felt him driving me toward the edge of the cliff.

Suddenly, my head snapped back and my mouth opened in a silent scream as an extraordinarily intense climax hit me. I wailed, "I'm coming! Don't stop! Oh my God, don't stop!!" My hips jerked uncontrollably as my fingernails ripped into his back. I gasped out my orgasm for what seemed like hours and, at some point, felt him slam violently into me as he shouted out his own release, flooding me with his hot liquid.

We held each other tightly during this wonderful mutual climax and the subsequent journey down from the mountain top. When the intensity of feelings finally subsided, my legs collapsed, and I languidly stroked his back with my fingertips, murmuring pleasure and appreciation into his ear. He remained on me slowly stroking me with his still hard cock. I was surprised he was still hard, then remembered that younger men can maintain an erection through two or three successive orgasms.

After a few minutes, I felt my hips react to his slowly stroking cock and start to undulate against him, urging him on. As he sped up in response, another journey to the ultimate peak of passion resumed. My body readily responded to every change and nuance of his movements as I urged him onward with moans of delight as I pulled him tighter into me. His strokes soon became faster and harder, and I approached yet another orgasm.

He pounded into me and I cried out, "Don't stop! I'm almost there! Make me come!" He went into the short strokes and came, shouting out his climax as he again filled me with his cum. As he came, my own climax hit me with great intensity. It again lasted for what seemed like forever. When we finally finished coming down, he lay on top and I hugged and kissed him, feeling totally fulfilled.

I slowly stroked his back, content to lay there under him like that forever as his semi-hard cock slowly stroked inside. He finally groaned with receding passion and rolled off. We lay there facing each other for quite a while, our arms and legs entwined, enjoying a wonderful post-orgasmic glow.

We finally got up, but I didn't have time to shower as we were both overdue to check out of our rooms. I cleaned up the cum around my groin with a washcloth and put on my knickers, then quickly got dressed. In my rush, I forgot to clean out the cum from inside me. I hugged and kissed him goodbye, then went back to my room to get my bags.

All during the three hour drive home, I imagined I could feel his wonderful cock still filling my pussy, stretching it nicely. Nearing home, I idly wondered if my husband would pick up on the fact I had been fucked. With that thought in the back of my mind, I arrived home in late afternoon, put down my bags just inside the entranceway, and went in search of him.

I found him in his den and said 'hi' from the doorway. He gave me a broad smile, then slowly looked me up and down, something he usually does not do. He arose from his chair and greeted me warmly, giving me a big hug whilst saying, "I really missed you this time." Still holding me, he leaned back a little and gazed into my face for a few moments then kissed me with some passion, slowly caressing my back with his big hands. A bit surprised, but pleased, I returned his passionate kisses as I curled my arms around his neck.

His began to gently grind his hips into mine. I broke the kiss and gently asked, "What's gotten into you?" I suddenly wondered if he sensed I had been unfaithful and this was his way of reclaiming me. He responded, "It's been a long week without you and you looked so alluring standing there in the doorway with that sexy look on your face that I suddenly got horny." He added tentatively, "That's OK, isn't it?" I answered, "Of course its OK, you're my husband." He looked like he wanted to ask me another question, but thought better of it.

He returned to kissing me and stroking my back, then I felt his hard cock through our clothing. I was also getting turned, although part of my rising passion was probably a subconscious desire to re-live the great fucking I had just a few hours before. I pushed my hips back against his hard cock and he suggested we go to our bedroom.

We kissed and he rubbed my bum all the way to the bedroom. I was enjoying being the recipient of my husband's sudden ardor and I was certainly up for him fucking me. When we got to the bedroom, we both quickly undressed and stood before the bed kissing and wantonly caressing each other. Finally, I lay on the bed staring at his fully erect cock and felt delicious tingles of arousal and wetness in my groin.

I suddenly felt thoroughly wanton, so I lewdly caressed my breasts and pinched my erect nipples. The look on his face as he watched me was pure lust, something I had not seen on him in quite a while. His cock reacted by involuntarily bouncing up and down a bit and he slowly wanked it. I ran my middle finger down along my slit, then slipped it inside and began to finger myself. As I did so, I felt the sticky feel of my seminar lover's cum inside me and suddenly realized that, despite being masked by my rather strong natural feminine odor, my husband might be able to detect the smell of another man's cum in me.

As he watched me finger myself, I saw the sexual dam inside him breaking. With a groan of pure lust, he kneeled on the bed next to me and started in on my breasts and nipples. After our many years together, he knows exactly how to handle, kiss, and suck them to my intense pleasure. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back as I enjoyed his new found passion.

After feasting on my breasts and nipples for a while, he slid his fingers into my slit, caressed there for a few seconds, then moved his fingertips onto my clit and rubbed it exactly how I like it. I moaned and thrust my groin into his hand in response. He inserted his fingers into me and whispered, "You're sopping wet inside!" He fingered me for a minute or so, then brought his fingers to his nose and breathed in deeply, smelling my juices. With an odd look on his face, he breathed in a second time, then looked like he wanted to ask me something, but thought better of it.

He sat back and stared at me with undisguised lust as I opened my legs for him and gently rolled my hips in anticipation, In a voice husky with arousal, I said, "Please get in me now. I want you to do me hard and deep." He smiled and quickly knelt between my lags and moved up over me. I guided his cock into me and he thrust forward powerfully, impaling me with a single thrust. I let out a short gasp, then moaned with pleasure as I felt him begin to energetically fuck me.

Rising quickly in passion, I wrapped my legs around his lower back and pulled him into me. He quickly increased the speed and force of his thrusting and I matched him hip thrust for hip thrust, urging him on. He soon started pounding into me and quickly brought me to a climax. I cried out, "I'm cuming! Don't stop!!" My body thrashed around under him, which pushed him over the edge and he grunted loudly several times, flooding my pussy with his cum.

When finished, he withdrew his cock and rolled off to lie next to me. I half rolled onto him, snuggling into him with my head on his shoulder, one arm across his chest and a leg across his hips. I murmured my appreciation for the pleasure he had just given me while I slowly humped my dripping pussy against his thigh. We spent the remainder of that night in and out of bed until morning, enjoying ourselves several times. It was like a second honeymoon and we reveled in it, fucking like newlyweds!

I was convinced my husband had indeed smelled the scent of another man on his fingers and that part of his exceedingly passionate performance was due to him suspecting I had been unfaithful. I refrained from asking and he didn't bring it up. Convinced I was right, I silently loved him for his consideration and wisdom in not asking. The effect on our sex life in the ensuing days was incredible. We made love every evening after returning from work, sometimes waking early in the morning to have each other again before work. and we hugged and cuddled each other at every opportunity. It was indeed a second honeymoon!

A week or so later, I had to travel to supervise another seminar. During that week, I selected a man in his late 20s from the several making their intentions known and, on the last day spent a few hours after lunch in his room having fantastic sex. He was insatiable and he had me several times. This time my neglect to clean up his cum from in and around my pussy was deliberate.

As I drove home, I wondered how it would be with my husband, but I didn't have to worry. My homecoming early that evening was a re-play of the previous one as we spent the rest of the night having another second honeymoon. And again, I was convinced my husband could detect the odor sex with another man on me, but he didn't mention it.

A few days later as we finished a particularly passionate encounter and I was lying snuggled up against him, he suddenly said to me he didn't want all the details, but did want to know if the sex I was having at the seminars was with multiple partners and if I was also meeting men elsewhere. I looked up at him with a mixture of surprise and guilt, then told him exactly what I was doing.

I assured him that at each seminar it was only a single 'one off' on the last day, that I was not having sex elsewhere, and had no desire to since I was now getting so much at home. I also assured him I was not interested in other men except for the sex so our marriage was secure. He nodded and said we wouldn't speak of it again, and if, at this stage of our married life, I needed this, he didn't mind since he immensely enjoyed our second honeymoons when I returned home as well as the rejuvenation of our sex life at home between seminars.

After a year of incredible sex, our marriage is stronger than ever. I enjoy the wonderful boost to my ego that comes from being seduced and having sex with much younger men. And my husband assures me he doesn't mind as we now have better sex than we have ever had.