Apr. 1, 2016

We booked our first trip to the Temptation resort in Cancun without realizing what we were getting into. We were going to that resort because there would be no kids around, realizing only later that it was an adult-only resort with a sexy angle to it. We ended up having a great trip filled with plenty of sexy times between the two of us and really enjoyed the overall sexy atmosphere. We liked it so much that went back twice the following year but our second trip is where our sexy fun moved up to a new level.

The week started as usual in Temptation, lots of sex, partying, drinking and dancing. Our room was right by the Paty’O Lounge, the main bar at the time before the recent renovation which proved to be great and convenient. By the middle of the week we made friends with a couple from Canada as well as 2 single guys from France. We enjoyed their company a lot and had tons of fun with them. On the night when we met the group, she was wearing sexy pink lingerie at the bar and got noticed right away by guys but mostly by one of our new friend. His name was Philippe and it was obvious that Minnie was connecting very well with him.

They danced a lot together through the night with many close-up dances and lots of touching which was really hot to see. It looked like that would be how the night would end as we said our goodbyes until I gave Minnie a hard time for a kiss on the cheek to Philippe as a good night kiss for her new friend. She smiled at me then she went for a full on French kiss that lasted for a while, the both of them all over each other while it lasted…the night was over but a door was now opened…and not only did I find it amazingly hot to see her kiss a guy, she thought it was just as hot!

The next day was very revealing and would influence what was to come. As we ate breakfast, Minnie said that she would have slept with Philippe for sure if she would have been single…which led her to ask me what I would you say if she wanted to have a naughty time with Philippe…my reply ultimately became our only rule in the lifestyle: as long as we are both there and playing together. The evening party came with its usual fun, alcohol, music, dancing and overall sexy atmosphere. Minnie and Philippe danced again a lot and as the night went on there were more and more kissing and touching going on between the 2 of them as we partied with our new friends. At one point, Philippe made the move and asked Minnie if she wanted to have sex with him. She wasn’t sure to what to say but by then she was expecting that something was about to happen given how things were going. She came to me for a quick chat and what we had talked about was about to get real…so we both decided and agreed that we were ready to make the jump into the lifestyle. She went to back to him to tell him she wanted to but that it had to be a 3some and with no surprise, he said he was all for it. As they saw us leave towards our room it became obvious to our other friends what was going on!

Once in the room, she asked him and I to undress her, which took about 10 seconds given she was only wearing lingerie at the bar. He did not waste time at all and he had her on her back quickly and was in between her legs with his tongue all over her pussy. I did not waste time either and put my cock in her mouth knowing how much of an amazing cock sucher she was. We switched position after a while and eventually got to fuck her first which I did nice and slow to get her ever more horny and wet as she sucked her new lover’s cock. At one point, she looked at Philippe and told him she wanted him to fuck her now, just hearing her say that was so incredible, here was my wife asking for this guy to fuck her with me right there with her! When he penetrated her, she moaned in such a hot way, I was in heaven! He started to move in and out of her, believe me by then we both knew we would be more than ok in the lifestyle and that we would actually have a lot of fun! We took turn fucking her and being sucked as we switched positions, she was obviously the center of attention all along. At one point as her new friend was fucking her, he said he could not hold back anymore, she grabbed his ass and soon after I could see that he was cumming. We all relaxed after with Minnie between the guys…the first words out of her mouth after were ‘you guys were so hot’, we both smiled and replied that it was the other way around, she was the one who amazingly hot! He left after a while and we fucked like we’ve rarely fucked, for anyone in the lifestyle, you all know what it means….

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