Written by Big_thk_Bull

Mar. 14, 2013

Well Miss or Mrs Tilcott didn’t miss a beat she was still sucking my cock and even though the guy closed the door and was now walking towards us I couldn’t do anything except enjoy it. The guy didn’t look mad and I was taller than he was and could definitely take him easily. It’s probably that teenage bravado that kept me sitting there while his wife enjoyed my thick cock sliding in and out of her mouth. When the guy got right up to us I was surprised when he touched her shoulder and she looked up and smiled then they both kissed. He looks at me smiles and says “You didn’t tell me you were going to have company tonight” I’m tripping out right about then but it’s not like I was naïve I figured out they probably had an open marriage or whatever. She smiles and says she didn’t really expect the company but something happened to change that then she looks at me and winks. So I figured my hard on poking her ass when she bent over in class must have been what had opened the door to this insane experience. I’m a pretty take charge guy by nature it’s just my personality, she was enjoying sucking my dick and her husband didn’t have a problem with it so I pulled the focus back. I put my hand on her head “OK enough talking, now get back to sucking” she looked up at me smiled and without hesitation she slid my cock back into her mouth like it belonged there all along. This was incredible I was getting ahead of myself as usual. I started thinking about what it meant, her coming to class in a skirt and before anyone gets there I would grab her ass, maybe finger her. She would be giving me blowjobs at lunchtime in the parking garage inside her car.

Then I realized while she was sucking her husband stood there watching and being my first time I wasn’t really ready for that. Somehow he must have gotten a vibe or something because at that exact moment he ask me, yes asks me! If he could stay and watch or if I wasn’t comfortable with that yet he had a couple of places he could go until we were done. It wasn’t even a question I told him that I wasn’t ready for him to be there and he took off up the stairs and a few minutes later he called to his wife from the door and he was gone. I felt a little more at ease and all the cock sucking made me horny as hell so I pulled her up lay her on the couch and got on top of her. I kissed her neck and kissed her lips able to really take in every taste and feeling this time. Her lips were soft and sweet and our tongues caressed each other even while I’m sure she felt my cock throbbing on her leg. I kissed back down her neck to her tits and then cupping one I finally squeezed her big tits feeling her hard nipples between my fingers. I sucked her nipple into my mouth teasing it with my tongue. She giggled and moaned at the same time and I could feel her nipples getting harder while I licked and nibbled on them. I slid my hand down her stomach and spread her legs sliding three fingers inside this time. It was tight but her pussy was dripping wet which helped. I started to finger her while she moaned running her finger through my hair as I sucked on one nipples and switched to the other constantly.

She was stroking my cock again and she brought her fingers up to her lips so I could watch her suck the precum off her fingers. I needed to fuck her I was ready and I know she wanted it too. I reached for my jeans got my wallet pulled out a condom and while I was putting it on she kissed the back of my neck and whispered in my ears “I can’t wait to get your cock inside me”. I took her hand brought her around beside the couch and bent her over. She rested her hands on the arms of the couch and I squeezed her ass cheeks looking at her fat pussy between her legs. I slid the head of my cock into her pussy teasing her by just sliding the head up and down her slit rubbing it across her pussy lips. She moaned and pushed back trying to slide the rest of my cock inside her. I held her waist to keep her from doing it and then I grabbed her hair and wrapped it around my hand. I pulled and her head arched back and at just that minute I rammed the rest of my cock inside her pussy and started to ride her. She was moaning and screaming while I watched her body shake while I thrust in and out of her pussy. I fucked her harder ramming my cock deeper inside her. She screamed out loud and if I wasn’t deep in her sweet pussy I probably would have been scared that people outside might hear us. I held her shoulders and started to slow down thrusting deep inside her and feeling her pussy grip my cock tightly when I slid out. She moaned grabbing the arm of the couch and screaming “OH GOD you feel so good”. We switched to the couch I sat down and she faced me putting her knees on each side of my legs while she lowered herself onto my rigid cock. She started to ride me hard and fast right away while I watched her big tits bouncing up and down.

I grabbed her ass kissed her neck and bit her ear while she whipped her head around. I grabbed her breasts and sucked on her hard nipples while she slid up and down on my cock. I reached my hands around her back and spread her pussy lips open thrusting up inside her when she slid down on me, driving my cock deeper inside her. We were both sweating and her hair was a mess as she enjoyed every minute of it. We were fucking for hours when finally I knew I was close to blowing my load. We switched and she was laying on the couch so I got on top of her. I put her legs up and over my shoulders spreading her pussy wide open and then I started to pound her ramming my cock deep inside her. She was screaming out begging me to cum the sweat on both of our bodies mixing together. After awhile I told her I was going to cum soon and she was barely able to tell me through her panting and screaming that she wanted me to cum on her tits. I could feel my cock starting to pulse so I pulled out of her while she got on the floor on her knees. I stood in front of her while she pressed her tits together waiting for the cum. I exploded, the hot, thick cum hitting her neck and running down between her tits covering her skin. She pulled me to her and slid my cock into her mouth taking the last load of cum down her throat and sucking every last drop out of me. She looked up at me my cock still buried in her throat and smiled then rubbed the cum all over her tits. I flopped onto the couch still not believing what had just happened but the best part about it is it was only the beginning.