Sep. 28, 2014

He arrives impeccably dressed with a bottle of a vintage red wine and a nervous smile in his handsome face. I shake his hand and tell him to keep his shoes on because we are going to be in the patio, a secluded tree paradise that looks like an ancient stone ruin in the middle of a tropical jungle. My wife is already there waiting for us in her black sexy dress and with the glasses for the wine on the table. I take him downstairs and to the patio. My wife gets up and kisses him on the cheek. He hasn't changed his smile and grabs the seat we offer him in front of us. I open the bottle of wine and pour the red nectar into the glasses. He proposes a toast for a long lasting friendship.

We had been exchanging emails for a while, explaining everything about how we envisioned a special friendship with us. At first he was concerned with the scenario of sex without gender boundaries since he had never touched another guy before. We recommended him to read our blog in the site. He read every word carefully and after some hesitation, which translated in few days without a response, he finally decided to give it a try.

The conversation picks us very quickly. He explains that he is involved in a vanilla almost sexless relationship and that he decided to explore the lifestyle looking for what he can't get at home. He confesses that he had been with a couple of women from the site but that he wanted something more stable and safer, like a mature couple with a solid relationship and with no drama, meaning people like us. We tell him that we also have some experiences with a couple of good friends from the site, that we see then every so often and that we are looking to expand our circle of close friends since the ones we already have aren't available as much as we wished. He understands and likes the fact that we respect everybody's privacy and are not looking for a third in our marriage but just a plain good friend with whom we can relate and have a good time whenever the three of us could get together. After some good jokes and laughs we feel comfortable enough to invite him to our hottub which is in a corner of the patio surrounded by trees. I put some music for the ambiance, open the tub and we strip naked and jump in the warm water grabbing our glasses of wine with us.

The chatting becomes more lively and sexually charged. I approach my wife and we start kissing while he watches politely, smiling all the time. I take his hand and slowly let it rest on my dick. He grabs it nervously but without hesitation. Then I do the same with my wife's hand and put it on his cock, she smiles and looks at him. I signal him to join in our embrace and then the magic happens. We are three bodies fused together. Hands run freely through each other bodies and we have a joint kiss for the first time. I place my hand in between my wife's legs and notice that she is getting wet and not because of the water. The time stops and we are in that special dimension where only the senses exist. The exploration under the water continues, everyone touching and kissing.

After a while we are too hot for the tub and decide to go to the bedroom. We get out, grab some towels and go upstairs. My wife goes to the washroom and the two guys jump in bed together. He hugs me and places my head on his chest while our hands are caressing each other cocks. Then my wife reappears and gets in the middle and we form a perfect triangle, she is kissing me and he is kissing her neck, my right leg is on her and his left is on mine. We embrace harder, breathing even faster. I start licking my wife's breasts and now she is kissing him passionately while her hands is playing with my cock and his hand in between her legs making her moan as if it was no tomorrow. Next I move to the other side, behind him, pressing my chest against his back, kissing his neck and grabbing his cock with my left hand brushing it against my wife's pussy. The three are still in an embrace only with him now in the middle. It's his turn to get all the attention from both of us.

He is on his back now. My wife is on one side kissing him and caressing his nipples. On the other side I go down on him, licking his shaved balls and his hard rock cock. He moans as I engulf his dick with my mouth while my wife is stroking mine and he is fingering her pussy. I alternate between licking my wife pussy around his finger and sucking him. Then my wife mounts him like a cowgirl and slides down until his pussy is pressing on his cock and I can lick the two together at once. I take a condom and put it his cock then I grab it and position it at the entrance to the wet heaven which is waiting for it. My wife slides down even more and his cock disappears entirely inside her. I then play with his balls and my wife starts a very slow ride while he is grabbing her breasts and she is caressing his chest. I now move and position myself on the opposite direction along his side so my feet are near his face and his big toe of his right leg is in my mouth. He brushes my feet with his lips and grabs my cock with his right hand hand, his left hand still playing with my wife's breast. My wife increases the tempo and we can only hear the moans of the three of us like in a perfect concert. My left hand is on his hand guiding him in the movement jerking off my cock. My right hand is caressing his balls. I'm the first to explode shooting my load over my stomach. He understands and slow down his strokes moving his fingers later to my empty balls, few seconds later my wife is screaming with pleasure and then he also gets his share of a fantastic orgasm.

The three of us need a little rest. We lay down together, he is still,in the middle, both my wife and me under each arm pressed against his chest, all smiling happily while we are caressing his body with our hands. Slowly the conversation starts again and we laugh together. It's recovering time for getting ready for the next round and to discover the mysteries of this amazing sex only possible among the three of us.