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First time stepping out Part 2!

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Published 5 years ago
We both enjoyed out first meeting that we decided on a second. Our first meeting I became completely addicted to this man's big cock so I had to have it again. We both decided to make this affair into a permanent type thing since we enjoyed each other so much. Our second meeting we met at the same spot and then he hopped in my vehicle and we drove up a dirt road and parked in a secluded area which surrounded trees. I shut my vehicle off opened up the windows and we started making out hot and heavily. We were so horny thinking about what had happened last time that neither of us held back. He immediately took all his clothes off and was naked and decided to get out of the vehicle and walk into a farmers field stopped looked at me and shook his big hard cock at me as I sat in my car and watched him. He knew I wanted him more than ever. He got back into the car I took my shorts off (I didn't wear any panties) when he sat back down I immediately went right for his cock and started stroking him. He was so hard and horny that his cock was dripping everywhere in precum. He rubbed my clit as I stroked him and we madeout. Kissing down my neck grabbing my hair as he kissed me. Oh god was I ever wet. I could feel my pussy juices dripping down my ass. I wanted him so bad. He grabbed my head exactly like I wanted him to and shoved it onto his cock and I took his cock in my mouth sucking it nice and hard and slowly gliding my right hand up and down his shaft as He fucked my mouth. I love having my mouth fucked!! I took his cock out of my mouth and spit on it and shoved it back in my mouth only sucking him a little faster and longer. Sucking and drinking all that precum was making me even wetter. I stopped and he started fingering my pussy nice and hard. I was so wet you could hear my pussy juices as he finger fucked me. I grabbed his fingers and licked my juices off of them. Seeing me lick my own juices drove him nuts. I then climbed ontop of him slid his cock inside me and start riding him up and down back and forth side to side. Did that ever feel good! I could once again feel his cock hitting my stomach. Oh my was he ever deep in my pussy. The moaning and panting coming from him was incredible. Just the thought of my pussy juices dripping down his shaft onto his balls made me even hotter then I was for him. I begged him to bend me over and fuck my pussy from behind. So I climbed off and he did as I begged him to. He shoved that cock in me so deep and hard I wanted to cum all over his cock. I held back though. His cock was inside me balls deep. He pulled my hair and slapped my ass just the way I wanted it and love it. He then opened up the door stood outside bent me over with my knees kneeling on the passenger side seat and fucked my pussy fast and hard. The thought of potentially getting caught fucking just made my pussy wetter. He stopped and came back inside the vehicle and i layed on my back in missionary position and slid his cock in again only he thrusted it deep and hard inside of me fucking me harder and harder. He knows I love rough sex. I couldn't stop moaning. It felt unbelievable! As he was pumping my pussy I was sliding back and forth on his cock grinding my pussy into his cock then he cam. Mmm Feeling his cock pulsate in my pussy was amazing. He climbed off of me and I sat in the drivers seat and he spread my legs and started eating my pussy and tongue fucking me as he slid his fingers deep inside of me. Within seconds I cam on his fingers. He pulled them out and sucked my cum off of them. We then got dressed and I drove him back to his car we said our goodbyes and we both left. The drive home my legs wouldn't stop buckling just like the first time. There's another story coming soon too so don't forget to come back and look for the part 3!
Horny Wifey

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