Written by Hay

Oct. 27, 2017

We knew each other in the late 60s, we were like any other teenagers, we had any kind of sex whenever we could, my wife was a lot more adventurous than me. When we were out it didn't seem to bother her if other people were about and I know on occasions we were watched while I had my hand up her dress and inside her knickers, this seemed to turn her on and I approached the subject one evening.

It seemed strange that it was me asking the questions, usually it's the female asking why do you want other people about, she said it excited her and made her feel sexy.

I soon got used to her showing her her stockings and often up to her knickers when we where out and it made me hard every time.

We married a couple of years later, and although we had our own place sex indoors wasn't as exciting after while,with her flashing had completely changed my mind from our early days, I was now obsessed with other men looking at her, and when we had sex I always imagined the men looking up her dress and wanking.

I asked her if she was willing to have sex with another man and she refused immediately, why you like them watching, yes but you're there, I still could be definitely not, time passed and I found she had been having an affair, she told me it was over, I pretend to be upset but was turned on, I kept this up for a couple of weeks, and as much as she tried by wearing my favorite white underwear while we were sitting in the lounge I took no notice, although I would wank thinking of her with another man. We went to the pub one Saturday, she had to much to drink and I asked her about the affair, she said she was with the girls one evening and a guy had asked her for a dance, he was very forward and said he enjoyed seeing my stockings and suspenders and was stroking my bum through my dress, he was so forceful and literally dragged me outside and put me up against the wall and fingered me till I came, I wanked him off and we started seeing each other.

She said I know I've hurt you but at the time I couldn't help it, are you turned on telling me this because I am, yes. Would you like him to fuck you again, no he moved away and it was over before he left.

Would you .

now let me watch you with another man, if you want me to, I was know pushing my luck, the pub was quite I want you to wank me here, I unzipped my trousers and she got hold of me, I knew I wouldn't last long her hand moved up and down she didn't even check around and I came very quickly.

I was now in charge of our sex lives.