Written by MikeBray41

Nov. 26, 2016

(Authors Note: This is true story of an actual outdoors erotic encounter I had with a female photographer I met online)

I had been single for several months after my break up with my ex and was feeling quite lonely and well needless to say sex deprived and horny. One day while on Facebook, I got chatting with an attractive young female photographer and thought it might be fun to see if she might be interested in hanging out and shooting some photos together. Needless to say our discussions eventually turned to sex and she had a fantasy of being fucked outdoors. I had done it several times, and found it exciting. I offered to fulfill her fantasy so Brittney (not her real name) and I met up several days later.

I live near a wonderful wooded area with hiking trails, so we met there and chatted a bit, then went for a hike down the trail. She had worn a white tube top which showed her beautiful DD breasts and jean shorts. It was a wonderful warm summer day and we exchanged “shop talk” about photography and more. Along the walk we came along a deer and got some wonderful photos. Needless to say this got Brittney quite excited. We hiked a little further down the trail and decided to take a break.

The area was open, yet secluded. I suggested the idea of fulfilling Britt’s fantasy and she was ready and willing. She peeled off her top and undid her bra, letting them hang on a nearby branch. I leaned in and kissed her as I began to massage and fondle her large breasts. I leaned in and kissed her as she undid my jeans. I had worn no boxers to give her easy access to my cock. She pulled my cock out and began to stroke me as I leaned my head down and sucked on her breasts.

Brittney moaned as I sucked on and licked her nipples and attempted to take each breast, one at a time in my mouth to suck on. I undid her jean shorts and slid them along with her underwear off and began to rub her clit and pussy, Britt got wet immediately. I leaned down and had her sit on the log we were by and I slowly licked her pussy, tasting her wonderful sweet juices flow from inside her. I slid one then two fingers in her pussy. She was quite tight so had a bit of a time making them fit but they did.

I slowly fingered her pussy and licked her pussy and clit, loving the sounds she made as she moaned. I started to finger her faster, harder and deeper as I reached up with my other hand and began to fondle her breasts. I focused on Britt’s clit, licking and sucking on it as her moans got louder and her breath became faster, telling me she was about to cum. Suddenly Brittney peaked and her orgasm hit. She flooded my mouth with her warm sweet juices which I hungrily lapped up.

Once her orgasm subsided, Brittney smiled and said “My Turn!” I knew what she meant. I leaned against the tree as she dropped to her knees. Brittney looked up at me lustfully as she licked along the shaft of my cock, to the tip. She swirled and ran her tongue around the head, before slowly taking me in her mouth as much as she could. My cock being 8 inches, she had difficulty taking my full length but she tried her best. She gagged a couple times as I began to face fuck her shoving my cock in and out of her mouth as I held the back of her head as she sucked and stroked me.

I finally was rock hard and ready to fuck! I bent Brittney over the log by us and teased her with the head of my cock. She looked back and demanded as she moaned “Stop teasing and just put your big cock in me and fuck me already!” I gladly obliged and slid my full length deep inside her tight wet pussy. Brittney moaned in pleasure. I slowly began to thrust in and out slowly. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back as I smacked her big yet very sexy ass.

Brittney moaned “MMM YES SLAP MY ASS!” I gladly again obliged. We fucked in bent over Doggy for awhile but I have always had trouble cumming in that position and takes me forever, but needless to say I made Brittney cum once before sliding out to change positions. Brittney looked at me as I slid out and asked what position makes me cum easiest, I told her cowgirl with the woman on top riding me. So Brittney had me sit on the log as she straddled me.

I thrust up to slide easily into her as her vagina squeezed around my cock. I started sucking on Brittney’s breasts, as I grabbed her ass to help her ride me. Brittney began to nibble and bite on my neck and earlobes as we fucked and I could start to feel that familiar feeling signalling I was getting close. I moaned that I was, but what tripped my switch was when Brittney whispered “cum deep in my pussy!” in my ear. I could hold out no longer.

With all willpower gone, I thrust one more time deep into Brittney’s wet wanting pussy and began to erupt. I spilled my load deep inside her tight, hot, wet pussy. I moaned as I shot rope after rope of hot cum into her as she moaned and orgasmed with me. I stayed inside her until I was completely spent. Slowly I slid out of her as my cum dripped from her hole. She rubbed it in and also some on her nipples. She then bent down and sucked the rest off. We caught our breaths and proceeded to get dressed.

We shared some water I had brought along and then we grabbed our cameras but not before I took some very sexy photos of her topless to show her wonderful breasts. Unfortunately she wouldn’t let me photograph her pussy but I was happy with what I had got. We completed hiking along the trail and then turned around to hike back to her car.

On the way back we got back several moments later where we had basically just fucked. I pulled Brittney into me and kissed and whispered “round two” in her ear, she was hesitant but agreed. Her pussy was still wet and sloppy now from me cumming inside her. She undid my jeans again and gave me a slow wonderful blowjob to get me rock hard again. I again bent her over and fucked her from behind for awhile. Brittney then said she had to go soon so we needed to hurry.

I had her straddle and mount me again but in reverse cowgirl as I slapped her ass and grabbed her hips for extra thrusting and leverage. Within moment I knew I was at my peak again. I slammed my cock deep inside her once more and filled her pussy with a second load of cum. I again stayed in her until spent and she wonderfully again sucked me clean. We got dressed and headed back towards the parking lot to her car.

Once back at her car we kissed and thanked each other for the wonderful afternoon. Brittney left but we stayed touch until a stupid argument one night on Facebook and since we have not spoken but I will always have my memory of that hot sexy summer afternoon having fun in the forest.