Oct. 1, 2016

So I'm waiting for my flight from Ottawa to Toronto last night, and I get this email saying "Hey, are you still looking for tonight? My wife is 49, 155lbs, and very sexy". I reply right away saying yes.

P and I talked on the phone to confirm that I was not a fake. He sent me a picture of her, and she did...she looked so hot.

We made arrangements to meet at my hotel lobby. At midnight I got a text message saying "We are here". I walked down to the lounge and there they were having a beer. P had ordered me one. I sat down with them, and to my amazement, this hot 49 year old woman, with short hair and glasses was looking at me. P sat beside her. He looked a bit shy, but he wasn't.

I gave her a hug and a kiss on cheek, and I shook his hand. She smelt sooo good that I immediately got erect.

So they were going to Cuba this morning, and I guess they wanted to have some fun before leaving.

I kept complimenting her on how hot she looked, and she kept taking the compliments nicely. She kept looking at me, and I kept staring at her lips.

Once we finished our drinks, I asked them if they wanted to come up. We came up to my room, she went in the bathroom to prepare herself for a good fucking. P was telling me the rules, which I have no problems with. He told me she loved getting her pussy eaten, and loved sucking cock.

As soon as she came out of the bathroom, I grab her and started kissing her. She immediately started massaging my cock and breathing heavy. I pushed her to the bed and got on top of her massaging her tits, and rubbing her pussy over her pants. She then sat up, took her top and pants off, and at the same time pulled my pants off violently. I could see that she was super horny.

I pulled my cock out, and she didn't even let me take it out completely when she had it all in her mouth. Her hot, wet lips kept stroking it up and down. P started taking his clothes off, stroking his cock as he watched his wife service my hard shaft.

I laid her down on the bad and start with my tongue. Her pussy was hot and wet, and I knew she wanted my cock. I ate her for a few minutes until she pulled me up indicating that she wanted me in. I willingly slid in gently, she gasped. As I was pumping her, she reached out to P with her hand. He came over and started mouth fucking her. After a few minutes, P made a head gesture saying "switch". We bent her over as P took her doggy style, and I started mouth fucking her. Let me tell you that this woman could suck a cock. I made sure that we were parallel to the mirror so we could see everything. P nodded at me again to switch. Again, I slid in slowly as I watched myself in the mirror pumping her, and taking P in her mouth. It was so hot that I will never get that picture out of my mind. We both moved to the same rhythm until I was about to bust. I looked at P as he was mouth fucking her, and he nodded, meaning "do it". After a few more pumps in her wet tight pussy I let out a huge moan, and I came all over her ass. P was right after me as he came all over her face.

She went to take a shower, we got dressed, I shook P's hand saying thank you, she said "THANK YOU", and I wished them a good trip to Cuba.

What a night!!!

My bed is lonely again. ;-)