Written by Jimmy

Jan. 22, 2013

Ran into a friend of mine at a sportsbar while watching the NFL on a Sunday afternoon, at half time on the second game, she invited me the folling weekend to her cottage for a relaxing weekend, just the 2 of us (so I thought).

Friday before I left, recieved a call asking me if I was still going, said a couple of friends might show up on the weekend so she was bringing alot of food, I asked her if she needed a ride, said she meet me up there.

When I arrived Late Friday night (got lost), noticed 3 cars up there already, guess I was a little late. Grabbed my stuff and headed into the cottage.

I was surprised to see my friend and her 4 girlfriends, drinking wine and watching movies. "I asked where are the other guys?", my friend Julie replied, "your it"

I've known Julie for 8 year, never slept with her, but shared alot of things about one another over the years, consider her a close friend.

So I asked the girls if they wanted anything to eat,and cut up some food and grabbed a beer and joined them. the other girls were different ages ranging between 35-55, from the conversation they seemed to work in the same field......

After about an hour, Julie wanted to talk to me in the kitchen, she asked me if I was comfortable with the girls and if I minded being the only guy. No, I was alright, "let me be the host and just relax and enjoy herself I'll take care of everything"

After a few more bottles of wine, and beer, the conversation got interesting, I was mostly listening, being careful what I said, it was 5 against 1. Julie noticed I kept going out for a smoke, came outside and asked if I was open-minded enough to have some fun. "sure why not" she said she'd be right back outside.

When she came out she had with her a collar and leash, "you told me you were open-minded, too late now, strip down to your shorts and put this thing on"

She lead me back inside, told me that "I was there to service her friends needs, cook, serve and do whatever they asked of me", as she was saying this I was hard as a rock, never have I been in a situation like this, and a little scared as to what might happen.

A few minutes went by and the older lady, asked me to get her a clean glass, no problem, as I went to the kitchen got the glass, she was behind me and grab my leash, "come with me", guided me to one of the rooms and told me to stand infront of her as she sat on the bed, proceeded to take my cock out and gave the best blowjob I had ever experienced, she mentioned that she had not seen cock in 2 years.

Gathering ourselves, we went back to the main room where the other ladies were, Julie just smiled.....the girls were all looking at oneanother, another grab my leash and said "I'm next", when we entered the room she took her shorts off, said "not expecting you to be ready yet, so you will do for me". so I got down on my knees and devoured her sweet pussy for about 1/2 hour, she was moaning so loud the girls in the other room were cheering her on........it was crazy

After we were finished, I needed a smoke, trying to regroup, think of what had just happened, went outside, when I came in we were all smirking, and the conversation turned to sex. I was asked if I was enjoying myself, and what were my limits, "Limits??????, just do whatever you want, I have all weekend"

About an hour had passed, the least attractive lady grabbed my leash and lead me to another room, she asked me if I have ever been tied up? I said yes, then she proceeded to tie me to the bed "I'll be right back, don't go anywhere" she laughed and left me there...after about 1/2hour or so, she came back with the older lady again, apparently girls talk....the older lady stradled my face while the other began working on my cock, it was an hour of fucking and sucking, changing with oneanother, even the girls had their moment together while I was tied up watching.....

The whole weekend was spent cooking, serving and servicing the ladies in everyway they wanted, it wasn't until late Saturday night that the one lady joined in, she was very uncomfortable with her friends being around, so when they left to go intown, she grabbed my leash and asked me to go with her, I could tell she was very nervous (found out later that the girls knew this so left), so I took my time, talked alot with her and proceed to eat her pussy gentling, as soon as I got down there she gushed like Niagra Falls, she felt embarrased, I was so turned on (been with a gusher before), I stayed down there for about 45 minutes, we were both soaked, but felt that she didn't need my cock inside her, so just pleasured her the best I could.....

It was an incrediable weekend, never saw it coming, spent the whole weekend pleasuring these remarkable ladies........all but one.....

Since that weekend I have spent a little bit of time over drinks with Julie, she is engaged to be married. Never asked her why she didn't play around with her girlfriends, but we both know that it would have ruined our friendship.....

But she does know a little more about me, more than any woman does, and it will remain our secret.