Written by Lucky Husband

Mar. 10, 2015

It was a somewhat chilly and windy Wednesday afternoon and, after an all day meeting, I stood in the bar that was open to the hotel lobby and surveyed the people arriving and departing through the main entrance. Not having had a woman since the previous weekend, I watched with some interest the women passing through the lobby. So far none of them warranted more than a cursory look. Then I saw her coming through the doors from the outside.

She was tall with long dark blonde hair. My eyes were drawn to her as she stopped just inside the entrance to put down her small suitcase and combination hand bag/briefcase so she could unbutton her Burberry. She looked to be about my age, around forty, and had a very striking face, almost Nordic, with an inviting smile and high cheek bones capped by large sparkling blue eyes. She picked up her travel bags and headed for the front desk.

I watched with interest as she had a short exchange with a member of the front desk staff who checked his computer screen, answered some questions, had a bellman take her bag, and then pointed her toward the lobby bar. She took off her Burberry and headed toward the bar where I stood transfixed by the sight of her. As she walked toward me, I admired her slim and fit body. Her business attire consisted of a straight black skirt which showed off her magnificent long legs to full advantage, a close fitting white blouse with ruffles down the front which encased her firm medium sized breasts, and a black open front suit jacket.

As she got closer, she noticed me watching her and gave me a long appraising look accompanied by a friendly smile, which brought heat to my loins and made my cock twitch and start to rise. As she passed by me, she averted her eyes as she noticed where the booths were and headed for a small one in a back corner of the bar. I watched as she sat on the banquette at the rear of the booth and deposited her things on one of the extra chairs. She studied the drink menu, then nodded to the waiter who took her order. When he left to get her drink, she looked in my direction and saw me still watching her. She didn't quickly look away as I expected, but gazed at me with an odd look for a few seconds, then gave her attention to the waiter as he delivered her glass of white wine.

I took my own glass of wine from where I had set it on the bar and made my way towards her. As I approached, she positioned her left hand so her wedding rings were in plain view. As I got to her table, she gave me a wry smile and said "Before you say anything, I should tell you I'm married." I smiled and replied "That makes two of us. May I join you?" Without waiting for a reply, I sat on the chair facing her and put my wineglass down on the small table between us.

She chuckled and said "You're very forward and sure of yourself, but I didn't say you could join me." I offered to leave but she said "No, you're already here, and it will amuse me to see how you're going to proceed, but let me warn you, I have no intention of being unfaithful to my husband." I was already enjoying this verbal sparing between us and felt that, even if I could not change her declared intention, it would be a fun interlude in what probably would be an otherwise dull evening.

I asked her what she was doing at the hotel and found out she had been in Winnipeg for three days visiting clients, had just arrived here, and had local meetings the next two days. We then went on to other things. She turned out to be an intelligent and very interesting conversationalist. I was enjoying very much talking with her and noticed that she soon started to respond in kind to my occasional risqué verbal forays. By this time, our wine glasses were empty and I ordered a bottle of the same wine she was drinking to share as we continued talking.

As we talked and drank the bottle of wine, I steered the conversation to her personal life and asked about her marriage and husband. She told me they had been married for 19 years, he was a successful businessman, and she had returned to her career four years previously when the children became teenagers. I asked if she was happy in her marriage. She deflected my question by asking if I was happy in mine. I said "Yes, I'm very happy in my marriage and my wife is a wonderful wife, mother, and lover, but, after making love to her for these many years, sex between us has become stale and I want a new and exciting experience."

She looked at me and said "I've already told you I have no intention of being unfaithful to my husband, nor will I be your 'new and exciting experience'." I responded, "Assuming you don't already have a lover, tell me truthfully, after making love to your husband for the past 19 years, don't you look at other men and wonder what it would be like to have another man in your bed." She said "If it weren't for the wine making me a bit tipsy, I would get up and leave right now, but I'll confess that you're right. I do look sometimes at other men and imagine what it would be like, but not going there is the price one pays for a successful marriage."

I let her rejoinder hang in the air for a minute or two, then gently covered her hands with mine and looked steadily into her eyes. She started to move her hands out from under mine, then changed her mind. I quickly said in a low voice "Let's go to my room. No one need know except you and I." She replied "You're making the assumption that I find you attractive and will go to bed with you." I smiled and said "You can't deny there is an attraction between us that started when you noticed me watching you as you made your way here from the front desk, and continued when you didn't demand I leave when I very presumptuously sat down here with you." She smiled at me in a knowing way and I continued "We've both been away from our spouses for several nights and, unless you had a lover in Winnipeg these past few nights, each of us has spent these nights without benefit of a warm companion in our bed."

She sat silently for some moments then repeated that she wouldn't allow herself to become an unfaithful wife. I told her it was obvious we were attracted to each other, that I found her very desirable and wanted desperately to make love to her. I then stood, gathered up her things, and held out my hand to her. She shyly stared at my hand for a few seconds, then slowly rose and allowed me to take her hand and guide her to the lobby elevator. In the empty elevator car on the way up, I gently pulled her against me letting her get used to the feel of me.

Once in the room, I put her things on one of the chairs, led her to the foot of the bed, grasped both her hands in mine as we stood there, gazed passionately into her eyes, then pulled her slowly into me molding our bodies together. She placed both her hands flat against my chest, as if to put a barrier between us. I nuzzled my face in the bend of her neck and breathed in her sweet smell. We gently rocked our bodies together and I could feel her passion slowly ignite.

I moved my hands from where they were resting about her waist and slowly ran them up and down her back, then down to her bum where I kneaded her cheeks, pulling her tighter into me and letting her feel my growing erection. She looked up at me and guiltily said "We really shouldn't be doing this," but there was no conviction in her voice.

I lowered my mouth to hers and gave her small, quick kisses, then gently ran the tip of my tongue over and between her slightly open lips, and lingered there kissing her steadily. She soon opened her lips more and I felt the tip of her tongue meet mine. We deepened our kisses and I welcomed her tongue into my mouth. Soon our tongues were dancing and darting against each other as our passion rose.

Her hands soon found their way to my bum and she pulled us tightly together. As we ground our hips into each other, I reached for her breasts and caressed them through her clothing. They were firm and enticing, and I could feel her nipples harden under my touch. I couldn't wait to feel them in the flesh. By this time, her breathing had became somewhat ragged and our now deep French kisses were sending electric shocks to our groins, further building our arousal.

We broke our kissing and caressing, and I suggested we get undressed. She shyly agreed and I backed away a few feet so we could watch each other remove our clothes. We kicked off our shoes and, as she slowly removed her blouse, I looked away as I very quickly stripped down to my boxers. When I got to that point and looked up to watch her undress, I saw she had stopped undressing in order to watch me.

I approached her and said "No fair letting me get so far ahead of you. Do you need some help?" Without waiting for a response, I unhooked her bra, and slowly pushed the straps off her shoulders and down her arms. The cups remained encasing her very firm breasts. I looked at her with lust in my eyes and slowly pulled the bra away from her breasts.

Her nipples were already hard and elongated. She moaned with passion when I cupped both breasts in my hands and caressed them gently for a few moments, then she gasped in surprise when I suddenly grasped her nipples and rolled them between my thumbs and forefingers. When I increased the pressure of my fingers and tweaked her nipples a bit harder, she cried out "Oh, my god. Keep doing that!" as she rhythmatically thrust her hips into mine.

I moved my mouth to her nipples and sucked them as I used my hands to push her skirt and knickers over her bum and down her legs. She impatiently kicked them away as we thrust ourselves into each other, hips grinding, and hands touching and probing the intimate parts of each other's body. Our mutual lust soon reached a peak and she whispered "Use your mouth and fingers to make me come."

Quickly removing my boxers, I pushed her down onto the edge of the bed and she lay back as I knelt on the floor in front of her. I hooked her legs over my shoulders and lowered my face to the very wet slit at the center of her womanhood. As I held her groove open with my thumbs, I ran my tongue up and down it while deeply inhaling her wonderful scent. I could feel her hips undulate against my mouth when my tongue caressed her hardening clit. As I continued licking, her breathing became ragged and interspersed with moans and gasps. I increased the pressure and speed of my tongue on her clit and she soon cried out with loud moans of passion and came hard and long, her hips quivering and jerking in sexual release. I continued licking as the waves of her orgasm rolled over her and then slowly subsided.

I remained kneeling before her, staring with lust at her lying open and vulnerable in front of me, then began gently exploring her slit with my fingers. When she responded with gentle hip movements, I inserted two fingers and stroked them in and out, exploring her cavern. When her sudden gasps told me I found her G-spot, I concentrated my finger tips there and her panting increased. When I suddenly pressed my thumb firmly on her clit and rapidly rubbed it, she quickly climaxed with a series of loud gasps. When her orgasm subsided, she loudly demanded "Take me, take me now! I need to feel you in me! Oh, please, fuck me!"

She moved into the center of the bed and lay back opening her legs and splaying her knees out wide. I climbed between her wide open and inviting legs and, at her insistence, thrust my rock hard cock up her in a single thrust. She quickly wrapped her arms around my upper back, raised her legs, knees bent, on either side of my torso, and cried out "Do me hard and deep! Fuck me hard!" I immediately complied and pounded into her, taking her violently. As I did so, she thrust her hips up into me matching my rhythm and urged me on with repeated cries of "Fuck me hard! Fuck me deep!" It was as if she was out of her mind with lust.

We continued for some minutes until she plunged over the edge and screamed out her orgasm in long, drawn out gasps of intense sexual release. I continued to pound into her and felt my own climax rapidly rising in me until I finally exploded and flooded her insides with a series of deep, spasmodic thrusts. Still up her, I then collapsed on her spent body and held her tightly in my arms, giving her slow thrusts of my cock and multiple kisses of gratitude for the astounding experience we had just shared. It took a while before we regained our senses and my cock finally softened and fell out of her drenched pussy. We cuddled with our bodies entwined in each other and enjoyed our post coital snuggling.

We soon realized we were famished and ate a room service dinner, after which we slept for a few hours, then had each other again, this time with her on top. Between her cries of climax and the banging of the bed headboard against the wall, I'm sure the occupants of the room next door knew very well what we were doing. When we were again cuddling each other, we giggled about the noise and hoped they were encouraged to follow our example, but we never found out.

We had each other twice more during the remainder of the night, and then a final time in the morning. We agreed that neither of us had had such a prolonged and erotic night in a very long time.

She was an incredible sexual partner that night, extremely eager and enthusiastic, totally lustful with out any inhibitions, easily achieved her orgasms, and satisfied me completely. I couldn't ask for a better sex partner. One of the best parts was the way she would look at me with lust beforehand and appreciation afterward.

In the morning after our last love making session, we both had to get ready for work. As we reluctantly dressed preparatory to going down to breakfast in the hotel dining room, she asked "Did the kids stay with my mum and dad for the night?" "Yes," I replied, "and your mum will drop them off at school this morning." "Good," she replied, "otherwise we wouldn't have been able to have our 'date night' last night when I returned from Winipeg." I gazed at her lovingly and said "I love doing date nights with you, and they certainly spice up our marriage!" My wife hugged and kissed me in agreement, and we both were smiling broadly as we left our hotel room.