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Published 4 weeks ago
A Way Of Self Healing
This story toke place awhile ago before COVID.  Being retired from the military I have gained a lot of experience and insight into myself and others. The transition sometimes takes its toll on ones self.  To aide myself in this transition I joined a group where we can talk, bitch, get our frustrations out in a healing circle type situation, where you meet people who are going through problems similar to my own.

Well at one of these meeting I met up with a former comrade of mine, from years back, where we sometimes crossed paths either at work or in the lifestyle.  This was Mike; or trigger as I called him, because he was hung like a horse.  The alpha male, full of stamina, fit, and always ready to take on anything.  As careers go in the military, we go where we are told and take on what ever comes along.  I saw Mike at one of these meeting and he had a well in no better terms the legs cut out from under him.   Some of the after effects of going to war.  yes my sarcasm is cold but as a soldier we deal with pain and suffering through banter and bad jokes.  As he came into the arena where we were I went over to him , say hey, we started to reconnect and so on.  We engaged in the meeting got out some of our frustrations, had a few laughs and so on.  Myself and Mike started to hangout once in a while, I would help him out with some of his home renovations, do odd jobs for him once or twice and sometimes take him to meetings on his really bad days.  

Then one day he comes out and tells me one of his problems, and why he gets frustrated with himself.  Me being me, I said what you lose that horse of a third leg in the explosion that took your legs.  We laughed and he said no.  Then he just looked me and said I am not the same since I lost my legs and that he missed being able to pound the crap out of his wife during sex or any other person they brought into their life.  He told that he has become a cuckold of sorts, resorting to watching his wife take on any big dick she would choose.  Me being mister fix it and try to resolve a problem said I think I can help you out with that.  What do you mean he says.  I said think outside the box, you want to be able to stand up, forcefully feed whoever that monster between your legs and have the enjoyment again being able to control that part of your life.  Yeah he says, so what do I have to do.  Leave that to me, I have an idea.  So I drop him off at his house and told him I would be back later if I have everything and we would go from there, just trust me and we get a solution.

Well the idea I had in my head had to do with my experience as a rigger for climbing and a sex swing.  So went to my local sex shop, started shopping and met up with the most beautiful BBW I have ever met.  Her name was Anne.  She own the store.  She was 5 10 " 185lbs , with tits the size of your head and shapely hips.  She carried herself quite well.  I told her what I was planning to help out a friend and that I needed a few things to do it.  We together start running ideas back and forth, then we came up a great setup for Mike.  Then she offered to help me put it all together at Mike's place since it was closing time anyways.  

We get to Mike's and I meet his stunning wife Michelle at the door.  5 8" 135lbs, little bubble butt and B cup titties.  Said hi, told her what I was here for and proceeded right in.  Within an hour we had the rigging setup and the swing in place down in Mike basement that I have finished months before, sort of a little play room now anyways.  I brought Mike down, where I told him to only wear a robe and a g string if he wanted or just go oh natural lol.  He decided bare ass naked and all I heard from Anne was ohh my.  As she truly notice how big Mikes' dick truly was.  10.5" long and as thick as a babies arm.  I laughed, helped Mike into the padded harness that Anne helped me with.  Hocked up the rigging and pulled him up to eye level with me.  Anne then started to help adjust the harness a bit so it would not chafe or scratch.  In the process Mike started to get hard, Anne just looked at the big wonderful cock, stroked it a few times softly then put her mouth right over the top.  Mike liked this because he just grabbed head and slowly pulled back and forth.  The smile on his face was great, as he started to face fuck this unknown woman to him.  In the back ground was his wife Michelle watching, being the voyeur.  I decided to push the boundaries a bit, so I went up behind Anne and undid the front of her top, and then I released her bra.  Out popped those big titties, standing all on their own, very little sag.  Mike stopped with dick buried in Anne's' mouth, pull out and lifted Anne to her feet.  I have to see more he said. as he took a nipple in his mouth and started to suck and nibble.  He undid her pants and slid a hand in to feel her slopping wet pussy.  He quickly learned how to lower himself in the rigging and pulled her pants down.  Being the an alpha male again he told her to sit back in the swing.  She did this and Mike then proceeded to eat to his desires.  Anne said oh  fuck he has a talented tongue as she has her first orgasm of the night.  Michelle at this point has removed all her clothes and comes over.  She kisses Anne and starts playing with her tits.  Anne leans back and takes in all the enjoyment she is getting.  Michelle then reposition herself and straddles Anne's' face as she is still playing with her nipples.  Now I am really getting horny as I watch this play out so I strip down and watch.  Mike then raises himself, kisses his wife passionately and starts to slide his monster into Anne.  With a muffled mouth full of pussy all I can hear is you are so big and then the moaning starts.  Michelle is have her first orgasm and Anne building to her 2nd.  Mike slowly but forcefully fucks Anne.  I decide to move up to Anne's' head and place my dick between the two sets of lips.  I slowly slide in between the them, it is so hot and wet.  I pull back and slip it into Michelle's waiting pussy and then back and slide it into Anne's hot mouth.  I do this for a while as Mike starts to build up his tempo.  Michelle then directs me to put my dick in her ass and fuck her hard.  And I always do as I am told.  I slide my dick into her ass, Anne grabs Michelle's ass cheeks, spreads them open and buries that pussy in her face.  As I adjust to her ass; Mike is now pounding Anne with all he can with very long hard quick strokes.  So I start fucking Michelle harder and harder until her flood gates open and she gushes all over Anne.  Mike seeing this unloads inside of Anne, pulls his dick out and feeds it to his wife, then puts her on clean up of Anne used pussy, bringing her to an explosion of pleasure as I unload in Michelle ass.

So then I stand back and continue to watch as Michelle and Anne devour each other for a bit, and I look over at Mike and the old trigger was back, standing proud and ready to keep going for what ever was next.  For the next little while I fuck Anne and watch Mike fuck his wife the way he use to.  We spit roasted them both and enjoyed Evey minute of it.  Then at the end of the night I gave Mike the bill for all the equipment I had the purchase and he looked at me and says DICK. Yep, we are friends and I will help out where I can, but buddy this shit aint cheap, lol.  From then on my friend has come back and we keep in touch more often now and we still engage in the lifestyle with new ideas.  Anne helps us out more often and she still plays with them.  But since this has happened I have had other people who I have met at the group ask for ideas and such.  Some I can help some I can't.  But Mike and I do our best for each situation.  Hope you enjoyed this.  Maybe I will write another one of our sex capades soon, Cheers.

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