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22 Jul 2016



1 minute read

H.E.R I watch as my lovers cock is being sucked on by her. She commits to the task as if her life depends on it. I am mesmerized by the slow bobbing of her head and the sucking noises she makes with her mouth. I hear my lover moan as she finds that particular sweet spot on the tip. Her tongue deftly performs curlicues and I imagine how fantastic that must feel. I feel the heat begin to rise in my groin. Watching my lovers cock be worshipped by another is amazing and so fucking hot. She drifts to his balls and lovingly licks and sucks them. I hear the quickening of my lovers breath as he gives himself up to her intuitive exploration. Her head drifts lower and my lover begins to moan louder as her tongue knowingly discovers all his hidden places.The epic battle of wills between my lover and her is astounding to watch. Neither is willing to submit until I tell her "Make him come!" She applies herself fully to the task at hand. Even though I know her tongue must be tired she does not lose enthusiasm and continues to concentrate on his pleasure. I lean forward and kiss him. His lips lock onto mine as if he wants to consume me with his mouth. He pleads with her to make him come and she grasps onto his cock with consummate grace and finishes the task. As he flops helplessly on the bed like a fish from the multiple orgasms racking his body. She swallows every last bit of his cum and licks her lips in satisfaction like a cat.

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