Feb. 6, 2019

We are very sexually active, I am a firm believer in never wasting an opportunity to fuck. My husband loves to treat me by offering me experiences with other men (and couples but that's another story)

On Monday he invited a local young man about 15 years younger than I. This was his 3rd visit. The first time he was over it was fun. He was very eager and things happened quickly. Visit number too he was a tad too aggressive. Respectful and amazing but very much a jackhammer out of control. So Monday I was wondering if I would need to work on his training. He arrived while my husband was getting ready. I was in a little purple Teddy. I met him at the door and led him to the couch. He quickly gently pulled me on to his lap facing him. Kissed me deeply while grabbing my ass firmly while I squirmed against his hard body, feeling his cock through his pants. Rubbing myself against him. My husband comes in the room just as the man pulls my heavy DD breasts from my teddy to bury his face in them. I love locking eyes with my husband while another man enjoys my body. He comes closer and kisses me deeply. I am getting so wet and ready for the next step. My husband takes out the cameras and begins directing the fun. Soon I am sitting on the couch while the young man is fucking my mouth. We go back and forth between him holding my face while fucking my mouth and me testing how deeply I can fit his thick 9 inch cock. My husband asks how good my mouth feels and films his grunts and moans of pleasure. At my husband's direction we move to the bedroom where he asks me to straddle his face, the first flick of his tongue has me moaning. He must have had some practice since our last session as his pace is exquisitely amazing. I begin to gush with a powerful toe curling orgasm. He slides out from under me and grabs a condom donning it quickly. He buries his thick long cock deeply inside me from behind. Stroking in and out in perfect rhythm. All while my husband films. My husband comes in to my face to kiss me deeply while this young man spanks my ass perfectly. Between the deep kissing and deep fucking, my juices are running down my thighs. I lost count of how many orgasms I had. He knew I wanted to taste his hot cum. He quickly pulled his cock out and removed the condom I laid on my back with my head off the edge of the bed so I could take him deep in my throat, sucking pulling his balls to bring him deeper. My husband chooses then to start licking at my clit. It's too much, I start cumming yet again. The young man fills my mouth with his hot cum his load was so thick I choked trying to swallow it all. My husband left the room for a moment and I asked him if there was anything else. He leaned down and kissed my swollen mouth. He was so turned on by the moment that he quickly put his cock back to my mouth to cum again, this time covering my open mouth with his hot tart cum. My husband returned as the young man was cleaning himself up. He shook his hand and lead him to the door. Returning to reclaim my pussy for himself. My husband fucked slowly at first. Then quicker as he brought me to orgasm as my swollen tender pussy reacted to his exquisite cock. We came together as felt his hot seed filling me. Who says Monday nights are rough?