Written by Stud man

Aug. 5, 2018

We had just gotten married May 1984 we arrived in Niagara Falls the next day. We got to our room a beautiful suite over looking the falls. My wife suggested we shower get cleaned up eat than head to the entertainment district to have drinks & have some fun. I agreed & we got ready I'll tell you I've never seen my wife look as pretty & as sexy when she came out of the bathroom looking that hot I just wanted to throw her on the bed screw all day forget about going out but she really wanted to go out so we did. We found a little patio bar with live music my wife said grab a table she would get drinks & be right there. She was up at the bar for quite a few minutes when she returned I said what took so long. She told me 3 guys were hitting on her she told them she was on her honeymoon just married yesterday. They told her if she came with them they would give her a honeymoon she would never forget. At first I got upset thought about saying something to them, but said to myself look at her she's drop dead gorgeous if I wasn't married to her I'd be hitting on her too & let it be. The 3 guys sat to my back across from us I knew they were eyeing up my wife she kept looking over at them & smiling she loved to flirt. Eventually I turned to them & asked them if they wanted to join us they were at our table so fast it wasn't funny. My wife has always been a flirt back home in our bar guys were always hitting on her she loved the attention. After quite a few drinks & getting to know each other my wife suggested we all go back to our room cheaper drinks & a view of the falls, sounds great they said & away we went. Before we went back the guys bought a 60oz of rye & some tequila the boys wanted to party. I knew what they were up to & what was going on, they planned on getting us drunk then fucking my wife. The thing is I wanted them to do that, it had always been a fantasy of mine to have group sex with my girlfriend now wife. We got back to the room the guys were feeding her drinks left right & center she was sloppy drunk soon after & being a real flirt. There were 2 chairs & a sofa in our room I grabbed one chair & one of the guys sat in the other. My wife & two of the guys sat on the sofa with my wife in the middle. It wasn't long after they sat down I noticed the guys put their arms around my wifes neck & on to her shoulders & playfully squeezing her.I saw my wifes hand on one leg rubbing it very close to their groin area. She was smiling & looking at me with a glazed look in her eye waiting for me to stop her I smiled back & let her carry on. They poured a round of tequila shooters she went to have the shot & missed her mouth it ran down her dress onto her breasts. Right away the guys hands slid down her shoulders & onto her tits & helped dry her up, the other guy went behind her & unbuttoned her dress enough to reveal her fabulous tits & all their hands were wiping ,dying, & fondling her tits I didn't say a word nor did she. After a minute or so they realized I wasn't stopping them or saying anything I was smiling & my wife was to drunk to refuse they knew they were going to have her. So they started groping her body she threw her hands up in the air & let them have their way with her. She looked so sexy but in the same way very slutty I wanted those guys to fuck her real hard & trust me they did. This was going to be the first of many gangbangs in our marriage. They pulled her dress over her head revealing her satin bra & panties & her beautiful silk stockings & garter belt. She looked so hot they continued groping her rougher & rougher I loved it than off came the bra, fuck she looked good. You could tell the guys were ready to fuck they had their hands inside her panties getting her good & wet than got naked themselves. They held her up & removed her panties & stockings then threw her on the bed before deciding who was first , second & third. I watched as the first guy got on top of her spread her legs & started fucking I looked at my wife she was semi conscious but knew what was happening. Her hands slide down to his butt as she pulled him in deep. I heard her moan with every thrust than I said fuck her harder! as I blew a load in my pants. The guys were thrilled that I wanted them to fuck my wife hard & rough they were definitly up for that. I told them I wanted them to take my wife from behind they were more than willing I could hear my wife grunting as they pounded her tight pussy. I told them to turn her around to face me I wanted to watch her tits bounce & sway as they pounded her. The guys were laughing & cheering each other on than took turns fucking her mouth I watched as cum trickled down the side of her mouth sweet. My wife had a real sexy bubble butt not large just nice she was 38- 25 -36 just a nice figure but was very shy about showing it. I asked them what they thought of that ass just as I said it one of them went to the bathroom & returned with some soap he lubed up her ass hole then fucked the shit out of her I think I blew 5 or 6 times watching them fuck her ass. Sweet! I finally fell asleep in my chair as they fucked away on my wife I know they were rough with her because her ass was beet red from being slapped, squeezed & just plain manhandled & her tits had hickeys on them where they sucked on them. I woke up to a knock on our door it was the guy in the room next to us he said I've got to tell you you're the biggest stud I've ever seen you pounded your wife from midnight til 6am I heard the headboard hitting the wall as he looked in & saw my wife laying naked on the bed he said but I see why you pounded that WoW! I laughed & told him she was promised the best honeymoon fuck ever & she got it. Ha! Ha! & now part2 It was later that morning when my wife started to stir I asked her if she wanted breakfast she said yes coffee & a sandwich so I took off for a coffee shop. When I returned she had showered & was sitting in one of the chairs staring out at the falls I asked if she was ok she looked at me smiled & said yes & said that was quite a night last night I hugged her, kissed her & told her I loved her more than ever . As we sat there eating breakfast I asked her what she enjoyed most about last night. She said I don't recall much but said she recalled looking at my face & seeing how happy I was & that she wasn't going to ask them to stop. I told her I was waiting for her to say enough before stepping in to break it up we smiled at each other than had the longest best kiss I can remember we were still in love. The cleaning lady came so we left for the casino for awhile than returned for some afternoon delight I was recalling what happened the night before & tried to relive it. I got her in the doggy position & was fucking her hard when she looked up at me & said fuck her harder! Harder! I blew my load & fell on top of her. As we laid there I asked her so you remember me saying that she said yes harder! rougher! harder! rougher & I loved it she thanked me with another big kiss. We laid in bed naked cuddling, touching, laughing & recalling the night before when there was a knock on our door I got up wrapped a towel around me & answered the door. To my surprise it was Steve & the guys from the night before they knew we had our room for 3 nights so stopped by to see us with more bottles of liquor. Sue was still naked in bed but I invited them in It's not like they hadn't seen her naked before. As soon as they entered the room they started pouring drinks I knew they wanted to resume what happened last night. I threw Sue a Sheer cami to put on she got out of bed fully exposed as the guys watched her put it on. She might as well just stayed naked because you could see everything through it tits ass & pussy oh well. It was clear to see Steve was the leader of this pact he did most of the talking & always made the first moves. As the boys were fixing drinks they were starting to get Sue back in the mood , three of them were on the sofa flirting & playfully touching each other. Steve & I sat in the chairs watching them than Steve asked how we would feel about 2 more guys joining us. I looked at Sue she smiled & shrugged her shoulders than said if I get gang fucked again tonight promise me no anal my ass is still sore & stinging from last night we all agreed, so Steve called his two friends. It was well over an hour before the two guys arrived I invited then in 2 big hunky men one black, one white. I saw Sue's eyes light up than she got up & walked over to greet them I could tell the hunks were impressed as she approached them so sexy & almost naked than they hugged & kissed her. Steve motioned his 2 friends off the sofa so Sue & her new friends could get aquainted. Steve told us Jon & Rick were male strippers from Buffalo he met them over there. He said they had a deal going Jon & Rick would set Steve up with horny women in return Steve had to call them if he met any super hot, beautiful, tight women & that was Sue. I saw Sue glance down at their packages & smile I was getting very excited again, I watched as Jon the black guy put his large hand inside her cami squeezing her tits & kissing her. Than Rick took his turn they passed her back & fourth for quite awhile as the 4 of us watched with excitement. Finally they moved to the bed & removed Sue's cami I saw the excitement in their eyes seeing my fully naked wife she looked great. I watched Jon & Rick undress When I saw Jon's cock I gasped holy fuck he was a monster it was at least 10"long probably more like 12" & so thick I was actually afraid & concerned for my wife, than I saw Ricks it was even bigger I asked him how big it was he told me 12" & 3 "thick. My wife looked stunned & a little frightened. As Jon spread her legs & got ready to fuck her she looked at me than smiled. I watched Sues face as Jon entered her it showed some fear & some pain she moaned in pain & also moaned with excitement regardless I wasn't about to stop it. Rick put his big thick cock in Sues mouth she only took 4 or 5 inches of it in her mouth it was all she could take. They switched up over & over for over an hour in different positions doggy, spooning, cowboy, reverse cowboy, you name it they tried it than Steve & the guys joined in it was an all out gang bang again. I poured my self a stiff drink sat back & enjoyed the entertainment. Every once & awhile Sue would lift her head to look at me it almost looked like she was going to ask for help but never said anything I'd give her a smile & she would lay her head back down. This went on all night again it was around 2am when Steve & the boys had their fill they left Sue for Jon & Rick let me tell you Jon & Rick still had lots in their tanks they were real studs. After the boys left I got comfortable on the sofa to watch those studs fuck my wife I could see them getting more & more aggressive I had a steady hard on watching. Jon & Rick knew anal was out but I could tell they were wanting to do it they were aggressively rubbing her ass cheeks & spitting on her anus hole. They were watching me as I pretended to be sound asleep. I knew what Jon & Rick wanted they wanted that sweet ass, I wondered if Sue would be able to take them. As I pretended to be in a sound sleep they moved her to the end of the bed grabbed a pillow to prop her ass up. I heard Sue slur what are you doing than Jon spread her legs & ass cheeks & slid his cock in. I saw Sue try to push him off but she was to drunk & had no strength I heard Sue grunt & moan as Jon pushed it further in at one point I heard Jon tell Rick I think that's it I don't think she can take anymore. Rick said don't be a wimp give her the whole thing so Jon pushed harder & drove the whole thing up her ass once again I blew my load. Jon started pounding Sue's ass I could see his hands on her ass they covered her whole ass cheek they were huge. I could hear him slapping, & grabbing her ass as he fucked her he was getting really rough while Rick was laughing & cheering him on. As soon as Jon blew his load Rick was right on her I heard Sue moan & sob a few times but for the most part took it like a trouper. They moved my wife to the window that over looked the falls where they DP her one from behind one fucking her mouth they put a show on for anyone looking at our window I loved it. I sat up at this point to watch better I jerked off while they fucked my wife Rick was forcing his cock down her throat she was gagging & spitting up I heard him say suck bitch as he grabbed her head & fucked her mouth. Jon was laughing & fucking her hard when they blew there last loads they threw Sue on the bed face down they looked at me & said thanks that was one great piece of ass, now your honeymoon is complete they got dressed & each slapped Sue's ass hard & said thanks for the sweet piece bitch & walked away. I took Sue into The shower to clean her up she was filled with cum ass, pussy & mouth after she was cleaned & dressed we packed our bags & headed home she didn't want to stay another day she was afraid, very sore & most of all humiliated she wasn't sure how many people saw her being fucked in the window but knew some would have seen it. We never returned to Niagira falls again but had many more gang bangs before our marriage ended I'll try & write a few more gang bang stories hope you enjoy. Paul part3 We returned home & a few weeks passed before we brought up what had happened I wanted to talk about it but didn't want to upset her. I kept noticing Sue gazing out the window & every once & awhile she would smile with a little chuckle I also noticed her lightly rubbing her pussy I knew her day dreaming was erotic I just sat there watching while stroking my dick. We hardly spoke since our return I was worried that she was thinking of leaving me. Finally I walked up behind her wrapped my arms around her & asked her what was on her mind. She turned her head to look at me & said I'm recalling that wild sex back in Niagra Falls she said please don't hate me but I really enjoyed be used & abused & I'd like to try it again. We kissed & I said I'm so happy to hear that I thought all this time you were planning on leaving me. She said No No why would I do that I have a man who allows me to have sex with whoever I want & whenever I want & know I'm always welcome back home than kissed me again. I started groping her in front of the window just like what happened to her at the falls but this time she wanted it. I unbuttoned her blouse & threw it on the floor we kissed as I fondled her breast. Than I removed her bra & exposed her tits through the front window. We kissed & I fondled her breast for 5 to 10 min before I unzipped her pants dropping them to the floor. There she was once again stark naked for all to see, she said you know this isn't so bad I'm now a gang banger & an exibitionist she laughed & kissed me again. I asked her if she was ready to go man hunting again she smiled & said oh I'm so ready, so we went & showered & got ready to go out. I asked Sue if I could pick her clothes for her she agreed & said what do you have in mind. I told her I wanted her to be a little revealing but classy I told her I liked showing her off especially her naked body she smiled & said what ever you want. I picked out a silky satin top she had she always looked so sexy in it. It was a bra less top that only covered half her breasts it was very revealing, it must have felt nice on Sue's breasts because every time she wore it her nipples got hard & erect it always turned me on. I than picked a sexy little denim mini skirt & some beautiful leather pumps Sue was 5' 7" with her heels almost 6 feet yummy, she said are you going to pick some panties too I said no I want you to go panty less her eyes lite up & said oh my! She wore what I picked & no panties after she got dressed we met in the foyer fuck she looked great her nipples were already erect they were big & hard very sexy I spun her around to check out her skirt you could see a bit of her ass cheek as she stood there fucking hot! I squeezed her ass & said are you ready to go she smiled & said more than ready. So we went to a bar about 40 min from our home Sue didn't want to pick up any locals she wanted to meet out of town guys I understood she was a nurse & needed to protect her reputation. We drove to just outside of Toronto right away Sue was pointing out all the bars she told me to park the car I just started to look & bingo there was a spot. Sue was getting real giddy I could see the excitement in her eyes, but all I wanted was to see the first time she bent over Ya! no panties. We only walked a few min & there were 4 or 5 bars we were looking inside to see which one looked best when Sue made eye contact with a table of good looking guys they signaled us to come join them. Without even asking me Sue said sure & trotted on over with me in tow. It was a bench table big enough for six people there were 4 guys at the table one guy slide out & let Sue sit between him & his buddy Sue jumped right in. The waitress came right over I ordered a zombie, Sue ordered a triple rye & ginger The guys ordered 6 zambuka shooters I said to myself here we go again. I looked at Sue's tits you could see one of her nipples but I didn't say anything I know all the guys noticed too they keep shifting their bodies &heads to get a better look can't blame them. The guys kept ordering shooters & feeding them to Sue she couldn't handle her booze very well & the guys saw that they had a plan & wanted her drunk. I was still waiting for Sue to bend over I wanted the boys to get a thrill than Sue said she had to use the washroom as she slide out I dropped my keys in front of her she stopped & staggered a bit than bent over & picked them up for me, yes what a view the guys all smiled with a stunned look on their face it was priceless. While Sue was gone I asked were I could get a good room I was in no shape to drive home they said don't be silly you can stay at our place I said alright we accept I told Sue the arrangement she smiled & said great. After Sue slide back into her spot I felt a foot hit my leg I glanced under the table & Dave & Mike were running their hands up Sue's leg & fingering her pussy now that was hot. I called the waitress over & ordered 2 more rounds I wanted Sue to get sloppy drunk again I wanted to watch them fuck her on the bench. I was talking across the table to Sue I could see she was sloppy drunk again she was slurring big time & had that glazed look in her eyes I could tell Dave & Mike were fingering her she kept giving little moans & groins her eyes kept closing & her head would jerk every once & awhile, I knew she was close to orgasm than it happened she put her arms around them moaned & said I love you guys. I looked over at Greg & Tim & said do you want some they nodded so we all shifted & put Sue between them not only were they fingering her but Greg started playing with her tits & thought now we were close to being spotted. I stood up & leaned over them to block any ones view while Greg sucked her big nipples a few minutes later Sue came again. The waitress called last round so the bench fuck was out shit, we were all wasted so decided to head back to their place once again Sue was Sloppy drunk she put her arms around Tim & Greg they helped her walk to their apartment. Sue was struggling with her heels so I took them off for her & carried them she walked in bare feet. Tim, Greg & Sue were in front Dave, Mike & I walked behind. Greg & Tim each had a hand on Sue's ass & kept pulling her skirt up to show us her bare ass we were all laughing & having fun. Finally we arrived opened the door it was a bachlor appt all it had was a sofa,a bed,a table & 2chairs & a bathroom. Tim & Greg put Sue on the sofa then each sat beside her Mike & Dave sat on the bed facing them I sat at the table . Dave got everyone a drink as we settled in I looked over at the sofa & there was Tim back sucking Sue's tit & nipple Greg had her legs spread & was fingering her pussy real hard we sat back with our drinks & watched the show. Than Tim Pulled Sue's top off to reveal both titsI heard Mike & Dave say fucking sweet look at those tits they're fucking perfect Sue was only semi conscious muttering the odd word as the guys ravished her body than Greg unzipped her denim skirt & pulled it off. Mike & Dave than moved over & joined in, the boys then stripped them selves. Dave was trying to fuck sue's mouth but she was unresponsive & wasn't sucking I keep hearing him say come on bitch suck my cock but it didn't happen. I noticed all 4 had above avg cocks & ready for some fucking I could tell Dave was frustrated no blow job than he said lets get her to the bed. they moved her to the bed I moved my chair to get a better angle I took a big drink than said come on guys fuck her good. Dave was first the 4 of them were on the bed waiting their turn. Dave put her legs in the air than plunged hard inside her he said maybe you won't blow me bitch but you're going to fuck me. He was fucking her hard as the others cheered him on than I blew my load again. When Dave finished the others took their turn all in different positions .After a couple of turns each I heard Sue coming around she was caressing them & moaning with excitement with each trust, I'm not sure who was fucking her at the time but I heard her ask if she could ride him he said for sure. So Sue got on top I've never seen her that aggressive she was digging her nails into his chest while grinding real hard she kept saying yes, yes, yes she was so horny. When one guy blew his load she took someone else than the next she screwed them so hard & rough they finally gave up & said no more. I looked outside it was light they fucked the whole night Wow! I went over & kissed Sue I asked if she was ready to go home she smiled, gave me a big long deep kiss & said thanks I grabbed her clothes helped her get dressed than walked away with the 4 guys watching we opened the door Sue lifted her skirt turned & said thanks boys maybe next time you'll be able to keep up looked at me & said another notch in my book & we left. part 4 We got home & laughed & recalled all the events that night I told Sue I was very proud of her & told her I loved sharing her with other men. Than I told her I wanted her to start venturing out without me she smiled & said let me have a sleep & think about that I said sure, almost a year went past without that topic coming up I didn't think Sue was to keen on going out alone & that was fine. We loved each other very much we were always hugging, touching & kissing acting like teenage lovers & I just wanted her in my life. Sue was a nurse & one day told me a new girl had started there she said her name was Lana she said she was extremely beautiful blonde hair, green eyes & the perfect body the way Sue described her I thought she was thinking of changing teams but that wasn't the case. She told me Lana wanted to go out sometime just the two of them for girls night out I was thrilled & told her to go for it. It was over a year now since Sue's last gang fuck I missed the excitement of it & thought maybe she was over that & her wild days had dried up, I hoped Lana would help bring her back. Lana was single with her own home, the first time they went out together they met up with Lana's fuck toy Claude not her boy friend just a good fuck Lana enjoyed her sexual freedom way to much & would never marry. Claude was there with his brother Serge, Serge was a lumberjack very muscular with huge arms, & that was Sue's turn on big muscles could melt her. They sat & drank together all night with Sue clinging close to Serge at closing time Lana invited them back to her place for a night cap. For once Sue wasn't sloppy drunk she was in total control so she could really enjoy some sex with Serge. Lana made drinks for the 4 of them, but soon after dragged Claude into the bedroom leaving Serge & Sue alone. Sue started kissing Serge right away rubbing & playing with his big arms before heading to the other bedroom. Sue sat on the bed & watched Serge undress when he dropped his pants Sue gasped it was huge & beautiful. He than undressed Sue spread her legs & slowly entered her they passionately kissed while holding & caressing as Serge made love to her, Sue asked me not to be upset but said it was the best sex she'd had in years. I knew his big strong arms could melt her & a huge cock also helped so I was happy for her. She said he kept saying I love you as they screwed but she didn't answer back to her this was about sex not love she told me I was her only true love. They ended up fucking til morning they all got up had coffee than Sue came home. Sue & Lana became best of friends & the sexual get together's went on for a couple of years it started as a once a month get together than into a couple of times a week. Serge kept asking Sue to leave me & move in with him she kept telling him this isn't about love it's sex only. Sue said she knew Serge was upset as he got dressed & left she thought that might be the end of their affair. Two days later Serge called he was very excited his friend was having a pig roast on Saturday at his farm in the country & asked Sue to go with him. She asked me if she could go I said sure she called him right back & accepted the date was on. Come Saturday I watched as Sue was Deciding what to wear jokingly I said how about letting me dress you she smiled reached in her closet & pulled out that mini skirt & that bra less top settled she said. Serge was coming to pick her up & she was hot no pumps though just sandals I watched as Sue walked to Serge's car she lifted her skirt half way up to show me her ass than blew me a kiss & away they went. It was mid afternoon when she left I didn't think she would return that night she looked so hot I knew Serge would want her all night. When they arrived at the farm there were only a few cars & a small group of guys Serge said I guess we're early. They walked over to the group & Serge introduced Sue to them she heard a yea ha! than someone said fucking sweet! she felt a little on edge. She told me if eyes were hands they would have all been groping me she said she sensed them all eyeing her from head to toe. They started drinking heavy & someone sparked a joint Sue didn't smoke pot but they convinced her to try it. The joints kept coming around Sue felt drunk & was higher than a kite. She told me everything after that was a blur she had never been high like that & didn't know what was happening. She said the boys made a little circle around her playfully lifting her skirt to reveal her bare ass & gave it a slap, every time she pulled away someone else would lift it. She went to Serge for help & protection but he just pushed her back to the circle the boys all laughed & it continued. Eventually they stopped & Sue broke out of the circle & needed to use the washroom Serge took her in to show her where to go. When Sue finished Serge was waiting for her outside the door he grabbed her by the wrist & said come on lets go into the bedroom & fuck for awhile. Sue couldn't defend or comprehend what was happening she was so high & drunk. Serge dragged her to the bedroom put her at the end of the bed lifted her skirt & fucked her hard from behind. He then pulled her top off to reveal her large nippled tits. He put her on her back spread her legs and pounded her she said please stop you're hurting me he said shut up bitch this isn't about making love this is about sex only as you said. He was raping Sue hard & pulled her skirt right off leaving her naked than the bedroom door opened & the guys entered they all gathered around while taking their own clothes off & watching Serge rape my wife when he finished he said to his friends fucking her isn't about love it's just about sex only he pulled her hair & made her look at him & said right bitch she said yes. He threw her on the bed & said she's all yours boys & serge left. They raped her for the rest of the weekend she still cries about it every once & awhile but eventually forgave & forgot & moved on but never hooked up with Serge again. It took a long while for Sue to want to go out again but through it all Lana keep insuring her that there were lots of good men that she could trust & not to give up man hunting . Lana told Sue she had been raped a few times but learned to accept that some men just crave violence & degrading women & she just moves on. I think Sue listened to what Lana said knew that was true because it was only March & they were talking Summer camping trips girls only yup Sue was back. Part 5 Well summer was here Sue had just turned 35 but still had the body of a 20 year old she always worked out & never had kids her tits were solid & very firm no sag at all & her ass firm as a teenagers & in the prime of her sex life. Lana & Sue were having drinks one day & making plans for a girls week long camping trip they asked if I had a problem with them going for a whole week I didn't mind & told them that. They hugged & said yes! they giggled like teenage girls & rubbing each others back. I had been noticing Sue & Lana hugging a lot lately I noticed Lana caressing Sue's arms & back & even noticed her hand on her leg once. I'm thinking Lana might be Bi sexual & might have plans for Sue on this trip I kept my lips sealed but the thought made me very excited. Lana was telling Sue about a camp ground up north, she said it was very secluded & private she said every time she stayed there she met lots of willing guys. Sue looked at me for approval I smiled & said it's your holiday go where you want then Lana kissed Sue on the lips, when she finished her kiss the room went silent until Sue said let's get packed I can't wait I was stunned but thrilled with excitement. 2 weeks had passed & it was time to go Sue had been packing for the last few days I noticed she didn't pack her mini skirt & bra less silk top I said aren't you taking your lucky outfit you know you always get laid when you wear that. She looked at me & smiled She said yes I'm wearing it up there Lana said she loved it & asked if I would wear it for the ride up. I knew for sure than that Lana was bi & wanted my wife, I'm sure Sue knew it too but we never talked about it. Lana arrived & came in the house to help Sue with her stuff I saw Lana smile when she saw Sue in that sexy outfit. Sue put on her sandals & was bent over tying them up as Lana & I both stared at her amazing ass this was going to be Sue's first bi sexual experience Yes! Sue said it took about 3 hrs to get to this camp site she said it was very secluded you could barely see the sites from the road. As they looked for a site Lana put her hand on Sue's leg giving her a gentle rub Sue didn't say a word & slowly spread her legs allowing Lana access to her pussy. Lana pulled into a site still fingering Sue's pussy Sue had her eyes closed & was moaning Lana put the car in park lifted Sue's top & started squeezing & sucking tits & nipples as Sue orgasmed . As Sue opened her eyes Lana kissed her, my wife's first bi orgasm my wife was now bi Yes! Lana asked Sue how's this site & Sue said it's perfect. They unloaded the car touching & kissing each other every chance they could. When they finally unloaded they set up the tent & Lana said I'll go pay for the site & find out where the washrooms are. Turns out the washrooms were just up the road & right across the washrooms a group of very attractive young guys they were smart they set up there to watch the girls going to the washroom & yes they saw & met Lana. The boys had 2 nice sites tucked in the bush one site was for the 6 older boys in their early 20's the other site was for the 4 teen boys 2 were 17 one 16 & one 15. The boys told Lana to grab Sue & join them for a BBQ sounds good we'll be back. Sue had their campsite all organized when Lana returned table clothe bottle of wine on the table very romantic Sue was hoping to get more of Lana. Lana got out of the car as Sue hugged & kissed her, Lana said it looks beautiful than told her about the guys Sue said ya ok we didn't have dinner plans anyway but looked disapointed. Lana told Sue our goal here was to manhunt & she found some, she said we have a whole week for each other & not to worry Lana had some sexy plans for Sue. They hugged again & kissed long & hard than got ready to go Sue got out of outfit & put on a sexy sundress with a black push up bra & matching panties she looked stunning. They were changing together in the tent Lana couldn't decide what to wear she was naked & Sue said why not wear this than handed her the mini skirt & bra less top Lana smiled & said yes why not. Sue was already dressed so she left the tent, when Lana came out she looked fantastic then she kissed Sue & said thank you, just than Sue lifted Lana's skirt & said no panties though than she pulled Lana's panties off they laughed & headed out. When they arrived the boys were waiting all in shorts no t-shirts they wanted to impress the girls with their hot young bodies & it worked. They had two tables together so they could all sit together. They had a spot for Sue on one side of the table & a spot for Lana on the other side the boys had it well planned separate & concur. Right away the younger teens showed a lot of attention to Sue & she was soaking it up, meanwhile the 20 year old's had Lana in their sites. Sue said Lana's tits looked fantastic with big beautiful pink nipples & said the boy's knew she was panty less & Sue knew Lana was going to get fucked by those 6 guys. So Sue had her sites on the 4 teens she had the two 17yr olds on each side of her & the other 2 across from her. Even though they were young she said they looked & acted much more mature. She said the 17 yr olds were running their hands up & down her thighs gently touching her pussy she was getting very aroused. They started smoking pot & once again Sue got really high & horny she was a cheap buzz the difference this time was the company Sue was enjoying it & just kept toking. The boys were BBQing with Lana up there with them the boys were lifting her skirt playing with her ass & pussy she was loving every minute of it. Sue said I kept noticing the young guys checking out Lana's body so Sue unbuttoned some of her dress to reveal more of her tits from that point on she had all of their attention. After they ate they smoked more pot & drank themselves silly the 6 guys took Lana into their tent Sue wouldn't see her again until the next day. That left Sue with the 4 young guys Sue asked if she could see their tent they took her by the hand & though the bush to their tent. Once inside they laid Sue on her back with all their hands exploring every inch of her body they were very gentle & respectful & she loved every minute of their touching. 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