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hotel fun ?

"BJs all around"

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we met a couple on a site like this and exchanged a few messages and a few more pics and eventually we finally got time for a Saturday evening meet and greet ;)

as we walked into the pub we spotted them right away sitting at a table waiting to spot us in the colour of clothing we said we would be in. we walked to the bar and grabbed a couple of drinks before heading over to the table. she came over to introduce herself in her leather pants.

some drinks, shots and laughs turned into some dancing at another establishment. my wife wasn't totally into him but played along Like a good spot. she is into great convo and he didn't possess that skill but was semi funny at times. his wife was totally into both my wife and I, making contact with us whenever possible. after some dancing and more shots we jumped into a cab, we planned on dropping them off at the hotel but the cab ride had different plans. my wife and her were kissing and she grabbed my wife's big tits with one hand and my wife led her hand down between her legs and her other hand to my cock. she also told the husband in the front that he was missing out. he drooled over my wife who is very well put together and knows how to own a room. as the cab got to the hotel we all got out and headed to the room.

once in the room she went and got changed into something see through and he made us some drinks. she wanted some action and decided to take control. she walked over to her man and pulled his cock pit and started to please him. I whispered to my wife that it looked like she made need some help. without hesitation my wife walked over and dropped to her knees to take his whole cock instantly. he let out a huge moan and pushed his head back against the couch. his wife quickly got up and made her way over to me on her knees and unzipped my pants to start sucking on my already hars cock. she loved it while gagging and slurping with a big smile looking up. she lead me to the bed and asked me to lick her pussy. I could still.hear my wife with him on the couch as I started licking her wet pussy, she was very loud and the moans and screams as she came over and over now filled the room. I heard the sliding door to the patio open and thought that my wife and the husband took it to the patio to fuck. the wife turned around and again took my cock in her mouth and asked me to give her a nice slap on the face and tell her how dirty she was. she wanted to get fucked so bad and was really enjoying my cock. I heard the patio door open again and thought that was quick. I made his wide come again and the scream was so so loud as she squirmed and squirted across my face.

we went to check on my wife and her husband and they were now clothed and sitting on the couch chatting. my wife walked over and locked my lips and said she sounded very pleased lol we had a quick drink, said good bye and left to grab a cab. I asked my wife if she had a good time on the patio to which she replied maybe next time ;) we exchanged our stories and what occurred on the way home and she blew me in the cab until we arrived home.

Written by swing

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