Written by Beth

Jul. 11, 2018

I was always promiscuous as a young woman, but my first husband got me into flashing and dogging other guys, That was a big turn on for both of us. Then he asked me to fuck others. . At first I was worried that if I did it he would be jealous and angry at me for doing exactly what he asked me to do. But eventually I broke down and fucked his best friend while he watched. It made him incredibly attentive and romantic, so it became a regular thing and I looked forward to having sex with the two of them. Then he started finding lovers for me and he got us into a married couples swap group. It really turned him on to share me with others, and I wanted to please him, so I became very aroused and orgasmic having sex in front of him. It was my way of showing him how much I loved him and it became my biggest turn on.

So doing it while being watched became part of me. It took Will a while to get used to the idea that I wanted other men and I wanted him to be there, but he is a pleaser (sweet man) and when he realized how much it turned me on to be his Hotwife, he really got into it, and now sharing me with others is his biggest turn on. I got to have my cake and eat it too. Beth