Written by Anonymous

Sep. 28, 2019

So I started talking with this woman on a dating site. She is married, but her sex life is not exciting. Her husband doesn't know how to make her cum. We talk for a couple of days, we exchange pictures, we like each other and we talk about our fantasies. I asked her if she has ever been fucked blind folded, and she says no.

She tells me that she hasn't had an orgasm in years, and she is horny all the time. One day while i'm at work, I sent her a text message to play with herself to the point of cumming, but stop just before. It was more like an order. She obeys. Two minutes later, she texts me back and she says she has stopped. Then I order her to keep doing it a few more times. She replies after four times telling me that she doesn't know how much longer she can keep this up.

I keep sending her little commands for the rest of the week, to make sure she gets super horny, and she obeys to all of them. It's both a turn on for me knowing that she is super horny, and super wet (she sent me pictures) and obviously for her. We got very comfortable with each other to the point that we decided to meet.

I'm am a very respectful man, and I she got the feeling I was. I assured her that I would never make her do something that she wasn't comfortable doing, and she understood that. So, we decided to meet a Monday afternoon, at my place. The original plan was that as soon as she walked in, I would greet her, she would get down on her knees instantly and start sucking me. The day of the meeting, I kind of changed the way things were going to go. I asked her if she trusts me, and she says "yes". I'm not sure if she really did, but I think she was so horny, that she just wanted me to fuck her. :)

I gave her instructions that when she came to the parking lot, to text me. I told her that there would be a scarf on the right side of the door, and I wanted her to blind fold herself with it as soon as she walked in.

So here is our dialog:

Her: I'm here.

Me: Ok, Come down. The door is unlocked. As soon as you walk in, the scarf is on the right side. Put it on, and let me know when it's done.

Her: Ok, It's on.

I see her. She's a bit taller than I am. She has a nice figure. She's wearing a nice flowery summer dress. I walk towards her. Walk around her, checking her out. I grab her ass, and look her up and down. At this point I'm thinking "I can only imagine what is going through her mind". I held her hand leading her to the couch. I talk to her just whispering so she doesn't hear my voice. We get to the couch, and get her to sit down. Not saying anything, I undo my zipper, grab her head and lead her mouth to my throbbing cock. She opens her mouth, and takes all of it deep in, and starts going up and down on it like a hungry person that hasn't eaten for days. Her mouth is hot, and her tongue is doing magic on my cock, licking my shaft and once again in her mouth. She has made me so horny that I almost cum, but I pull out.

I sit on the couch, and tell her to sit on my hard cock. She obeys. My cock slides in her hot and wet pussy perfectly. After a few thrusts, she cums, and she keeps cumming. I tell her that she can't moan too load because my landlord might hear us. She's grabbing on to the couch with her hands so hard to stop herself from moaning and screaming. I slap her ass and squeeze it with my hands, as my mouth is all over her tits..with the blind fold still on. Then, I remove her blind fold and let her see me. She leans over to kiss me, and she cums again.

After a few minutes of her riding me I tell her to bend over. My balls are soaked with her cum, and my cock is glistening with it. She puts it in her mouth again to clean it off, and she presents me with her ass, ready to be taken from behind. I started pounding her from behind on the couch to make her cum a few more times before I blew my load on her face.

If you're a woman reading this story...What would have gone through your mind when you got the instructions about being blind folded,...and through the whole time we were together? :)