Written by Freedom

Mar. 4, 2017

So , not much I can do but just get into it, and tell all of you how it went down . My girl is beautiful and she likes attention and I love when she gets it ! It turns me on so bad. We were partying alone and when we do we like to fuck and just cum and use whatever and say whatever comes to mind . Well it happened so many times where we were close to finding strangers to join that this one afternoon we went for it . Both of us were scared that the other would be upset or was just doing it for the other , so it was tough and slow going , but we reached out on the personals for and older couple and figured let's go for it. We found a gentleman in his 50 s and he assured us he would help us ease into it . After some talk we just said let's go for it. As we arrived at his place we were both double checking with each other and checking again to see if either of us was ok with what we were about to do . She was looking so hot and I was so excited to prove to her that I was so down with this swing that we just ran in head first . As soon as we were in their house we were both drinking and trying to justify what we were doing that the BBW girl just started wiping out her big tits to show us she was okay with helping us . I couldn't handle her and her cocky young attitude it turned me off. But I couldn't help but notice m y women's stare at the older gentlemen and it turned me on. So we put it off until young BBW girl had to leave . I took my girl aside and said look I know your excited and we came to do something but I can't do a BBW who talks to much. I knew she wanted to have me lick her pussy while a cock fucked her so I tole her let's just do that? She agreed and so we stayed with the gentlemen and made him understand we didn't want to cuddle or her kiss , we just wanted him to cum in her and fuck her from behind. Well my girl stripped and I stripped and he went for it . He kept commenting how beautiful her pussy was . Then he went in and started licking her . She sucked my cock and I was so hot but wanted to watch him lick her . But in no time she just said I want him to fuck me while you lick my clit, so we assumed position and he tried to get hard but couldn't and all I could see was his cock touching her pussy but not hard. In minutes she started to cum as he just rubbed it on her wet pussy and my face was soaked , I then shot loads of cum all over his bed . She tried to get him hard but when he couldn't she said let's bolt. I jerk off to it all the time. So hot first try, good start.