Dec. 6, 2016

As the winter came in my work dwindled off, unfortunately this can happen in the construction industry. So as time went on I had to take on an office cleaning job, which was not that bad. Since it was a night job I would start around midnight and finish at six the next morning. That meant my fiancé would go out to our local pub on Thursday and Friday with some of our friends. On the first weekend we went to the pub and while chatting with our friends, I had notice a friend of ours was paying more attention to her than usual. Once we returned home I asked her what was up with that and she replied that on Thursday when she went to leave he had tried to French kiss her. Naturally she stopped him and no one seems to of noticed.

As we have had threesomes in the past I was not to worried. So I asked her if she was interested and responded that she did not know. Well as luck would have it we were having an open house for a few of our friends in two weeks time as we do this every year. Just a few drinks and finger food, it would last about 5-6 hours. I had remember that I had invited him and thought I would feel out the situation. At one point he came in the kitchen to get more ice and so I had asked him if he was interested in joining us, to which he said no he wasn't.

Well a couple of weeks later I arrive home from work around 7 in the morning and my girl is sitting on the sofa having her coffee. I happen to notice that she is only partly dressed and she has this big ass grin on her face. So I asked her what that was all about and she said come sit with me. Now when I said partly dress I mean she had her bra and blouse on but that was it.

She began by telling you know I went to the pub last night, I said yeah so. Well apparently she said that since she had one wine more than usual our friend volunteered to drive her home and then I smiled because she was smiling. I told her to spill the beans because I am getting hornier by the minute. She place her hand on my thigh and started her account of the story.

She said that as soon as they got in his suv he leaned over and kissed her and she did not pull away. Their kissing became more passionate and she stopped him so they could leave the parking area so no one would see them. Instead of bringing her home he took her to his place. He parked in his underground and they took the elevator up. While in the elevator he took his cock out and put it in her hand. Then as they entered his home he pushed her against the wall and opened her blouse so he could get to her tits.

She slowed him down a bit and they moved to the living room where they sat and they started to kiss and fondle each other. Now as he kiss her neck and removed her clothing piece by piece and paid a lot of attention to her nice long nipples. Next he removed his pants so she could have a good feel of his cock. As she stroked it to full stiffness all he could do was moan and then she took him in her mouth. He had to stop her before he came in her mouth.

Then he removed her skirt and panties and began to finger her and play with her clit. Just as she was about to climax he sucked on her and let her cry out in pleasure. Right after that without any time to breath he just entered her and started to fuck her fast and hard till she climaxed again. After they both regained their sense she got herself dress and he drove her home.

So here I am the following morning with a rock hard cock and my girlfriend looking really happy to see me, so without saying a word off to the bedroom we went.